Ph.D. student wins award for human rights essay

Wasiu Lawal won first place in the first student essay contest hosted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. His essay titled “Water as a Friend and a Right” discusses the connection between water, human rights and science. Lawal was born in the United States and grew up in Nigeria, where he saw how access to water, or lack thereof, affected the people in his community and the surrounding areas. He is now working to remove the contaminant PFOA, a chemical used in the production of nonstick cookware, from water. He wants to gain more experience working in the U.S. but plans to eventually return to Nigeria and work in a water-related field.

by Raegan Cardwell

Students for a democratic society

For the 13th anniversay of the war in afghanistan, the students for a dmeocratic society are holding a discussion of the effects of the war. Their objective is to fund education, not occupation. They hope to talk about the education and the lives affected by the afghan people after the war. By the end of the day, nearly a dozen people rsvp’d to come. The discussion will be on October 7th at 5:30pm in the university hall.


By Brianna Nathaniel


UTA News September 22, 2014

On this episode of UTA News we take a look at Hispanic heritage month, the library’s new ID system and an update on food truck Fridays. In entertainment we have a special report on the flight twelve improv group and in sports we will take a look at the 25th anniversary of the Ozeball tournament.

No Hazing Week

Every September UT Arlington participates in No Hazing week, a week dedicated to raising awareness and education against hazing. This year the theme was “These Hands Don’t Haze”. Students were able to help the cause by signing a banner that was located outside of the University Center all week. Wednesday evening there was a special showing of the 2008 documentary Haze, starring Robin Wright Penn the film focuses on the death of a college freshman due to hazing activity. New Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Timothy Quinnan had a few words for the students before the film. For more information about how you can stop hazing visit

By Laura Robertson

From Playing the Game to Leading the Game

David Subirats was born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela and grew a passion for tennis at a young age. He moved to Spain with his parents when he was fifteen and attended the Sanchez-Casal Tennis Academy, graduating from an American accredited High School before moving to UTA in 2008. In 2012, he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Management and left UTA to work at a tennis academy in Spain for two years. Today, David is a graduate student in the Department of Communication and assistant coach for the tennis team. He said he owes a lot to the program and is here to see it succeed.

Nada Atieh

Japanese Culture Society Events

The Japanese Culture Society had a fundraiser this past week selling Ramune and Yakisoba Noodles. This organization focuses on educating students from Japanese or non-Japanese backgrounds about their language, society, and culture. They are also working on their 1,000 Origami Cranes Project. The goal is to collect 1,000 origami cranes to be sent to the Children’s Peace Memorial in Hiroshima. So far they have collected over 120 and hope to obtain all 1,000 in the next few months. It takes a lot of work to collect that many cranes but they will keep working until they have 1,000.

-Jessica Stroud

Mission Arlington is seeking for volunteers

Mission Arlington is seeking for volunteers for the upcoming holidays their mission is to be able to have enough supplies and volunteers to feed five thousand families in thanksgiving and Christmas. Mission Arlington has been helping the Arlington community for about thirty years now.

Gallop Safe Ride Home now a nonprofit

Drunk driving is a problem  many campuses and students face. The Gallop Safe Ride Home Program is working to keep  UTA students safe after a night of drinking. The organization has now been approved as a nonprofit by the IRS. They expect to be running as soon as end of this year or the beggining of 2015.

Marlene Herrera


UTA started off the week with a 3-0 sweep against ULM Sunday afternoon at the College Park Center. The Mavericks defensive plays were impressive as they out blocked ULM 11-4 in the  match. The Mavericks demonstrated to be the dominant team during the match with impressive kills, and digs. The communication between the Mavericks led to minimal mistakes and a win that puts them 13-3 in the season.

by Regina Gutierrez

English Language Institute


By: Zain Abusakran

Arlington Approves New Animal Surrender Fee

The Arlington city council passed a new fee for anyone surrendering an animal to the Arlington Animal Shelter. The fee will be implented starting October 1st. The fee is part of a one year pilot program. The fee does not apply to anyone who finds a stray and wants to bring them to the shelter. Some fear that the fee will mean more pets being left on the street and abandoned.

Morgan Pfursich

Domestic Violence Awareness

October is domestic violence month. Around the UTA campus the Alpha Chi Omega sorority is taking a stand against domestic violence. The sorority is challenging the men of UTA to sign a pledge in order to pledge against domestic violence. By signing the pledge UTA men are committing to never commit domestic abuse. Several men lined up to sign the petition and thought it was important that they set the example for the younger men in their lives. With the recent events in the NFL bringing a new light to domestic violence women are more committed than ever to stop the abuse.

