Alpha Chi Omega Casino Night

The UTA Sorority Alpha Chi Omega hosted its 22nd Annual Casino Night at Globe Life Park in the Hall of Fame. The event helps raise money for domestic violence awareness and supports SafeHaven Womens’ Shelter in Arlington. This year Alpha Chi Omega raised over $43,000 dollars at the event.

-Morgan Pfursich

Salvation Army Nourishment Program

The Salvation Army in Arlington Texas provides free lunch to College students every Monday. Every student is welcome to come in and be served food from the Salvation army and its volunteers. The Salvation Army plans on doing this program for at least the rest of the Fal 2014 Semester.


The University of Texas at Arlington hosted the North Texas NATPE, National Association of Television Program Executives, event. Students met with a panel of professionals from the industry and received career advice followed by a tour of a local studio.


Hispanic Immigrants

Hispanic immigration is a big topic in the United States. Most Hispanic immigrants today are trying to find a better life, while some people born in the United States have an increase in competition for work, jobs, etc.

Final Episode of UTA News Fall 2014

On the final episode of UTA News Fall 2014 we have an exclusive interview with the keynote speaker of the upcoming commencement ceremony and the third and final part of Muslims of UTA. In entertainment we will introduce you to the university’s dance company and in sports a company that allows students to play professional soccer while attending school.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is not only the month of Thanksgiving, but it is also National Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Every weekend during the month of November, Petcos and Petsmarts around Texas hold adoption events outside of their stores. Different rescue groups come to different store locations each weekend in hopes of getting their rescue dogs adopted, especially older dogs. The rescues want to show people the importance and need for older dogs to be adopted. The rescues want the older dogs to spend their last few years in a permanent home with a loving and caring family. Puppies and younger dogs are usually the first to get adopted. That is why Adopt a Senior Pet Month was created.

The Mac, Not Just for Fitness (SOT)

Most students of UTA are familiar with the facility, The Mac. When people think of The Mac, they most likely will automatically think of “a gym,” or a workout facility, or weights. The Mac is full of top of the line work out equipment and has treadmills, weight rooms, a track, a rock wall, and all kinds of workout equipment, but that is not all The Mac has to offer. The Mac is not only just a place for students to go work out. The Mac offers group classes as a way for new students to make friends on campus. The Mac also offers students jobs that will work around their school schedule. The lobby of The Mac has multiple computers and tables for students to do homework. There are also ping pong tables, pool tables, and other recreational games that students can play for fun.

Dealing with Autism

Many children all over the United States are diagnosed with Autism. Autism is a difficult thing for young kids to deal with. Kyle Miller, a twelve year old from Mansfield, Texas, was diagnosed with Autism in 2009. His parents, Chris and Michelle Miller, chose not to home school him and to put him in public school, but in special classes where he can learn with classmates who have similar issues. Some people don’t have the patience to undersand kids who have Autism. Kyle has been teased very badly in school and even adults have said some horrible things to Kyle’s parents and his sister, Miranda Miller. Even though Kyle has been treated badly, he always has a smile on his face. He pushes through no mater what and never stops fighting the disease. With the love and support of his family, he is able to live a normal life despite having Autism.

Última Edición de UTA News en Español Otoño 2014

En nuestra última edición de UTA News en Español le tenemos un reportaje especial acerca de la acción ejectutiva y las reacciones estudiantiles. En conexión UTA tenemos el segmento de Cocinando con Abel y por su puesto la despedida de los graduados.

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Muslims of UTA Special: Part 3

Muslims of UTA began as an idea to showcase the American Muslim community. From growing up in the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex, to highlighting the international perspective that exists on campus and getting to know the aspirations driving Muslim Alumni in the area.

Muslims are often motivated by their Islamic faith to contribute to the well-being of society.

Alia Salem is a proud alumna graduating with a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2008. In search for a meaningful career, she moved from working in training and development at a hotel for several years to humanitarian and relief work for a local non- profit, furthering her skills and following her passion.  She became an executive director for a civil rights and advocacy organization , CAIR, in 2013.

She shares her experience and insights with UTA News.

Part 3.

Nada Atieh

FC Dallas Academy

Soccer is considered the most popular sport in the world, but can it be possible to play without sacrificing school. If you’re looking for college scholarships, soccer can be a very good option. Dallas has one of the  best academies in the country. These players prepare themselves on a daily basis to achieve their dream of one day play at a professional level. This institution not only focuses on soccer but also in academics. Francisco Mora, coach of the FC Dallas Academy says that the player who don’t study can’t be in the program, 95% of the kids who do not sign professional are awarded with a full ride scholarship to play soccer at a University. Playing a soccer or any other sport with dedication, maintaining a good academic level opens doors for new opportunities.

