At the University of Texas at Arlington students have the options of walking, riding a bike, or carpool to campus. For some, carpooling is very beneficial since they live thirty minutes from campus.  For Cindy Doris traffic can become a big hassle since she lives in Las Colinas. Most of them think it will be very cost effective since gas prices are so high. But for others like Maria can not afford carpooling due to her busy scheduled.

By: Jimena Fraga


If you live in Texas you definitely have experienced this unpredictable weather. Most students  at UT Arlington thought they were bundle up but as the day went by they were in need for more sweaters. Others fell for the looks, they wore shorts thinking the sun was warm enough. But didn’t realized that the fountains around UTA were iced.

By: Jimena Fraga

Parking Lot Predators

Thousands of students park their cars on campus everyday at UT Arlington. While some students complain about inadequate parking, others have become more aggressive or bold in their search for the perfect spot. Director of Parking Perry Eggleston says students should keep safety first, and avoid “lot sharking”.

By: Paul Bennett

Food Truck Fridays

Students and Arlington residents are talking about the food trucks in Downtown Arlington. There were plenty of delicious entrees available, and even more hungry folks lined up. While many of the trucks usually operate in Fort Worth; they made a special stop in Founder’s Plaza recently for this event dubbed “Food Truck Fridays” by the City of Arlington. This event has since come to an end, leaving many residents wanting more.

By: Paul Bennett

Black in The Day

Black in the Day was the first event to kickoff Black History Month. Students learned about the people that have influenced the Black history. Trivia tables at the event covered a variety of topics on civil rights, famous athletes and UT Arlington student organizations. Admission and snacks were free for all students. The event was hosted by Multicultural Affairs and the Division of Student Affairs.


En nuestra doceava edición:
Una decisión de la Suprema Corte de Justicia tendría consecuencias para los estudiantes de los Estados Unidos. Y Crystal Ayala, presentadora de Univision Dallas, nos dice como ha sido su experiencia como periodista. En Conexión UTA, los estudiantes tuvieron la oportunidad de mostrarnos sus habilidades. En Deportes, la historia de la única jugadora del equipo femenil de softball que se gradua en la primavera 2014.

Catholics At UTA

Catholics at UTA gather at the University Center every Sunday evening for Mass. Members of the University Catholic Community promote social contact between those among their faith, as well as promote appreciation of their religion as UT Arlington students. During this particular mass, members of the UCC prepare for Lent and take communion.

By: Paul Bennett

Do Students Really Vote?

Do the students of UTA really vote? The UTA campus elections are being held this week. Students in the elections crowd around the University Center with booths, candy, signs, and balloons in attempt to rally in students to vote for them. The candidates are campaigning for votes, but the question is, do the students actually take the time to go and vote? They may say yes at the time, but do they follow through? We went around campus and asked students if they planned on going inside the University Center and voting. Most of the students said yes, but some said no, they had no intention of voting. Overall, luckily most of the students we asked that were hanging around the University Center had every intention of voting for their favorite candidate.

Alcohol Awareness Fundraiser

The Aplha Phi Alpha Fraternity have joined together to make students of UTA aware of the dangers of alcohol. The fraternity has set up booths outside of the University center with music, games, and people to explain to students how dangerous drinking irresponsibly can be. Some of the games include wearing the “drunk goggles,” that show students what your vision is like when you are over the limit. The fraternity has also teamed up with the health services department for the fundraiser. Latoya Oduniyi, a substance abuse educator, was out at the booth encouraging students to drink responsibly. The fundraiser is a great and fun way to keep students informed on how to drink responsibly.

UTA News 4-21-14

On the final edition for the spring semester’s newscast, we talk about the block party that UTA hosts close to the end of the semester as well as an inside look at Callie Collins who plays for the UTA Softball team.

Pro-Life & Pro-Choice

The student organization Pro-Life mavericks covered the library mall with over 3,000 crosses to remember the babies that are aborted every day. Students were surprised as they walked by to see the thousands of crosses all over the lawn. The very next day protesters began to gather outside the library. They believed a lawn full of crosses wasn’t the best approach. The Pro-Life Mavericks planned to have the crosses for five days. However, they only stand up for three days and protesters stayed there until they were taken down.

