Dr. Michio Kaku-Maverick Speaker Series

This past Thursday lodged another chapter into the Maverick Speaker Series, where industry experts and leaders lend their opinions and advice on current trends and topics.  Dr. Michio Kaku, a brilliant theoretical physicist, spoke about what is in store technologically for future.  This included topics on physics, education, medicine, and engineering.  The event was sold out, and Dr. Kaku stayed after his lecture to sign autographs for his fans.  The Maverick Speaker Series continues on March 26th, with guest speaker Henry Cisneros.

-Erik Rosdorff and Chris Whetstone

Tercera Edición de UTA News en Español de Primavera 2015

En esta edición le decimos de qué se trató el seminario anual “Black Leadership Institute” y le hablaremos sobre una nueva aplicación telefónica que le facilitará a los estudiantes pagar por su estacionamiento. En conexión UTA tenemos la celebración del año nuevo lunar y en deportes UTA el equipo de atletismo se prepara para el comienzo de la temporada.

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Segunda Edición de UTA News en Español, primavera 2015

Flight 12 Improv

UTA’s very own improv group, Flight 12, recently completed their first show of the spring semester. Flight 12 is a student run improv group best known for their sketch comedy routines. The group is sponsered by Theater Arts Professor Joe Chapa. You can see Flight 12 next month in the UC when they host their weekly show Flight 12 at 12.

-Martin Perez

UTA News February 16, 2015

On this edition of UTA News we tell you about the new changes to dining services, a plan by the Black Leadership Institute to use social media to eliminate stereotypes, and in sports we have an interview with the student athlete of the week.

Student Athlete of the Week – Jolene Schaefer

I interviewed the Student of the Week for February 8th-14th and asked both her and her coach how they think she earned this award.

-Joshua Pearson

New MobileNow! app to help for parking

A new application will now help UTA visitors pay for parking using their smart phones.  This new app does not replace the UTA parking permit required for students, faculty and staff. The UTA police uses a handheld cellphone to check license ploates for the MobileNOW parking permits.   Spring semester students can purchase a permit for $87.50 at a pro-rated price.  Another parking option is the privately opertated Maverick Parking Garage.  For more information on prorated schedule, visit parking and transportation services or email parking@uta.edu.

By:Karen Ballesteros

Dining Services Added Some Changes to Help Improve on Campus Dining

The start of this semester brought about new additions to dining. The Connection Cafe now offers dining prices for mid-day and mid-morning times instead of just breakfast, lunch and dinner. These mid prices are cheaper out of fairness. During those times, the cafe offers less food options then during regular meal times. The P.O.D. also added more hot food options for students on the go. The idea for more meal times started in Student Congress. A resolution was passed and then presented to dining who puts these changes in. Dining hopes to make more long term changes in future semesters

-Jessica Stroud

Lady Mavs Softball Tournament

This weekend was the Maverick Invitational, which was the Lady Mavs first home series of the young season.  Coming into the tournament with a record of 4-1, the Lady Mavs continued their success with an impressive showing of offense, scoring in the double-digits 3 times over the weekend.  They finished the tournament with only one loss, and notched a big victory over Big 10 foe Ohio State.  The Lady Mavs next play in the UTA Invitational, with the first game coming against Texas Tech University on February 20th, at 7:00 PM.

-Chris Whetstone

Remembering Kelly Walters

Fellow UTA student, Kelly Walters, was killed in a hit and run accident near Ellis Elementary School this past January. A suspect is yet to be found as family and friends continue to mourn the loss of the bright, young student. Walters was a double-major in Political Science and Psychology with aspirations to be in politics one day. She was just a week away from travelling to Morocco to study the condition of women’s rights.

Police are continuing to investigate and are searching for a 2007-2010 dark grey Chrysler. For any tips regarding this case, call 9-1-1 or contact investigator David Szatkowski at 817-459-5786.

By: Kristen Victorin


Chad Nack Profile

Senior right handed pitcher, Chad Nack, started on Friday the 13th to kick off their season. That was his fourth start on the mound here at UTA as well as his 74th appearance overall. Nack has been a mentor to the new freshman pitchers and has taken them under his wing. Even though the Mavericks lost on Friday, Nack threw 6 innings with 0 walks, 1 strikeout and 6 hits.

By: Shayda Nazifpour

Parking Spaces

Parking places are full on Campus during the school days. Some parking places are not full though in which you can park at anytime during the day. One of spaces is the lot near the tennis courts.

-Caleb Carr

First Edition of UTA News February 9, 2015

In this first edition of UTA News we inform you about a new phone scam going around campus, the international football game that was held at UTA, and an interview with a world famous artist hosting an exhibition at UTA

Primera Edición de UTA News en Español Primavera 2015

En nuestra primera edición de Primavera 2015 les tenemos un reporte acerca de una protesta en la cual venezolanos del área metropolitana de Dallas alzaron su voz. En nuestro segmento de entretenimiento les tenemos la reacción de los UTA Mavericks ante la presentación de Katy Perry en el Super Bowl; y en deportes les tenemos los resultaos de todas las actividades deportivas en la universidad.

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Student Congress Host Meet and Greet Your Senators Event

Student Congress is hosting more events this semester for students to get to know their senators starting with the Meet and Greet event. The Palo Duro Lounge was set up with tables representing each college. Students were welcome to come and go as they pleased during the event. This event was not just about meeting your senator but also providing a space where students can raise their concerns. Some senators stood out front of the lounge carrying signs and inviting students in. This is Student Congress’ first Meet and Greet event which they believed to be a success.

-Jessica Stroud

Cooper Street Bakery

Bakeries are the best at keeping things sweet and memorable. Cooper Street Bakery offers so many amazing baked treats that it’s impossible to choose just one. They have a variety of cakes, cookies, pies, and candies that are made right in the store! There something for everyone here, even if you’re not craving something sweet. Owner Tammy Gruver has put in years of hard work and it shows through the delicious taste and variety of her baked goods and items. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, give your love one a delicious baked treat. Students can log onto http://www.cooperbakery.com for more the menu and offers!
– Latresa Mattox

Spring Intramural Season

A new semester means a new round of athletic competition for the students of UTA, with many sports to choose from, there is surely something all students to enjoy.  Dodgeball and basketball are already under way, and sports such as football, soccer, and softball are scheduled to start over the next month.  Registration is still ongoing for many leagues and sports, and team leaders are encouraged to sign-up quickly, as spots are filling up fast.

-Chris Whetstone

UTA vs Georgia State

The fight for the men’s basketball title in the Sunbelt conference has reached the midpoint in the season. The UTA mavericks look to move ahead of Georgia State in the second place of the conference and stayed in the race to catch Georgia Southern in the first place. The mavericks arrive to this match with a three game winning streak following the loss on January 15 against this same Georgia State team. For UTA, a win could bring a fresh new start for the second half of the season and stay on top of their game for the conference tournament.

Froy Guerrero

Coach Hayes

There are several positions that make up a team. If one person on the team does not do their part the team falls apart. Coach Hayes is not one of these people. He inspires and leads his team to victory by connecting to his players, and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

-Caleb Carr

UTA Radio Shows

With a new semester comes new classes, new textbooks, and in the case of UTA Radio, the Universities online radio station, new advanced DJ radio shows. Some of these new shows include 90’s Tonight, hosted by Latresa Mattox, and The Middle Ground, hosted by Joshua Pearson. 90’s Tonight is a show dedicated to bringing back all genres of 90’s music, and the Middle Ground is a talk show that discusses such hot button topics as economics, abortion, conspiracy theories, and Marvel vs. DC.

-Martin Perez