What employers are looking for

Employers descended on UTA’s campus for a job fair.  Over One hundred and seventy-five employers were on site.  They were looking to hire fresh faced college to work and to intern.  Several employers sate down to tell us what they were looking for from employees.  Take a look.


By Akina Brodeak

Do your homework

It can be tough trying to distinguish yourself from other job candidates.  One surefire way to stand head and shoulders above your competition is to research the company. Researching a company makes the job applicant look more appealing to potential employers. This story will help you understand what resources are available to you.  Akina Brodeak has the story.

By Akina Brodeak

Career month

Jobseekers are often very nervous when it come’s to the interview process.  The month of February is career month at UTA.  Beginning February 4 students can come and have mock interviews.  A process where students are prepped and asked questions to simulate an actual  interview.  This will bring relief to the many that need to polish up on skills.  In addition, students can come in and recieve resume critiques to various career worshops.  Akina Brodeak  has the story.

For more information on how to be involved you can visit the career center in Davis hall or log on to http://hireamaverick.uta.edu/jobfairs.html

By Akina Brodeak

Professional organizations

Being a student is hard work.  However, to secure your future and stand out from the crowd you may want to consider getting involved.  Professional organizations can launch a students career in ways they have never dreamed. You don’t have to look far to get involved either because there are tons of opportunities to do so.UTA has more than 300 student organizations for you to check out.  Just choose something you like and go for it.  Akina Brodeak has the story.

By Akina Brodeak


Black and white worship


A local UTA professor has written a book Entitled “Black and Whites in Christian America”.  The book goes in depth with a multitude of research challenging readers and informing at the same time.  Dr. Jason Shelton sat down with UTA’s Akina Brodeak to discuss and disect his findings.



By Akina Brodeak

UTA Toastmasters

It’s reported that  public speaking is one of the top ten fears of individuals.  Toastmasters is an internationationally recognized orginazation that has been around eighty-eight years.  Famous folks who have matriculated from Toastmasters are: Chris Matthews author and  former host of Hardball , Debbie Fields Rose, founder of Ms. Fields Cookies and Zig Ziglar just to name a few. There is a local chapter here on campus helping students prepare to be leaders for their future careers.  An investment that will be well worth it in the future.


For more information on toastmaster follow this link  http://www.facebook.com/#!/UTAToastmasters?fref=ts


By Akina Brodeak

Cokie Roberts

Cokie Roberts is legendary.  She recently visited UTA for the  Maverick Speakers Series and spoke to students about a number of things.  Ms. Roberts who is currently a Political Analyst for ABC News has been in the broadcasting business for over 40 years and is not showing any signs of slowing down.  She has been named by Congress as a living legend, has over 20 honorary degrees and is certainly someone worth giving your attention.  UTA News Akina Brodeak sat down to interview her.

By Akina Brodeak

Financial Aid 2012

Financial aid is the backbone of how many students pay for college.    The major portion of financial aid is the Pell Grant  the  grant is usually  awarded only to undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor’s or a professional degree. However Congress has recently enacted some changes that will affect current students as well as students  in the future.  This change limits the total number of years a student may receive a Pell Grant to the equivalent of six years.  In previous years students had up to 9 years to finish a degree.  The majority of students who will be affected  are over 24 years of age and students who have  been in school off and on over the years.

By Akina Brodeak

The Shorthorn

The Shorthorn newspaper has been in exsistense since 1919.  The Campus paper is a completely student run paper. Beth Francesco Currie is the Editoral Advisor/Assistant Director of student publications.  Currie helps supervise 55 upcoming journalist at the award winning paper.  Currie who is a former UTA  Alum and Editor of the paper from 2001-2003.  She says she loves her job and is proud of the students for working hard to take the paper to the next level.  In Fall of 2012 The Shorthorn moved from a four day a week publication to a digital first format.  With amazing student journalist at the helm there is no where to go but forward.