By: Rosa Ramirez

Woman in the street

I went around campus to ask students what they thought about Christmas and what their plans were for the holiday break.

Hope you enjoy!


By:Karen Ballesteros

Communication Graduates

Can you believe it’s here! Graduation is upon us and after late night studying, group projects, and tons of essays. It is finally over!. Well kinda…with graduation comes an end to one chapter and a start of another. I decided to go around campus, the communication department to be specific and find out what this new chapter means to our Mavericks. What are your plans after graduation? What have you learned in the past four years?  What are keys to success? All these questions are asked in my finally story. That’s right I am graduating!


Brandon Gordon

UTA Dance Ensemble

The UTA Dance Ensemble is preparing for their annual fall concert, which begins on December 5th and ends on December 7th. They’ve been working hard all semester long and are excited to show everyone their efforts. The ensemble practices on Tuesday and Thursday nights,  which includes a pre workout before going into dance steps. The last part of the practice is dedicated to the concert material. Auditions are held at the beginning of every semester and are open to everyone, so anyone interested in dance should check out their Facebook page for spring audition dates!

– Latresa Mattox

Social media users support 43 missing Ayotzinapa students

43 students in mexico were kidnapped on September 26 2014. The case from Ayotzinapa Mexico have made headlines across the world. Social media has taken a big role in the movement to show support for the students and their families. Across Facebook and twitter trending hash-tags such as #YAMECANSE and #Ayotzinapa have been used more than one hundred and forty six million times. Videos of demonstrations, marches and vigils have been uploaded from all across the world to show support and demand justice.

-Marlene Herrera

Maverick Chess Club Provides Area for Practising Skills and Spending Time with Friends

The Maverick Chess club is a great way to gain skills in chess and socialize with friends. They meet every Wednesday and Friday in the middle area of Nedderman Hall. Anyone is welcome to stop by and join in on a game whether they are a member of the club or not. All the mats, pieces, and clocks are provided. If a players is having difficulty they are welcome to ask questions. The club provides sheets where players can write down their moves to see where they might have messed up. They don’t participate in tournament but they hope to some day.

-Jessica Stroud


I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Tiffany Martinez an employee for LUSH COSMETICS, She gave information on a lotion they carry called Charity Pot which 100 percent of its proceeds go to help grass root charities who are trying to change the world. We also learn about what type of ingredients are in this lotion that not only helps those who make it and are being sponsored, but what wealth it can bring to your skin. The Holiday Season is just beginning and this could possibly a great addition for someone on your checklist.

By: Rikii Montemayor

Men’s Basketball Home Opener

The UT Arlington Men’s Basketball team kicked off their 1st home game at the College Park Center last Tuesday playing against the Buffalo Bulls. The Mavericks expected a tough yet winnable game but the Bulls saw red and charged up against the Mavericks handing them their first loss of the season at 74-68.

By: David Bansigan

UTA Police Department Spring ’15 Improvements

The UTA Police Department are improving their visibility on campus during the upcoming Spring 2015 semester. By increasing visibility, the police department will be walking all around campus and inside building. Having them present at all times will allow students and staff to sense their presence on campus. Richardo Gomez has more information about their services, improvements, and their additional communication ways.

By: Zain Abusakran


Philanthropy plays a big role in changing lives. Bob Hopkins has been involved in philanthropy since he was a little boy. He is part of the Dallas Philanthropy magazine. At UTA, Hopkins allows his students to give back to their community through volunteering and donating their time to non-profit organizations. To find more about philanthropy watch the video.

By: Zain Abusakran

Step Up To Injustice

Homecoming 2014 was a great time for students to take a break from class and have some fun. The annual step show, hosted by UTA’s National Pan-Hellenic Council, is one of the weekends most anticipated events. Held in Texas Hall, the event is a time to celebrate Greek pride, and earn bragging rights for a year.

Entitled, Step Up To Injustice: this year’s event sought not only to entertain but to promote social awareness. In collaboration with NAACP and sponsors, Texas Trust Bank, the event expanded this year’s completion to any organization on campus. Making this year’s Step Show, one for the ages.



by:Tony Curtis Hughes