About Us

UTA News is a weekly television newscast produced by students majoring in broadcasting in the Department of Communication at The University of Texas at Arlington.

The Department of Communication equips students for the future. We provide students with a liberal education, solid professional training, and an ethical background, so graduates can step into the leadership of the communication field.

Located at the center of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we offer students access to one of the largest media markets in the United States. Through our intern program, students can gain valuable experience working with corporate and agency media groups while pursuing their studies. That means a greater opportunity for employment and advancement in this growing market.

All UTA communication graduates earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, with a specialization in Broadcasting, Communication Technology, Advertising, Journalism, Communication Studies, or Public Relations.

For more information about degree requirements, contact the Communication Advising Office, Room 126 in the Fine Arts Building, telephone 817-272-5760, email commadvising@uta.edu.


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