UTA Homecoming Parade 2012

This year’s homecoming parade was the first to take place in the fall semester like other schools. Traditionally, homecoming was in the spring semester. Not only was this year’s fall parade a first, it was also the first time the boys basketball team played the Oklahoma Sooners! The excitement carried on throughout the night of firsts.

By: Ashley Radford

UT Arlington’s Iotas Host Love Forum

Some UT Arlington students spent their Halloween talking amongst their peers about love and relationships. While this may seem like a talk more appropriate for the month of February, the Iota Fraternity felt that this was the perfect time for students to understand one another better. Food, drinks and candy was available to all participants. The hosts also encouraged them to give some insight on the variety of topics. This allowed them not only to ask questions, but also act as responders to questions their peers had. UTA students did not have to rely on the Iotas to answer all the questions. They were there primarily to lead the discussion.

By: Ashley Radford

Bedraces 2012

This year’s big annual student led tradition , Bedraces, took place on Thursday. UT Arlington students gathered at the football stadium and prepared to take home the title of Bedrace Champions 2012. There was another major contest during the event that the teams were dying to take home. They wanted to win the costume contest. This year’s theme was “A Blue Carpet Event,” and the teams lived up to that title. Some dressed as fallen stars, horror creatures and even witches and warlocks. Students were also able to challenge themselves in the obstacle course provided by the university, leaving no one out of the fun.

By: Ashley Radford

Skin Cancer Testing on Campus

The Skin Cancer Foundation offers free testing on their tour bus. They travel to different locations, with local dermatologists on board, and within  minutes they are able to let people know their status. If they find any suspicious signs of cancerous skin, they give recommendations and referrals. UT Arlington was  their latest stop on the tour. Students came out by the dozens to have their skin screened. They were also able to ask the dermatologists questions, and take free sun screen and health magazines. This was one of the many free health events UT Arlington offers throughout the semester.


By: Ashley Radford

The Allen Rose Story

Allen Rose is a Korean War veteran who was drafted at the age of sixteen years old. He is the proud father of three boys who all grew up to be football coaches and a loving husband of over thirty years. Allen accomplished all of his lifetime dreams and more and today he spends his days watching repeat episodes of M.A.S.H and doing crossword puzzles. He loves being retired and him and his wife have lived in Town Village for six years.


By: Jazmyn Washington and Ashley Radford

New Restaurants for UTA

UT Arlington will be adding five new restaurants to the college park district this summer. There are a variety of choices which reflects the diversity of the campus itself. Students and faculty alike are excited about the changes happening around campus, and the speed of those changes. One of the residential advisors for Arlington Hall believes students will be most happy about the relatively short distance his residents will have to travel to find a meal, besides the typical cafeteria food. Many agree that the distance will be one of the reasons why these new restaurants will be so successful. Although they are set to open this summer, there will be a huge grand opening in the fall semester.

By: Ashley Radford

CNN Weekend Coverage of Trayvon Martin

One month ago today was the day Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. As of today, Zimmerman has still not been arrested. CNN posted a wanted flyer for Zimmerman created by the Black Panther Party, on their website this weekend. There are protests being held all over the Dallas metroplex in response to this injustice. Today the UTA NAACP will host a their own march in front of the library mall on campus. Participants will wear hoodies just as Trayvon did, as a symbol of support for Trayvon’s family and as a sign of disappointment in the officials who have yet to fairly handle the matter.

By: Ashley Radford

American Airlines Affects Students

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American Airlines had a recent break down from one of their flight attendants. The plane was in mid take off when the attendant began making horrific statements over the loud speaker. Although they were able to contain her shortly after, the plane was forced to return to its overhead at DFW Airport, and delay the flight. Some of the statements included potential terror threats that she said would have occured had the plane not turned aroung. Recent updates have led investigators to believe that she was suffering from a prior medical condition, and she had not taken the proper medication for it that day.

By: Ashley Radford

New Member Pledge Presents 2012

New member pledge presents is a presentation of the new members of various fraternities and sororities on campus. These members come up with their own dances and skits to compete with their peers as to whose new member class is best. There’s a compilation of judges from various sports teams on campus who determine the winners of the night. Chapters are allowed to choose the winners of other fun categories however; one of those categories include fan favorite. Team spirit was high throughout the night. Even with a minor technical error, the chapters had a great time and shined through the dark.

By: Ashley Radford

National African American Museum

This video is a sound bite from CNN on the day the groundbreaking for the African American museum took place. It is a part of the Smithsonian collection of museums showing how honorable a monument of this capacity will be to Americans. President Obama had serveral kind words to say about the impact civil right’s leaders had on America, and how their struggle is now being displayed as greatness. The National Museum of African American History and Culture is set to open in 2015. The groundbreaking and announcement of something of this magnitude is a great ending to Black History Month.

By: Ashley Radford


This VO is about the health risks of using earbuds too loudly. Most students are seen walking around campus idenfiably listening to music with this piece of equipment attached to their ear. Many of them may be unaware of the damage they can cause themselves by overmodulating their mini speakers. Most of the damage is not permanent, but there have been cases where damage was visible. That visibility includes: buzzing of the eardrum after listening, aching in the ear canal and also partial hearing impediments. The best way to test if hearing damage has become permanent is by visiting your doctor for a physical hearing exam.

By: Ashley Radford

Black History Kick Off

Black history month at UT Arlington began with the weekly Wednesday tradition at the UC. The NPHC greek fraternities and sororities performed their signature struts that UTA students have grown fond of. Crowds accumulate around the various organizations and watch with excitement as they boys hop around and the girls gracefully rotate their synced motions.  This is only preview of what’s to come however. The NPHC step show will take place Thursday February 9th at 7p.m. where these organizations will give UTA a complete showcase of their talents. There can only be one winner, so the competition drive is high. A night of energy and entertainment in rememberance of their founders is what the audience can expect.

By: Ashley Radford

Distinguished Teachers

The Academy of Distinguished Teachers is an award given to those faculty members who have demonstrated qualities that not only impressed their students, but also made them recognizable among their colleagues. It is a very prestigious award in the UT school system, with only one regional award ranking above it. There may only be a maximum of five teachers selected per year. The nomination however, is only the first step of many. Once they are nominated, they must collect several items such as student evaluations and class preparation materials to present, in an organized fashion, to the academy’s board. Once they give the final stamp of approval, the nomination becomes a reality.

By: Ashley Radford