Eleventh Edition UTA News Fall 2015

In this edition of UTA News we show you how a group of UTA volunteers organized an event to experience what is like to be homeless and we let you know how the UTA baseball is giving back to the community and bringing joy to Cook Children’s Hospital.

Campus Lights

UTA campus is spreading a little Christmas cheer with their annual holiday lighting display at the library mall. The now decorated area is illuminated every night by 6 pm with hundreds of bright neon orange, royal blue and traditional white lights to represent maverick school spirit on campus. Street lamps have been wrapped around with white and blue garland and a lit Christmas tree also stands at the center of the lighted square to remind students that the holiday season is officially upon us. Students are encouraged to take a break from their busy schedules to take photos and admire the festive twinkling lights.

-Thomas Hoce

UT Arlington Planetarium

The Planetarium at UT Arlington offers live stargazing and prerecorded programs throughout the week. Shows are typically one-hour long, and consist of approximately 30 minutes of stargazing at the night sky and another 30 minutes of prerecorded video. The 60 ft. dome is one of the largest, and most sophisticated planetariums in the state of Texas. One of the shows offered recently was Apollo’s Flight, a multi-media show with live original composition by Marek Eneti and spacey film footage. Planetarium Program Coordinator, Amy Barraclough, tells us more about Apollo’s Flight and also invites the public, school groups and the UTA community to come enjoy a one-in-a-lifetime experience.

Check out the link below for a complete schedule of upcoming shows and ticket prices:



-Nancy Salas


The UTA baseball team takes part in serving the community by gathering homemade meals and donated food from the St. Paul Catholic Church.The players serve a southern breakfast for dinner at the Cooks Children Medical Center.

Memorializing baby Noreen who passed away from cancer at 10 months old,the group of athletes make their way to the hospital on the first saturday of every month to serve the family and patients of the oncology department. Tori Shelton gathered the guys together after learning that they were interested in volunteering and helping. Jacob Wilcox, the left-handed pitcher for the UTA baseball team shares his memorable experience with the families at the hospital.

-Sonia Garcia







UTA Basketball Upset

The UT Arlington Mavericks took on Big Ten foe Ohio State in an intense game over the weekend.  The Mavs were able to hold on and secure victory on the road in Columbus for the monster upset that Coach Scott Cross called one of the best in the program’s history.  Congratulations Mavericks!

-Chris Whetstone and Reginald Adetula

Cafe Mumu

The Japanese Culture Society had their Inaugural Café Mumu event at the Maverick Activity Center on Friday. Café Mumu is a maid café, which is usually common in Japan where the servers dress as maids and butlers and server their patrons as if they were their masters and mistresses as if they were at home rather than in a public café. This year’s turnout had around 100 people served by 7 different sets of servants. Each servant had a different theme to their services, from Sharknado to Alice in Wonderland to Rabbits. For the club’s facebook.


-James A Belknap

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Hillary Clinton campaign rally in North Texas Community College

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held a campaign rally in a Dallas County community college. This was Hillary Clinton’s first appearance in North Texas where she spoke on many issues concerning the voters. More than one thousand people of all ages were present from very early in the morning to support and listen to Hillary’s plans for the future. Republican candidates like Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Donald Trump have already held a campaign in North Texas. Clinton along with Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley are the democratic candidates running for elections. Republican and Democratic Party presidential election primaries will take place on March 1, 2016.

Choosing a College Degree

As a first generation college student the uncertainty of not knowing what you will find or what to expect is hard and stressful enough. For those who who pursue a college career for the first time in their families not only have to worry about what school to attend or how to pay for classes, but the lack of knowledge from their parents also makes them responsible for knowing every step of the application process. For some students like Jonathan Chavez the process in finding out what career path was not easy, and at times scary since he didn’t know the resources available to get help.

UTA CrossFitters


Staying fit is important. Most UTA students interested in fitness seek work out options at the Maverick Activities Center. With many classes offered, most students find exactly what they are looking for. But, some are looking for more. CrossFit is an emerging sport with fitness as the main goal. Each year the winners of the CrossFit Games are awarded the titles of “Fittest Man” and “Fittest Woman” alive. The sport has rules and regulations and its coaches must have certifications.  Some of UTA’s own have found a passion for CrossFit and a gym just five minutes from campus.


Reachelle Spieker