Mastering the Stage

The UT Arlington theater class “Acting II: Scene Study” enhances theatre majors study on acting, memorization and knowledged of performance. Here’s a behind the scene look at “The Scene” by Theresa Rebeck, theater majors Whitney Jones, Kevin Duran, and Ashley Peeks Reford bring to life the characters of the play. Instructed by Brandi Andrade, putting together a great performance takes hard work and dedication, and of course a passion for theatre. These actors will perform “The Scene” during finals week. Students interested in this class can log onto for more information on all the exciting events and courses with the UT Arlington theatre department.

-Latresa Mattox

Muslim Community Responds to False Report

Earlier in the semester, a young woman posted on Facebook she was followed by a man in a white truck to campus. She included a detailed account of the man meeting her in a lot on campus pointing a gun at her an yelling threats. These threats, she described, regarded her faith as a Muslim. UTA Police interviewed the young woman in their investigation and she later admitted the incident to be false. Since, then UTA students a part of the Muslim Student Association have shared their reaction and how they have adjusted to other misfortunes this year in relation to their faith.

Kristen Victorin

Broadcast Graduates

The spring semester is almost over and that means graduation is right around the corner, and several UTA Broadcast students are graduating in May. When did they arrive at UTA? What has their experience been like? What will be their next step past graduation? I asked these questions and more to some of our upcoming graduates.

-Martin Perez

Bob Costas

He is one of the most well-known and awarded sports journalists of his generation. From covering summer to winter Olympics, World Series to Super Bowls to game winning shots from one of the greatest basketball player of all times, Bob Costas covered some of the great moments in sports history. The UTA community had the opportunity to be a part of his visit at College Park Center thanks to the Maverick Speaker Series. Costas had a full day visiting with UTA’s press and students before his day ended at CPC talking about his career and how he became the sports icon that he is now.

Froy Guerrero

Assaults on Pecan Street

Residents along Pecan Street are adjusting after the recent arrest of 24-year-old, Daron Nickens, who was pulled over at Lot 49 near the Fine Arts Building. Nickens slapped the buttocks of a young woman headed toward an elevator at the Heights at Pecan. Minutes later, Nickens exposed his genitals to a second victim walking near Pecan Place Apartments. UTA police recognized Nickens from surveillance video and he was later arrested and charged with indecent exposure. Residents of the apartment complexes were e-mailed a bulletin from UTA police notifying them of the incident immediately.

-Kristen Victorin

Última Edición UTA News en Español Primavera 2015

En nuestra última edición le tenemos las precauciónes a seguir durante tiempo inclemente. En deportes UTA los estudiantes tuvieron la oportunidad de competir en un torneo de baloncesto sobre silla de ruedas, y le presentamos a un estudiante hispano sobresaliendo en ingeniería.


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Ride Along with UTA Police

The University of Texas at Arlington has an established police department dedicated to protecting our campus. This semester, the department has seen everything from an on-going phone scam to an arrest for indecent exposure on Pecan Street. Still, officers feel it has been a relatively calm semester compared to others. That is partly due to the amount of assistance they have received from the campus community, calling in with helpful tips on existing cases and reporting any suspicious activity around the university. The department encourages this team work to continue to keep a safe campus.

-Kristen Victorin

Final Episode of UTA News Spring 2015

On our final Spring 2015 edition of UTA News we tell you about a German reality TV star who attends UTA, the new sport being added to UTA athletics, and an in-studio interview with the educational chair of the LGBTQA program at UTA.

EXCEL Afternoon Variety Showcase

EXCEL hosted the talented singer Anitra Jay for their Afternoon Variety Showcase. This event is hosted three times throughout the semester to provide free entertainment for students.

-Marlene Herrera

Go centers

Through its bound for success program, go centers, university crossroads and other programs UTA provides avenues for promising high school students to pursue and complete a college degree.

Many of these students come from low-income families that are often underrepresented among university populations. The collaboration with different school districts seeks to increase opportunities for them.

