Sigma Chi Fight Night

Sigma Chi Fraternity host their own special Philanthropy event each November. “Fight Night” raises more money than any other Greek oraganization on campus. Last year they raised over 25,000 dollars in donations to the Boys and Girls club here in Arlington. This year the event will be held on November 6th starting at 7:00pm. Anyone can come and tickets are $20. Khalil Jadael speaks more on the event and what he expects for their turnout this year. He is hoping for a total of over 2,000 people this year and over 35,000 in donations to give back to the Boys and Girls club.


Shayda Nazifpour

Effects of New Technology

Technology has come a very long way and continues to change almost every day. New technology has a strong effect on how humans deal with things. For example, before camera phone or before phones had voice recorders, student had to write down everything the teacher would say or put on a slideshow in class. Now, students have the ability to record what was said during class, or take pictures of the important slideshows with their phones. As oppose to writing, there is now portable typing with the use of laptops. Cell phones are becoming miniature computers and it is not stopping. Newer technology comes out constantly. There are both great advantages and disadvantages to this. Now is this a good thing, or a bad thing? Only time and experience will tell.

Kenzie Cox

The Art of Stephen Ford

Stephen Ford is a talented up and coming artist that has had a passion for art since he was a child. There are not very many places in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to go and view art from local artists. Luckily, the Valley View Mall is one of them. There are a plethora of galleries inside the mall that display artwork from local artists, including Stephen Ford, unlike most galleries that display famous artwork from around the world. This gives local artists the opportunity to share their art and their passion with people. Stephen’s main goal is to always be able to share his artwork with the rest of the world and then open his own gallery one day. He wants to help local artist like himself get their artwork out there like he once wanted. Stephen’s art is located at Bearkat Studio within Valley View Mall and he will continue to paint with his full emotion, heart, and soul.

Kenzie Cox

Department of Modern LAnguages

The Department of Modern Languages is offering a new Spanish Interpreting and Translation program. The department offers a wide variety of different languages for it’s students. Certificates and degrees in translation are offered to all the languages that are provided by the department. Studying languages open a lot of career opportunities for its students.

By: Zain Abusakran

UTA NEWS 09/15/2014

In this edition of UTA News we have information that might affect your wallet, a live interview with an important scientist, and an update on the Arlington city budget. In entertainment, we have a special report on the anniversary of September Eleven; and in sports, we will talk to a Paralympian basketball player who is making waves in her sport.


Primera Edición de Otoño 2014 de UTA News en Español

En nuestra primera edición de otoño 2014 de UTA News en Español les tenemos detalles sobre la fiesta de bienvenida y feria de actividades que organizó la universidad, y tenemos información para estudiantes interesados en las ciencias. En deportes, el equipo de tenis se prepara para la nueva temporada; y en el segmento de entretenimiento, veremos cómo los Mavericks se ejercitan y se divierten en clases de zumba.

UTA Cornerstone

The UTA Cornerstone is a Christian college ministry of Grace Community Church that has been on campus for more than 6 years but not many students know about UTA Cornerstone. The banner outside that says “This is not a frat house it’s for you” is to bring more awareness for students to learn more about the UTA Cornerstone. The UTA Cornerstone offers free coffee daily, a space to study or relax. On Thursdays at 8 p.m. they host The Merge where students gather to worship and apply the Bible to issues and challenges of college life. On Fridays at 7p.m they offer free barbecue for everyone. So, if you’re looking for a place for coffee, studying, relaxing, or making friends the UTA Cornerstone is the place for you.

By: Virginia Villatoro

Hispanic book award

Two UTA’s faculty members were honored with a first place international award at the International Latino Book Awards Conference in Las Vegas. Lidia Morris and Luis Rosado, wrote “Desarrollo del Español para Maestros en Progamas de Educación Bilingüe” or “Spanish Development for Teachers in Bilingual Education Programs.” The book was designed for bilingual educators teaching heritage speakers that have forgotten the Spanish rules and grammar.  The competition was among mononlingual Spanish writers from around the world. Rosado says theres is no other book like this on the market and feels honored to have won first place.


By: Karen Ballesteros

Study Abroad Fair

The office of International Education hosted a study abroad fair to highlight all of the exchange programs offered by UT Arlington. UTA study abroad offers over 400 study abroad programs within 62 countries. You can earn credit towards your UTA degree while learning other cultures and meet possible career options. Students are eligible to use UTA’s financial aid and scholarships. To qualify you must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with UTA, a sophmore and above, and must also have a minimun GPA of 2.5 for undergraduates and a 3.0 for graduate students. For more information you can visit their website

By Rosa Ramirez

National Championship Press Conference

AT&T’s Stadium Events Organizing Committee in conjunction with the College Football Playoff Committee held a press conference August 29 2014. UTA News was in attendance and gathered information on the changes from the Bowl Championship Series to the new Playoff system as well as three events associated with the playoffs. These events were created with the intention of giving something to do to those in the community that could not go to the game.

