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The 6th annual communication day fared well with many different panels, internship booths, resume critique workshop, image critique and professional head shots. Students, faculty and many different communication organizations a like gathered together to share their experiences and knowledge with each other.  Although, it was a major success, some students are already looking to the future. Some students voice their opinions about communication day for next year and the results are predictable. However, PR Junior, Alyssa Kossuth says there should be a time where students can speak with the panelists one-on-one. Well, we will not know until next year. Until then, we wait for #UTACommDay2015.

By Brianna Nathaniel

UTA Hockey Loses First Home Game

This past weekend your UTA Mavericks took to the ice for their first game in over three years. The Mavs faced off against rivals UNT in an ice hockey game Friday night at the Parks Mall in Arlington to a crowd from both universities. While UTA was able to keep the score even through one period, the Eagles proved too much for the Mavs as they scored a short handed goal in the second period as well as the third, and eventually won the game with a score of five to one. With the hockey season just getting underway, the Mavs look forward to working towards their first win, as well as playing in division two ice hockey. To see the Mavs hockey schedule or other media, search for UTA Ice Hockey on Facebook or Twitter.

By: Derek Kaufman

La cuarta edición de UTA News en Español de Otoño 2014

En nuestra cuarta edición de UTA News en Español de Otoño 2014 les tenemos información sobre la crisis del virus del ébola y le informamos cual es la Universidad en el país que transfiere más estudiantes de colegios comunitarios. En Conexión UTA les tenemos detalles sobre un festival de música que se llevó acabo en la ciudad de Austin y en deportes le tenemos un especial sobre el equipo de tenis en silla de ruedas.

Ebola stories spread misinformation

Last week, the second patient diagnosed with Ebola was transferred from Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas to a hospital in Maryland. According to the CDC, the outbreak in West Africa is the largest Ebola outbreak in history, but only three cases have been confirmed in the U.S. at this time. Despite this information, claims of widespread Ebola in the U.S. and “Ebola zombies” have flooded the internet. For more information about Ebola, visit the CDC’s Ebola information page and make sure to evaluate the credibility of online sources before trusting reports about the virus.

by Raegan Cardwell


UTA hosts graduation twice a year; once in December and again in May. UTA is known for it’s high transfer/ commuting student population. Students from all across the country have chosen to come here to enjoy the college life, in and near big cities. Senior, and Kinesiology major Gerald Solis, and Academic Advisor for the College of Liberal Arts, Aleta Duran, both discuss their excitment on graduation.


By: Heidi Everley


Excel President Erika Long

Erika Long is UTA’s Excel President this year. Alongside event planning for all Excel events, she thouroghly enjoys working with those around her. She is one to welcome in the new members to the program and help them in any way she can. Outside of work Miss Long loves participating in many events across campus, especially Ultimate Frisbee.


By: Heidi Everley

Mission Arlington

Mission Arlington is a non-profit organization that is giving back the opportunity for UTA students to donate their time, their knowledge, and their support to less fortunate people. Giving back to the community doesn’t have to be only through giving back money, but it can also be giving back clothes, toys, and food. Mission Arlington offers health care service for the people who are in need. Mission Arlington is looking forward to having more students join their cause and give back to the community.

By: Zain Abusakran

Bob Hopkins

Bob Hopkins is a UTA Business Professor, who is involved in a variety of activities to help the community. In addition to teaching, Bob Hopkins is involved in Philanthropy. Philanthropy has been a part of his life since he was young. He is part of the Dallas Philanthropy magazine. At UTA, Hopkins allows his students to give back to their community through volunteering and donating their time to non-profit organizations. To find more about Bob Hopkins and his philanthropy watch the video.

By: Zain Abusakran

Pro Life Mavericks Give Out Cupcakes

The Pro Life Mavericks group started last semester, but are quickly making a name for themselves on campus. The group got a lot of publicity last semester when they created a memorial for the unborn in the Library Mall. This semester they passed out free cupcakes to everyone on campus in celebration of the lives of unborn children.

- Morgan Pfursich

The UTA Library has a New Lab for Special Projects

The Fabrication Lab or Fab Lab is the newest addition to the library. It has nine 3D Printers ranging from large scale for big projects to small scale for much smaller designs. It also has state of the art laser cutters and 3D Doodle Pens.The reason for this lab was to create an area not restricted by major to where anyone would be able to use this equipment. The library plans to expand the lab to more than double its size by the end of next summer. It is open most weekdays from 8 in the morning until midnight.

-Jessica Stroud

Shuttle to Success

Walking the campus of UT Arlington can be time consuming for on campus and commuter students. To meet this need, UTA offers a 5 route campus shuttle service from 7:30 am to 5 pm, Monday thru Friday. Shuttle bus locations including the MAC, the Maverick stadium and campus apartments with a 15 minute wait time for pick up. Parking and Transportation officials hopes the shuttle service ride not only helps reduce campus traffic, but drive students to success. For more information on shuttle location and pick up schedule visit the J.D. Wetsel Building or send an email to

By: Tony Curtis Hughes




Students meet with Senator Kelly Hancock

The UTA community met with Senator Kelly Hancock in the Bluebonnet room Tuesday Oct. 14, asking questions about issues they care about. Hancock represents District 9 and is running for Texas State Senate against Democrat Pete Martinez. Hancock started the afternoon with the most recent update on Ebola and let the audience choose where they wanted to take the conversation. People asked for his comments on public education, transportation funding, equal pay and job growth.

