UTA Joins the Political Conversation

Political season is taking American by storm and whether your a Trump supporter or a Bernie Sanders fan this presidential race is generating lots of talk. Despite the presidential campaigns being a national affair, the political climate here at UTA is warming up with UTA hosting their own events and joining in on the political conversation. As part of the Maverick Speaker Series, former Congressman Ron Paul, will be speaking at UTA on February 2 and on February 22 political analyst and media commentator, Donna Brazile will visit the campus as well. Tickets for those events can be purchased at http://www.utatickets.com


Monica Wicke

The Art Gallery of UTA.

The MadCap World of John Hernandez 1978 to 2015. John was born in 1952 in San Antonio, were he lives and works. He received MFA from University of North Texas. Some people tutelage him as Vermon Fischer. All ages like his work it comes from a reminder of pop culture past. What he would do is go though magazines and put pieces together to form images in a unique way. By drawing and cutting card board boxes and putting them in a 3-d form core, so it would pop out at you when you look at it. And sometimes he uses other items like toys to create art.

Ms. Aiken Interview

Corporate video is recently a class that was made available for broadcasting students. I sat down with Ms. Aiken, who is the instructor for the corporate video class, and discussed what the class was about. Before Ms. Aiken got to speak about the corporate video class, we learn a little about her and her time as a Marine. Ms. Aiken talks about how she transitioned from the Marine Corp to an instructor at UTA. She also discusses the similarities between the two.

-Kevin Mendez


Sigma Chi “Fight Night”

The end of the year was capped off as always by the biggest fundraiser of the year with the Sigma Chi Fraternity “Fight Night”. For the first time a fight between women took place and was a crowd pleaser. Fighters paired up against other students from TCU, and SMU. The 26th Annual event was held at Gas Monkey Live as the venue was transformed from a boxing ring to a concert hall featuring the Atlanta native Southern Rapper, Waka Flaka Flame. All for the sake of the Huntsman Cancer Institute as beneficiaries of the event. UTA News spoke with a winner from the fights, and a student new to the UTA community.

-Jeremy Portales


The engineering department’s student enrollment continues to rise up and break records.
In Fall 2014 the engineering department had over 6,000 students enrolled for the first time, while this year that number has sky-rocketed to over 7,000 students enrolled. This equals a 16.4 percentage increase for the undergraduate, masters and PhD degree programs. Engineering dean Dr. Behbehani said between the 7 departments in engineering, two stand out a bit more.
To help attract younger students to the engineering department, once a month student groups meet with younger students and give mini lectures on engineering. The Aeromavericks showed young students how to make water bottle rockets and launched them outdoors.

DFW Residents Honor Victims of Terrorism

Residents around DFW gathered at Dealey Plaza in Downtown Dallas to honor those lost in acts of terrorism. The recent attacks in Paris motivated the event coordinators to plan a vigil and shared their thoughts on the grassy knoll along with guest speakers of different religions. Organizers also coordinated the event in hopes of shedding light on the importance of combating xenophobia in the area. Attendees were of all different backgrounds and beliefs, bringing signs displaying messages advocating peace. Those who attended were also involved in the Muslim Student Association at the University of North Texas. Students can show support for our own MSA here at UTA as well.

-Kristen Victorin

COLA@ 50 Week 7

In our final edition of COLA@50, we feature students in the College of Liberal Arts. We met with one of the new College of Liberal Arts Senators and see what his plans are to expand the Liberal Arts Department, a student who protests for the Latino Community in an unconventional way, and a music education student, who thrives against adversity.

Here’s our seventh and final edition of COLA@50; watch it, share it, live it!

-Austin Trung Nguyen



  Mav Swap this semester was held out by the UC for students to go and trade out their old non UTA college t-shirts for a new free UTA homecoming shirt. The event was for two days until they ran out of shirts to pass out. Lines for this event were long and shirts ran out quickly on both days. The first day shirts were all gone within two hours leaving only some of the XL shirts. Students who missed out on day one came early on day two to snag their free shirt just in time for all the homecoming events.