Maverick Speaker Series-Ron Paul


The 4th part of the Maverick Speaker Series took place on February 2nd at Texas Hall. Dr. Ron Paul is a former medical doctor, congressman and presidential candidate in 2012. He is a part of the Libertarian Party. Dr. Paul is a proponent of small government and personal responsibility. He has written many books, the most popular “The Revolution A Manifesto,” inspired his revolution movement which was the slogan during his presidential campaign. His speech, “Liberty Defined The Future of Freedom,” expressed his issues with government today, how to fix them and how to define and save our freedoms.

Reachelle Spieker

Monica Wicke

The Sitting Disease

In modern times, sitting for an extended period of time does not mean that you are a couch potato. With technology just a click away, it is easier for students to spend hours sitting down doing homework, reading, or doing research. Recent studies have shown that sitting for prolonged hours can lead to health risks or even a shorter life span. Here on campus, there are new technologies to enable students to spend less time sitting and more time moving.

– Mayra Cordova

Big Game Advertisements

The Panthers and the Broncos played a hard match this past Sunday with the Broncos coming out as the final champions. Many people tuned in for the big football game, but stayed for the creative commercials. These are anticipated every year by consumers and is one of the biggest promotions on television. What makes them so effective to the public? What is driving their success and continuing to propel the companies forward? UTA’s advertising executive, Roby McEuen gives some insight to what goes on behind the advertisements as well as the reason for their success.


ESL and Employment

UTA is a very diverse campus and we have people from all sorts of backgrounds coming to this school and some have English as a second language. Does that give a person an advantage or can  it become a disadvantage when it comes to finding  a future job and what is there first language. Communication is necessary in society and language plays an important part in it but does it come into play when you are looking for a job.

More often employers are looking at a potential hire and see what he can bring to the job and if you are bilingual you have upper hand in getting the a job you want

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Spring Intramural Basketball begins Feb 9, 2016.  There are many individuals preparing to be better then they were last year.  Through hard work and sweat, there are many roles one must take in order to accomplish the task of being crowned CHAMPIONS.  Colton Smith, and Matt Arnold were able to provide us with a better perspective on what it really takes in order to have a successful Basketball season this semester.  Competition is heavy, so roles must be filled in order to be the best team.  If you would like to sign up to play, contact Drew Barfield Mavericks athletic Center at 817-272-3377.

First Edition UTA News Spring 2016

In our first edition of UTA News Spring 2016 we have all the details about the new tax preparation services offered here at UTA, we also introduce to you a yoga class students go to relax and de-stress and we take a look at the additional fees some students may pay while parking on campus.

Free Tax Assistance for UTA students

With the start of a new year comes the task of filing taxes once again.  While students have several options of where to go, if they are looking to save money or learn the process of how to file taxes there is a new program on campus to help students free of charge. This program is located in the Central Library in room B20. They will be there from now until April 12 Mondays and Tuesdays 5 p.m.- 9 p.m., Saturdays 9 a.m.- 8 p.m., and Sundays noon- 6 p.m..

– Mayra Cordova

What are you looking forward to in Spring of 2016?

With the new school year just in, I went around campus to find out what UTA students are looking forward to this Spring of 2016. Whether you are enrolled in a new class, about to start your first internship, or you’re a future graduate for this Spring we want to know what your looking forward to this semester!

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-Nancy Salas