Nada Atieh

Graduate School Expo


The Graduate and Professional School fair began at 10 a.m. and ended at 2 p.m. Colleges and Universities were set up in the Rio Grande Ballroom and the Guadalupe Room in the E.H. Hereford University Center. Different universities from all over Texas and a few from Oklahoma had booths lined in the Rio Grande Ballroom handing out flyers and helping students answer any questions they may have. The presentations had two different time slots to be more convenient for students. At the fair there was also a booth to register for a class to practice for the GRE or the GMAT. The workshop class will be held on Saturday October 18.


By Brianna Nathaniel

National Wheelchair Tennis Championships

The University of Texas at Arlington wheelchair tennis team, The Movin’ Mavs hosted the National Wheelchair Tennis Championships this past weekend. This weekend long event brought in some of the best athletes in wheelchair tennis from colleges including UT Arlington, Arizona and Alabama. This was a great step for UTA as it was the first time we held this event on campus. Along the way I meet a very interesting player, Mackenzie Soldan of Alabama. Mackenzie is a Paralympian who competed in the 2012 Paralympic Games. I enjoyed interviewing this young lady and I am sure you will enjoy what she has to say.

By: Brandon Gordon

Bonus; Behind the scenes Rocktober footage of impromptu performance of Pokemon theme song

UTA Radio had a social media campaign where students would take ‘selfies’ with UTA Radio’s unofficial mascot; a stuffed Pikachu. They would then upload this picture to any social media site they were a member of with the hashtag “#UTARadioPika”. Members of the band saw the stuffed Pikachu and took their take on the Pokemon Theme Song while they were warming up. This was done by Svenny Baby’s drummer, Felipe Rosales, and the keyboardist, Victor Toruno, in tandem.

Joshua Pearson


Every October UTA Radio hosts a concert series known as “Rocktober”. Rocktober is in its 5th year and features free merchandise as well as a new band every week. The band is always a local indie band in style of UTA Radio’s format. Last week’s band was Svenny Baby and the next bands will be Lindby on the 17th and Dead Beat Poetry on Halloween. There will be no show on the 24th due to scheduling issues. for more information you can go to

Joshua Pearson

UTA Gives Several Options for Students to Explore Majors

Students get several opportunities during the semester to explore what majors campus holds. The most recent event was the Maverick Activities Fair. Several different Colleges participated with booths present providing facts and advisers present to answer questions. This event is not just for undecided Freshman but also for students looking for a minor or just interested in different topics. Campus had free food and refreshments available to keep students around during lunch hours. Each department has a chance to show project they’re working on and research involved. The next major focused event will be the Major Exploration Seminar on October 24.

-Jessica Stroud

UTA Press Fest

The Shorthorn held the annual fall festival to help promote the school newspaper. Press Fest gave students the opportunity to join by taking pictures, playing games, winning prizes, and giving their feed back on the newspaper. The Shorthorn staff also got to enjoy the festival by enjoying live music and free refreshments. At the festival the Shorthorn talked about the new app that was launched. It will provide different news sections that will be updated daily. The Shorthorn app will also have coupons to local businesses and dinning areas around the campus. The app is now available on iTunes and the android market.

UTA’s Nation Night Out


The city of Arlington and the Arlington police department recently hosted it’s 20th National Night Out event. National Night Out Is a night for neighborhoods around the country to meet with police officers and other officials as a way to prevent crime. UTA hosted its own National Night Out, sponsered by the Universities police department. At the event they gave away prizes, taught self-defence basics, and demonstrated fire safety as well as hand out information about being prepared. According to the National Association of Town Watch, last years National Night Out included 37 Million people.


Horrorfest Film Competition

Every year the Art Institute of Dallas hosts a film competition for current and former students called Horrorfest.  This year, Chris Skupien, who’s competed in the competition for the past five years, is feeling the pressure of having to make a film in less than seven days.  Aside from giving awards for the best film, the Art Institute also gives awards for the best weapon, best blood and gore, and other primary aspects of a horror film.  Although filming is complete, the competition is just getting started.

By: Derek Kaufman

US TX-6 Congressional Debate

Hugh Chauvin served in the United States air Force from 1966 until 19710 and was honorable discharged with the rank of E-5, staff sergeant. As the Libertarian US Congressional Nominee, Hugh believes in limited government, lower taxes, energy independence and stability. If elected, he pledges to donate half of his congressional salary to charities in the 6th districts.

David E. Cozad is a UTA Alumni, earning a graduate degree in software engineering. He would serve as project engineer for the software team that developed the first cell phone to send paging, voice mail and text messages. David is the Democrat’s US Congressional Nominee and would like to improve education, foreign policy and national security.

Both candidate address foreign and domestic questions at the US TX-6 Congressional debate held in the Long Star Auditorium at Maverick Activity Center.


By:Tony Curtis Hughes