-Joshua Pearson

2014 Fall Job Fair

Looking for a chance to interact with people in your career field or maybe you’re looking to network? Well look no further because the 2014 Fall Job Fair is here! Every year Career Development Center puts together two, one for each major school semester. These job fairs are designed to help perspective job seekers the opportunity to meet with over 150 various employers in an aid to network, and learn. The event will be held at the Maverick Activity Center, September 17th, 2014, from 10:00A.M.- 3:00P.M. RSVP is not required.


Brandon Gordon

Post-9/11 Entertainment

September 11th 2001 was a day that changed the American way of life in many traditions. It’s obvious to see how U.S. views on security in exchange for freedom have changed but UTA News focuses on some minor areas that have been affected, like our entertainment industry. Joshua Pearson and UTA’s Department of Theater Arts Professor, Dr. Julienne Greer, discuss why this change has happened and what it means for future movies.

Joshua Pearson

Humans of UTA

Inspired by the popular photoblog Humans of New York and the fact he found he sometimes related to those featured on it, business management senior Jawad Hashmi created a similar Facebook page this summer called Humans of UTA. Hashmi uses the page to ask students and faculty questions about themselves, takes their picture and posts it to the page. Hasmi hopes that by giving students and faculty the opportunity to share their stories with others that the UTA community will grow stronger.

By Laura Robertson

Theater Arlington’s “Whodunit”

Located in the heart of downtown Arlington, Theater Arlignton has been providing entertainment for 41 years. Their newest show “Whodunit” premiered on September 12. Who dunit is a muder mystery musical and has only been performed 3 times before. The premiere was the first time it had been performed in Texas. The show is filled with humor and mystery. It keeps you guessing and laughing the whole way through. Be sure to see the musical which will be playing until October 5.


-Morgan Pfursich

Arlington Budget for 2015

The City Council recently held a meeting to vote over the Arlington 2015 Budget. The budget dealt with common issues like property taxes, but it also included a controversial right for shelters. It questioned whether shelters should be allowed to charge pet owners for bringing in their own pets. These charges would not apply to strays. the vote was 4-2 with the issue passing. There will be one more vote this week before the budget is officially adopted.

-Jessica Stroud

UTA Paralympian

UTA has started a Women’s Movin’ Mavs team, and with that comes some new additions to the campus. Rose Hollerman is a freshman from Minnesota with an array of accomplishments. She is an established paralympian, basketball player, and advocate for disable students.

Personal Training

Mavericks interested in getting in shape this semester can meet their goals with a personal trainer at the MAC. This program tailors to every individuals needs regardless of skill level. Students must complete a fitness test before scheduling a session, which measures your current physical ability and health. Personal training pricing begins at 35 dollars for a single session; there are also affordable packages available. All sessions and packages must be paid for up front. Students can log onto the MAC website for more information on the sessions, you can also view profiles of the available trainers here at UTA.

- Latresa Mattox

The Central Library Begins Construction of Cold Storage Vault

The Central Library began construction on a cold storage vault to preseve millions of historic photographic negatives. The libraries’ special collection documents more than 150 years of Texas history and helps meet the research demands of UTA students and faculty and will continue to do so for generations to come. Many negatives have already began deteriorating but the Cold Storage Vault will prolong their life span about 500 years.

Nada Atieh

UTA NEWS 09/08/2014

On this first edition of UTA News:

We have an update on campus renovations, an exclusive interview with the president of Excel, and a special crime report.

In our entertainment segment, we have the announcement of the fall concert lineup at the Levitt Pavilion; in sports, we have information about campus sports clubs.


Are you new to campus or anxious to make friends? Perhaps you should give UTA’s Intramural Sports a try. Tony Curtis Hughes, visit the Maverick Activity Center to see how sports is allowing students to find their way among their peers and on campus.



by: Tony Curtis Hughes

Basketball Head Coach inducted into the Hall of Fame

Krista Gerlich, the UT- Arlington Basketball Coach, was one of the ten Texas Tech student-athletes who got inducted into the SouthWest Conference Hall of fame. Her induction to the Hall of Fame was unexpected. Gerlich’s achievements and her experiences are used by her players as a way to motivate them to perform better in the upcoming season.

By: Zain Abusakran