One Day Without Shoes

By: Malissia Rogers

Tuesday April 29,2014 is national One Day Without Shoes Day. This day was first implemented by the shoemaker Tom’s and has been adopted by several universities, schools, and workplaces nation wide. You can join in celebrating with the UTA campus. From 11 a.m to 2 p.m. outside of the UC Mall students and faculty are encouraged to walk around barefoot to bring attention to children who lack health care and a valid education system. The Leadership Center is excited that each year the project grows throughout the campus. The center is hopeful that they can do more things to bring attention to the needs of children in the future.

Boston Marathon Runner

It’s been a year since the bombings in Boston at the historic Boston Marathon. An Arlington doctor looks back at his time there and how he looks forward to when he’ll return and honor the victims of the horrible tragedy.

Accolades Awards Ceremony

The College of Liberal Arts hosted the Accolades Awards Ceremony to celebrate Students and Facutly Excellence. Here, awards and scholarships were given out to recognize work excellence throughout the school year. Broadcasting Communication Professor Julian Rodriguez received the outstanding teaching award. He also received the Dean’s Accolade Award along with two members of the UTA News en Español team for their dedication and commitment with the hispanic community. Seniors Laura Romo and Angelina Armendariz received the award on behalf of the whole team and they want all the mavericks to know that anything is possible.

By: Vladimir Flores

Mavs Vs Cajuns at Gould Baseball Park

UTA baseball team  played at Clay Gould Baseball park this Saturday. But what seem to be an easy win, went sour when the Mavs loss 9-5 against the University of Louisiana-Layayette. After five scoreless innings, the Ragin’ Cajuns scored with two runs in the top of the sixth inning after a 10-pitch at-bat resulted in a double with the bases loaded. Senior hitter Matt Shortall had a two-run lead in half with his sixth home run of the season during the bottom of the sixth inning. He was one of three players to have three hits for the Mavericks and finished with one RBI and one run. But it was not enough to take home the win.

Studying for Exams

If you go around campus, you will notice a large number of students reading books, notes or researching on their laptops. The “Unforgiving” exams have returned and its time to pay your dues. But no worries; we have been down this road before and we have all managed to come out on top every time. I took the time to visit with two UTA students on campus and find out just how the get through exams, including how they study. And also see what advice the could give to other UTA students on how to get through exams.

Brandon Gordon

UTA Block Party

Hosted by University Events and Apartment and Resident Life, the annual UTA Block Party not only provides a celebration for students before final exams are held, but also an environment for UTA students, staff, and faculty to enjoy a free night out.  In its 16th straight year, many came out to the UTA Block Party to celebrate the end of the spring semester.  From water pong to free prizes, live bands, food, and more, the block party gave students the opportunity to meet others, and blow off steam before the dreaded final exam week sets upon them.

By: Derek Kaufman

Arlington Transportation

For those who live in the DFW area, there are a few ways for them to get around. they are able to use shuttles, taxis and buses. The city of Arlington is trying the Metro Arlington Xpress for the next year and a half. However, there have been a few problems with transportation within the past year and a half. For the 2014 Final Four, one media member waited so long for some sort of transportation that he went ahead and called for a cab according to A woman also expressed on the news how she had to take several transportation methods to get to AT&T Stadium. It’ll be key to see how transportation will affect future events at AT&T Stadium.

By Andre Glenn


En nuestra novena edición:

Una abogada de inmigración nos aclara algunas dudas sobre la acción diferida y los DREAMERs. El Dr. Flores nos habla sobre el cambio demográfico en el sector educativo. Y en Conexión UTA, dos presentadoras de Univision 23 nos dan tips de belleza.

Places to eat on campus

Since the connection cafe can only hold a thousdand people at a time, students find other options on campus. UTA students are picky when it comes to where they want to eat around lucnh time. There are several places to go. Enstien’s Bagels, the P.O.D. market, the Plaza court and the Connection Cafe are just to name a few.  Not to mention the new restaturants that have opened up in the past two years. Students give their reasons for choosing where they want to eat, however everyone’s taste buds are different.

By: Brianna Nathaniel

UTA News 4-14-14

On this week’s newscast, we learn about the Fort Worth Main St. Arts Festival, The Big Event at UTA and elections for Student Congress.

Carlos Arbiza

Carlos’ family moved to Venezuela from Uruguay before he was born. The family played sports as a hobby but tennis became their passion. At the age of three, Carlos wanted to follow his fathers footsteps and started playing tennis. After visitng UTA and talking to the Tennis Coach, Carlos applied for UT Arlington and received a scholarship. Today as captain, Carlos’ skills and talent for the sport have led the Maverick’s mens tennis team played their best this season. They are now looking foward to the final conference in New Orleans.

