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Hurricane Sandy a Week Later

Hurricane Sandy hit land Monday, October 29th. Initially it left over 3 millon people in 12 states without power and death totals are up to over 100. America is coming together as one to help the relief of the disatrous storm. Crews from all over the country are pouring into the effects areas to get power back on and provide any assistance they can. Even the Pittsburgh Steelers changed their travel arrangements for the game against the New York Football Giants over the weekend. They flew into town on game day instead of the day before to ensure they did not take any hotel rooms from people in need of shelter. The attitude in the Northeast seems to remain an optomistic one.

By: Foster Naylor

Big Tex Burns Down


It’s a sad day for Texans. October 19th, 2012 will be forever remembered by Texans as the day Big Tex, the 60 year mascot of the State Fair of Texas, burned down. The tragedy is being blamed on an electrical fire. The fire occurred at approximately 11 o’clock in the morning and within two hours what was left of the frame of Big Tex was torn down via crane.

By: Foster Naylor

The Green at College Park

The College Park Center is known around the campus of the University of Texas Arlington for its sporting and entertainment events. Its new arena was the talk of the town last Fall when it opened its doors for the first time to host the homecoming game. It is the new home for UTA basketball and volleyball. How could a sporting and entertainment venue be environmentally helpful? To find the answer take a step out the back door of the arena and head to the corner of Mitchell and South Center Street. There you’ll find the Green at College Park. The three acre section of land recently receieved an award from Schrickle, Rollins and Associates honoring its design and how environmentally friendly it is. The Green houses benches made from completely recycled material, a walk way paved of completely recycled crushed glass and helps drain overflow water off campus to assist in containing the amount of pooling, which can attract mosquitoes and other less than pleasant visitors to campus.

By: Foster Naylor

Possible Return of Hall of Flags

The famous Hall of Flags could make a possible return to its home in Nedderman Hall sometime in the sooner-than-later future. It’s been over 5 years since the international flags hung in Nedderman Hall and Manhattan Nguyen, a Broadcast Speech senior, says it’s time for their return. As part of International Affairs on campus, Manhattan thinks that students of all cultures should be allowed to take pride in their culture while they are on campus. He has proposed a motion to student congress to bring the flags not only back to Nedderman Hall, but to allow flags of all nations to be seen all around campus. The controversial issue has a long line of debates and discussions ahead.

By: Foster Naylor

UTA Radio Moving Forward

The student run radio station at the University of Texas Arlington,, is making strides in the right direction to keep up with today’s technology. The biggest change in production for is the addition of video to their advance DJ shows using the ustream website. Ustream gives the station an opportunity to air advanced DJ shows live on the website and on Time Warner Cable channel 99. Station employees feel the recent changes, along with other activities they are doing, will help get the name out to the campus and communities outside of the University of Texas Arlington. For more information on visit the self-titled site.

By: Foster Naylor

Excel Hosts Poster Sale as Welcome Back

Excel, a student activities group, hosted a poster sale from September 3 through September 7. The sale welcomed students back for the fall semester and gave them an opportunity to purchase posters of all sorts at an affordable price. The sale was hosted in the UC Art Gallery and students flipped through hundreds of poster sleeves in search of the right fit for their taste. Students were excited to have the opportinty to spice up their dorm room or apartment walls in a way that was easy on their student loan money. Excel has more events for students throughout the semester, including “Oozeball” and “Bed Races”. For more information about upcoming events, visit

By: Foster Naylor