Open Carry Texas

*Note- In the introduction I mistakenly described some of the rifles as “automatic” when they are, in fact, semi-automatic.

Local gun enthusiasts and second amendment advocates descended on Arlington this weekend as part of a public demonstration. The event was organized by Open Carry Texas, a group which claims to be dedicated to the “safe and legal carry of firearms openly in the state of Texas.” The group was caught up in national controversy lately, when members of the group confronted a gun control advocacy group called Moms Demand Action.

By: Paul Bennett

4 thoughts on “Open Carry Texas

  1. There was also no brandishing. Brandishing means to wave or flourish in a threatening or excited way, which did not happen. Also MDA was never “confronted”. There was simply an open carry walk in the area like there was when you came out.

    • While I agree with you on the brandishing part, I would have to argue that a confrontation doesn’t necessarily have to be face-to-face. OCT knew that MDA were meeting inside, even if they had the best intentions. However, if you think this could be construed as misleading for viewers, I will certainly consider this when fixing the other lines.

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