By: Jimena Fraga

On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Housing

The end of the academic school year is upon us and the age old question comes to mind, where is the better place to live for students, on campus or off campus? There is no right answer to this question, all it does is spark debate. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, such as you can be closer to all your classes living on campus compared to having to fight traffic on your way to the campus and struggling to find a parking spot. On campus living is not for everyone and vice versa, but one of the two is right everyone.

Todd Cruff & Estevan Saenz

International Fashion Show

The International Student Organization hosts a week full of cultural festivals involving the entire UTA community during international week, which takes place for one week every April. One of these festivals is the International Fashion Show. The International Fashion show is the perfect way for UTA student’s from all over the world to model their traditional attire on stage. The following student associations participated in the fashion show were: La Sociedad Hispanica, Pakistan Student Association, German Language Association, La societe Francophone, Sri Lankan Student Association, Indian Student Association, Russian Language Association, Asian Student Association, Bangladesh Student Organization, Fine Arts Society of India, Nepalese Student Association, and International Student Organization.

By: Virginia Villatoro

I-Week Food Fair

UTA celebrated 37 years of International Week and like every year the Food Fair was one of the most popular events. The Food Fair has grown over the years and around 20 organizations were involved this year from the German Club to the Hispanic Society and more. International Program Coordiantor, Ariella Chi says, “It takes almost a full semester to prepare for the full International Week and the food fair is always a great turn out.” The International Student Organization love having all the organizations involved selling their food and sharing their cuisine with the campus and the community.

By: Rosa Ramirez

The Big Event

On Saturday, April 12, 2014, “The Big Event”, a community day of service took over various elements of Arlington and Tarrant County. In its 14th year, The Big Event at UT Arlington is to plan and implement a day of community service and outreach involving UT Arlington students, faculty, staff, and community members in an effort to engage, educate, and mobilize volunteers throughout the community. The Big Event impacts the community by bringing the campus together with the surrounding community in an effort to show gratitude to those who help others. Numerous community-based and non-profit organizations and agencies benefit from volunteer efforts, as well as local residents, including those that provide services to children, senior citizens and low income families such as Mission Arlington, or those that promote the quality of life, such as the Science Center at River Legacy Park, Arlington ISD, and the Texas Ramps Project. Volunteers are proud to help others improve the lives of the people who rely on these important services and facilities.

By DeBrandon Pruitt

UTA Students on UCONN Win

March Madness took place in Arlington with the University of Connecticut and Kentucky being the finalists for the champion game. UTA students were excited for UCONN’s win but some were disappointed in Kentucky’s loss. Students think that both teams had good plays and that Kentucky will have better luck next year. Some have hope that UT Arlington will make it into the finals next year and are excited to be present for that win.

By: Cristina DeLeon

Sience and Religion

A popular science show on TV has sparked anew the debate between science and religion. Its host Neil Degrasse Tyson said that evolution, as gravity, is a fact. Religious groups have reacted by saying that evolution is just a theory, while the scientific community supported Tyson by saying that there is plenty of evidence in favor of evolution. With the debate in the legislatures and courts on what side to teach children, or both… is there a common ground? This report tries to answer that question by looking at the recent statistics on what scientist themselves believe about a God. Also, a philosophy of science professor talks to us about what science is and is not. UTA students in the scientific areas also respond to the debate.

Communication Seniors

It seems like just yesterday when you first came to UTA. Remember how scared you were? You couldn’t find your classes, felling out of place and unsure of what the future held. Well those days are long gone because now you are seniors! For this story I went though the Fine Arts department to talk with our fellow communication seniors. My intent was to find out how they have tranformed from their freshmen year in college to now seniors. Also find out what future plans they have after they graduate. Don’t miss this interesting story!

Brandon Gordon

Free HIV Testing

Students and faulty receive free HIV testing in front of the Central Library. AHF had a booth set up with, free condoms, cups, and other incentive to get students involved and tested. Some students say they felt no pressure and that there happy that HIV testing was free for them. The beautiful ladies of Delta asked AHF for this assisted program because it was Delta week. K104 was also invited out as well.

International Week’s Parade of Banners

The traditional parade of banners kicked off International week at UTA. Here, students had the opportunity of representing a country from all around the world. The mavericks picked a country according to the meaning or impact it had on them and not necessarily the one they were from. The parade ended at Palo Duro Lounge where President Karbhari gave a speech to the Mavericks explaining the importance of Diversity at UT Arlington. After the parade, students shared facts about the country they each represented and enjoyed a small demonstration from all of the different cultures.

By: Vladimir Flores

Main Street Arts Festival

The Main Street Arts Festival in downtown Ft. Worth is famous for its annual showing.  From craft beers and wine, arts and crafts, and live music, thousands of people came to share in the spirit of the festival.  As a main sponsor of the event, UT Arlington not only had a presence on the main stage, but also in the festivities as well.  As well as being great for wearing out the kids, the festival also showcased many artists from around the nation, as well as the D/FW area itself.

By:  Derek Kaufman