The Dunham and Miller Show

The Musers from the radio station in Dallas The Ticket, kicked off their 5 day college tour at UTA, in the College Park Center.  They welcomed the general public and students, and had many guests on air, including a student from, who squared off against the veteran crew.

-Chris Whetstone

Disability Services

The University has  services for students on campus. There are some to help students who need more help with their education. The Disability Services provides this to students. They provide help to students with documented disabilities. From giving students extra times to do tests. To allowing physical disabled students access to faulicty and staff parking lots. If you would like more information on the disability services go to or call them at 817-272-3364

– Caleb Carr

Dreamers Go Places Too

Dreamers Go Places Too was a forum held at UTA to motivate students to keep pushing forward in the stance on undocumented immigrants. The Panel of Speakers consisted of 4 known individuals who shared their experiences and life goals and what they are doing now to pressure the government. Daca is able to provide temporary aid to undocumented students but they hope to see a change in the future for they receive the same education and believe limits shouldn’t be placed after you graduate.


Octava Edición UTA News en Español Primavera 2015

En nuestra octava edición le tenemos lo más reciente acerca de la ley S-B1819 y como esta afectara a los dreamers de Texas. En conexión UTA le tenemos los detalles de la semana internacional, y en deportes UTA le traemos lo último del equipo de softball


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UTA News April 6, 2015

On this edition of UTA News we tell you about an incident that happened on campus this past week, the Dreamers Go Places Too forum where we bring you the journey of an UTA Alumni, in Entertainment you’ll find out the results from Mavs Got Talent, and in Sports we cover UTA’s Cheer Show Off event.

Movin’ Mavs Coach Doug Garner gets a Special Recognized

Basketball season is over but Coach Douglas Garner was recently recognized by the Governor’s Office of Disabilities for his dedication to Wheelchair Basketball. He has been placed on the list for the “American’s with Disabilities Act 25 Texas Trailblazers: Past, Present, Future.” Only individuals who show a hard dedication for people with disabilities and the act are recognized on this list. To Coach Garner what matters is his actions that lead to this acknowledgement. He was very surprised when he received the recognition knowing there were several other people who qualify just as much. His team is very proud of everything which lead to this.

-Jessica Stroud

Food For Thought

Food For Thought hosted a session with Janet Ellis Wednesday, where she talked about the importance of “Play filled living”. Ellis is a passionate speaker with the focus of emotional and spiritual wellness. Learn what you can do to keep the fun in your life with Janet Ellis.

– Allison Cox

UTa Baseball Vs Georgia State

The Mavericks Baseball Team faced Georgia State on 3/28/15; it was an exciting game. With stolen bases, loaded bases and plenty of hits it kept the crowd engaged. There was even some great outfield defensive play. This game marked the final in a three game series they played against Georgia State; they had lost the previous two. Although they suffered a loss, this game showed the Mavericks the bright spots in their game and also highlighted areas that needed improvement. Head Coach Darin Thomas thinks he knows exactly what the problems are and feels they will be corrected by the time for conference competition.


Barde Eseyin

Henry Cisneros

The former Mayor of San Antonio and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development also known as HUD during the Clinton’s administration Henry Cisneros is bringing the concept of Smart Growth, and why is necessary to develop new infrastructures and more urban cities around the country. Cisneros made a stop at UTA to headline Maverick Speaker Series and expand on this message. Cisneros believes more affordable housing is needed in order to achieve better quality of life. More urban cities with better transportation can cut the distances traveled from and to work.


Froy Guerrero

Tail Waggin’ Wednesdays

The UTA Library hosts Tail Waggin’ Wednesdays a program designated to ease students through those long hours studying. Paws with partners is a therapy dog organization which makes it possible by bringing some of their friendly pets to interact with students here at the library. UTA News was able to speak with the programs coordinator and with one of the volunteers who tells us more about her beloved dog Rascal.