Malissia Rogers

First Time UTA Radio DJ’s

Anyone who takes Radio one at the University of Texas at Arlington becomes a student DJ for the universities online radio station. So recently UTA Radio has received a slew of first time DJ’s, and perhaps several future radio personalities. UTA Radio is a student run radio station designed to give students experience in operating the radio board, producing content, and teaching students the fundamentals of radio production. After you learn the basics, you can go on to host your own two hour show. Some up and coming students are planning to do just that.

Martin Perez

Ultimate Frisbee

 The Ultimate Frisbee Club has been around since 2006 and is continuing to expand with the student body on campus. A group of 30 represent UT Arlington as they compete against other teams.

Products for Busy Students

With the semester in full swing, students are now facing exams and other daily stresses. UTA Bookstore offers merchandise to help students conquer those busy schedules. It’s vital that college students stay healthy and the FitBit is an amazing device that helps us a long the way. The device has a retail value of $99.95. Next up is the reliable water bottle, which is a student’s best friend on hot Texas days. Students should check out the huge selection at the UTA Bookstore where nearly every single water bottle showcases the UTA logo, you can’t beat that! Finally we have Microsoft Office, a product that is an absolute must for students. You can find an incredible value on the program at the bookstore.

- Latresa Mattox


Football, it’s a sport of force, aggression and strength. It’s a place where the alpha male can roam free; where collision and conquering are celebrated. Yet, for every violent collision a player may give, the possibility of receiving a concussion rises. The question, therefore, is what happens when the players return to being people, and our Gird-Irion warriors are left wounded?

For many players, signs of brain injuries go undetected, causing great concern for leagues of all ages. UTA Kinesiology professor, Dr. Cindy Trowbridge, partners with Momsteam (Moms-Team) Institute to oversee a pilot program called Smart Team. Through technology via concussion sensor, organizers hope by tackling the cause of concussions, alleviating the symptom will soon follow.


By Tony Curtis Hughes


Movin’ Mavs 2014-15 Expectations

The UTA Movin Mavs wheelchair basketball team has a history littered with national championships. However, while the team has lived up to its high standards the past few years, the Movin’ Mavs have failed to bring home a trophy despite being the number one seed in the regular season and also playing in the national championship game in two consecutive seasons. While the Movin’ Mavs seem ready for another season of basketball, only time will tell if all of their hard work over the summer will bring them back to a national championship final.

By: Derek Kaufman

HACU recognizes UTA for leading Hispanic Education

As the nation celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, The hispanic Association of Colleges and Univeristies paid tribute to UTA by naming it its 2014 outstanding member for contributing to quality higher education for Hispanic students. Out of the 35,000 students enrolled at UTA 27% are hispanic.  UTA plays a crucial role ensuring the education of the future professionals.


By: Karen Ballesteros

Segunda Edición de Otoño 2014 de UTA News en Español

En nuestra segunda edición de UTA News en Español les tenemos información sobre la tendencia en la oferta de empleo para los recién graduados y les contamos sobre un nuevo título universitario. En conexión UTA les tenemos detalles sobre los eventos conmemorativos del mes de la herencia hispana y en Deportes UTA tenemos las imágenes del evento Oozeball 2014.


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Study abroad deadline approaches

Last Wednesday there was a study abroad information session and booth in the university center from 11 am to 2pm. As students went about their day, the booth got more attention. The people behind the booth explained that there is more than one program for UTA students, especially for those who qualify for financial aid. Although the students were told that the deadline to apply is October 1st, they were still encouraged to apply. For study abroad, there are four programs. The UTA Reciprocal Exchange Programs, UTA Faculty-led Programs, UTA Affiliated Program, and Non-UTA Programs.

By: Brianna Nathaniel

UTA Movie Night

It was another successful sold out night for Excel Campus Activities movie series. Friday night at 8 p.m. Excel Campus Activities showed popular movie 22 Jump Street. The sequel is about Officers Schmidt and Jenko go deep undercover at a local college. After the movie common reactions for students was laughter. The movie played in the University Center in the Rosebud Theatre. Don’t miss the next movie X-Men: Days of our Future Night on Oct. 3rd at 8 p.m.

By: Virginia Villatoro