Swift Center Construction

Construction projects around UTA are seen quite often. Although the ending result is to ease student’s travels around campus, the process causes problems for some. The construction project that took place around the Swift Center on UTA Boulevard and Summit Avenue was done to bring better access to the center. Employee of the center hopes their parking issues will be solved by creating more parking for students and visitors. Some students that had problems are those that frequently walk through this construction area to get to class. A resident in front of the construction area shared that he has not had major issues since most of the construction was done during the day while everyone’s at work.

-Cristina Garcia

Gun Control

 The fight for gun control has been an ongoing controversial issue. While there have been recent incidents of school shootings in the U.S, UTA students voice their concerns about gun violence and some may feel indifferent about the movement. Some UTA students point out their reason for their opinion and wether or not they feel safe on campus. 153 school shootings have occurred in the U.S averaging to about one shooting a week since 2013 according to everytown.org, an organization brought together to support gun safety and help reduce gun violence by communicating their research knowledge to the American public.

Jessica Ojeda

Importance of Translation

September 30th is National Translation Day, and the importance and necessity of speaking a second language in the U.S is drastically increasing. Dr. Alicia Rueda explains and gives us a little bit of background on the evolving transition of Spanish translation. We can see  publications from The U.S Department of Labor where there will be a high increase in demand for Spanish interpreters and translators by 48 percent. Now UTA offers a new B.A for both Spanish interpreting and translating and allows students to not only earn their degree in both areas but also get state certified as well.

Jessica Ojeda

International Coffee Hour

The International Global Grounds coffee hour takes place every Thursday at the UC in the Palo Duro Lounge. During this hour students stop by to enjoy Chai, coffee, hot chocolate, and snacks as they interact with other students with different ethnic backgrounds. Each week there is a different cohost, these are student organizations that are looking to inform and recruit new members; students sign up and receive a prize afterwards. The variety of organizations cohosted each week; also bring different cultural and educational facts that students enjoy learning about. If you find yourself at the UC next Thursday, make sure to stop by the Palo Duro Louge from four to five thirty, to explore what Global Grounds has to offer.

UTA Homecoming Stepshow

The UTA Homecoming Step show has become a signature event throughout the Homecoming festivities. Its an event that has been hosted in previous years by the National Panhellenic Council (NPHC) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). The step show is an event where the greek community from UTA as well as from other universities come together to compete for a great cause, every year the event has a specified theme which usually tends to bring awareness to a specific cause or issue. Each team steps on stage and hopes to win a first place price for their respective chapters.

Marcos Ortiz

College of Liberal Arts Senator

The University offers students a way to voice their opinions about the changes and improvements they want to see around campus through student governance and student congress. Each College and School has one or more Student Senators that are elected through the student body, who represents them. The College of Liberal Arts has four Senators, Justin Depperschmidt is one of them. As a Student Congress Senator he has big plans to help promote and show off the various majors and students that the College of Liberal Arts has to offer. He also has high hopes to continue on in Student Congress and make an impact.

Marcos Ortiz

Blog: By Way of Dallas

By Way of Dallas is a Blog that was created by  UTA Public Relations Student, Maria Yolisma Garcia and two other friends. The reason behind creating this Blog was to create an avenue for local Artists and Bands from the DFW metroplex. Maria and her friends visit various locations around the metroplex and attend concerts where these artists are playing, they interview them and showcase both their music and background information keeping the community involved about all the great music that is being produced here locally. To find out more about local artists and Bands visit her Blog at Bywayofdallas.tumblr.com

Marcos Ortiz


College of liberal arts has been a part of UTA and offers a diverse amount of programs that many students are unaware of. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Elisabeth Cawthon lets us know about the flexibility COLA has that also includes a campus in downtown Fort Worth. When students are having a hard time declaring their major, looking into COLA can really help a student establish their decision since COLA’s possibilities are immense. Within its 50 years at UTA COLA has grown in many aspects giving students the opportunity to be a part of many of their new center studies.

Jessica Ojeda


Spanish Writing Center

Here you find out about the Spanish Writing Center, a new service UTA is offering students who want to get better at writing in Spanish.

This program is free and everyone is encourage to participate, not just those taking Spanish classes.

The tutors offer different exercises in order to motivate the students to think in Spanish instead of just translating, and they also offer workshops to make sure they get the most out of the program.

To find out more information you can visit the Language Lab located on the third floor of Trimble Hall or contact Dr. Ruiz Perez directly by clicking on their link on the Department of Modern Languages homepage.

Maria Cruz.