Etiquette Dinning with Colleen Rickenbacher

Colleen Rickenbacher is an Author and etiquette consultant that has been over America teaching about how to be proper and excel your mannerisms from business dining to every day life. I had the pleasure of speaking with her for a few details about her and how she started it all. Students were able to engage in full hands on experience by attending this “Dinner” where they were able to enjoy a full course meal. Colleen guided the students step by step from beginning to end.


Black Leadership Institute wants to take on Social Media

On the Morning of February14, The Black Leadership Institute of UT Arlington hosted its annual seminar; Keynote Speaker Whitney Peoples gave advice to the members and focused their minds to start branching into social media. She believes the idea of right now rests in Social Media and how one delivers or sends messages out to the world. Members of the BLI were also able to enjoy food and African decent dances as part of a show. All of this was a plan to engage them to learn more about who they are as leaders and to make a change for tomorrow.


Seollal Festival celebrated for the first time at UTA

UTA held its first annual Seollal Festival which is the Korean New Year. The Korean Culture Association made it possible for UTA students to come and enjoy this event. There was a showcase of different types of music and dances, traditional Korean food you would find during this celebration, and Korean Games. If you have never experienced a Korean New Year you should stop by next year, it is an event filled with fun not just for students but you can bring your family to enjoy too.


What are your Valentines Day plans UTA?

I went around campus asking what plans people had for this 2015 Valentine’s Day. The year is already flying by I can’t believe February is already midway. Check out what some of the Mavs said they are doing or planning to do. Maybe you can get some ideas as well or just share yours on our Facebook page search us by typing in UTA NEWS…


Juneteenth Exhibition

It has been 150 years since African Americans were given freedom in Galveston, Texas on June 19, 1865. This intimate journey to the present has been documented in pictures at the “Juneteenth Exhibit” by the Center of Greater Southwestern Studies. This celebration of black heritage features a variety of photographs, highlighting black legacy. The exhibit opened on March 28, 2015 and will run through August 9, 2015. Students will be able to step into the past and really get a sense of the history of African Americans and the value of freedom. The exhibit is located on the sixth floor of the Central Library in the parlor.

– Latresa Mattox



MOBI is a student organization designed to teach students about app development. The organization hosts various workshops to show how to create the applications. MOBI is easily accessable to anyone who wants to see what all goes into making an app.

– Caleb Carr

Séptima Edición de UTA News en Español Primavera 2015

En nuestra séptima edición de UTA News en Español le tenemos los detalles de una galería que combinó la arquitectura y el arte y le presentamos la historia de perseverancia de una alumna. En deportes UTA un entrenador recibe un prestigioso premio y en conexión UTA tenemos el resultado de la competencia Mavs got talent.

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Quentin Butler-Sun Belt Athlete of the Week

Quentin Butler has been named the Sun Belt Conference Athlete of the Week, for his performances at the Indoor Track Championships and the TCU Relays, where he won the 60 meter dash and the placed 2nd in the 200 meter.  At TCU, he won the 100 meter dash, beating some of the top sprinters in the country.

UTA Crime Rate

If you were to exclusively watch the news or just glance at the police bulletins around campus, you may think crime runs ramped around the United States and here at UTA. But if you look a little closer, you may find that the truth at UTA isn’t so grim. According to UTA’s annual campus fire and security report, crimes reported in 2013 are relatively low and do not happen often. I talked to Captain Mike McCord about Crime here on UTA.

-Martin Perez

UTA News March 30, 2015

On this edition of UTA News we tell you about the new resturaunt La Blue Casa, the crime rate here at UTA, and an interview with the President of “La Societe Francophone”

Peace Corps

The Peace Corps held a panel last Tuesday. The event was held in the University Center by the Career Development Center.  The Panel discussed what it was like being part of the Peace Corps. As well as the challenges to apply to the Program as an  volunteer. The Peace Corps Helps Countries around the world by sending volunteers to help develop the Countries as well as expose them to the culture differences between the United States and the developing Country.

-Caleb Carr