By: Valerie Maedgen

Women’s History Month

March celebrates Women’s History Month. Reporter Valerie Maedgen went around campus, as heroine Wonder Woman, to see what historic and strong women students are buzzing about.

By: Valerie Maedgen

Dr. Seuss Book Drive

An organization on campus collected books to donate at their annual Dr. Seuss birthday party event scheduled for March 1st. At the event, they plan to have a reading corner where a long distant relative of Dr. Seuss will do readings of his legendary books. Kids of all ages will be able to pick out books to read, enjoy music, food and make crafty souvenirs to take home.

By: Valerie Maedgen

The Final Campus Craze

This week the girls found seniors to talk to about their experiences at UTA.

By: Tracie Hill and Dena Adi

Dance Ensemble

UTA Dance Ensemble is a company that is part of the Kinesiology Department and is choregraphed by students. Every semester they have fundraisers to pay for the end of semester showcase. This year they decided to do something different and fun and hosted a zumba class for all the Mavericks and general public. Their sorority sister Pricilla Villansuela, who is a UT Arlingtons Alumini is also a zumba instructor who helped them by leading the class. The dance company is looking forward to their final show, as Crystal Taboada says this year they are having more perfomrnaces. One of the performances will be choregraph by her.

By: Jimena Fraga

Heartbleed Bug leaves online information vulnerable

Over 20,000 websites may still be vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug, which is a bug in the security software OpenSSL. Internet users should change passwords, but first check to see if the websites they access are safe. To do this, visit

by Raegan Cardwell

Bone Tissue Research

UT Arlington has many ongoing major research projects and one of them is to create new bone tissue generation. Lead investigators of this ongoing project are UT Arlington bioengineering chair and Professor Dr. Liping Tang, and Dr. Joseph Borrelli, chair of orthopedics for Texas Health Arlington. Also, working with these researchers and co-authors of the journal “Tissue Engineering Bone Using Autologous Progenitor Cells in the Peritoneum,” are senior lecturer Ashwin Nair, Jinhui Shen, Ramesh Saxena, and Cheng Cheng Zhang. They are working on to create a new technique to create new bone tissue generation by using scaffolds that will help patients who have fractured or broken bones. The goal is to use the body’s own healing capacity in the bone repair process with these scaffolds. This technique can eliminate grafting altogether.

By: Virginia Villatoro

Profile over Callie Collins

She is known as one of the main leaders on and off the softball field.  When she’s not pitching, you can find senior Callie Collins leading FCA and traveling overseas to minister to others.  This past week, Collins was awarded Sun Belt Pitcher of the Week for the second time this season.  As her final season is coming to a close, I sat down with Callie to ask about her journey here at UTA over the past four years, what legacy she wants to leave behind with her team and what her plans are for after graduation.


By: Avery Anderson


Primary Voting at UTA

It’s that time of year again. Electoral billboards and signs cover the sides of the road, and volunteers are waiting to discuss the issues with potential voters. The Maverick Activities Center is a popular destination on campus for students to cast their ballots, and while some students are excited to participate; others avoid the process altogether.

By: Paul Bennett

Future Ready

Self-titled “futurist” Rebecca Ryan visited UT Arlington recently to deliver a lecture that was both interesting and informative. Ryan presented those in attendance with interesting ways both cities and individuals can prepare for future trends. She urged the audience to create a world that works better for more people.

By: Paul Bennett

Alumni Picnic & Tailgate

UTA’s alumni returned to campus this weekend for the annual Alumni Picnic & Tailgate. There was something for everyone, as kids were treated to an egg hunt- and adults joined in the fun for a water balloon toss. Those in attendance also enjoyed catering from Grease Monkey, a local burger joint. The Alumni Picnic & Tailgate provided great times, great food, and great fun for everyone.

By: Paul Bennett