-Karen Ballesteros

The UTA Bookstore is Undergoing Several Changes

The UTA Bookstore is currently under renovation for a several stage plan to make changes to the store. Right now they are on stage one which is leading to redoing the parking lot and adding a Starbucks. The bookstore is hoping to be a place for resources and entertainment. The first part should be finished by the Fall semester. Once the outside work is done, the inside will be changed to include a study area on the second floor with charging stations. The floor and overall layout will change as well. The complete design is not yet approved but the renovation work will happen.

-Jessica Stroud

Andreas Kraft

Senior Andreas Kraft has certainly made his mark on the Movin’ Mavs basketball team, however there is more to his story. Check out his accomplishments as a national paralympic swimmer.

-Allison Cox

Women’s Golf Now at UTA

The first sport added to UTA is officially Women’s Golf.  Slated to start in 2017, the golf team will be the final member of the Sun Belt Conference to have added Women’s Golf.  A coaching search is under way, and Athletic Director Jim Baker hopes to fill the coaching position by June at the latest.

-Chris Whetstone

Novena Edición UTA News en Español Primavera 2015

En nuestra novena edición le tenemos los ganadores de la premiación organizada por el centro de liderazgo. Los recién electos Mr. y Ms. UTA nos cuentan sus planes para el próximo año escolar. En conexión UTA le traemos lo más sobresaliente del block party de la universidad y en deportes UTA, college park center fue la sede de una función boxística de clase mundial.

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Master of Fine Arts Reception

Friday, a reception and brief gallery talk by seven candidates exhibiting their work in the Gallery was held as one of the final requirements for completion of the Master of Fine Arts degree. As guests explored the art being shown, artists spoke about what their pieces convey to the audience.

Films produced by students in the Fine Arts department are also a part of the exhibit which will run through the twenty fifth of April.

Nada Atieh

UTA News April 20, 2015

On this edition of UTA News we tell you about the ways the campus is planning on implementing new technology, helping students with disability, and an interview with physics professor Ramon Lopez.

UTA Radio

UTA has roles for the students to fill. These roles go all the way from Advanced DJS to Station Manager and Sports Director. Some of the radio staff are graduating this year and leaving room for upcoming students to fill these roles.


– Caleb Carr

Mexican Comics Exhibit

The University of Texas at Arlington is one of the most diverse colleges in the nation, and through august in the sixth floor of the central library students can find themselves transported through time and immerse into the Mexican comic book culture. Spanish professor Dr. Christopher Conway started his love for comic books back when he was in college in San Diego. Dr. Conway spent his free time over the border in Mexico walking around the streets and found himself lost into a new culture and new characters and that is how his passion for Mexican comic books began.


Froy Guerrero

HBO Boxing

College park Center which is usually known for hosting collegiate sporting events; hosted a live HBO boxing match on 4/18/15.  The heavily promoted bout attracted a crowd of cheering fans as they enjoyed the prime boxing atmosphere that college park center offers.  The early fights were exciting as upcoming boxers strive to make a name for themselves.  The main event did not disappoint either.  Thomas Dulorme, the NO.2 ranked welterweight fought a good fight, but in the end undefeated Terrance Crawford earned three knock downs in the 6th round, the referee was forced to stop the fight.

-Barde Eseyin

NAB Show 2015

The National Association of Broadcasters held their annual show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas Nevada last week. The show includes sessions that range from management to engineering. The sessions are used to broaden understanding on what is new in technology and trends that are happening in the industry. The show also included venue areas which were in all the parts of the convention center. This is where companies could show their latest innovations. Over 100,000 people were in attendance coming from over 150 different countries around the world. The focus this year was on “Crave More” in technology and content.

-Jessica Stroud

New College of Science Dean

The University of Texas at Arlington is appointing Mr. Mortaza Khalidi as the Dean of College of Science. Curently, Mr. Khalidi is the professor and chair of the nationally ranked Chemistry Department of North Carolina State University. By joining UT-Arlington, Mr. Khalidi will be working on improving the College of Science’s reputation, researches, and building a stronger foundation to its history. To know more about Mr. Khalidi watch the video!

By: Zain Abusakran