Into The Woods

The UTA Theater Department performed the Musical “Into The Woods.”  The musical is a twist on fairytales that we all know well. The musical was an exciting change to the stories mixed with some comedic relief.

Morgan Pfursich

Glass Art





Johnathan Paul Protest

The week after Spring Break, the lawn in front of the Arlington Police Department was occupied with protesters demanding answers for the death of Johnathan Paul. Mr. Paul was picked up the Monday of Spring break and taken into custody for outstanding warrants. Tuesday night he was found unresponsive in his cell and taken to Arlington Memorial Hospital where, on Friday March 13th, he was pronounced dead. There is video of the cell where Mr. Paul was being held but has yet to be released pending the completion of the investigation APD is conducting.

Joshua Pearson

Grad Week at UTA

It’s still seven weeks until graduation but senior are already preparing for the big day. Last week was Grad Week on campus where students would visit the UTA bookstore and purchase your cap and gown. Honors cords could be purchased as well along with the specific tassel for each college. The cap and gown went through several changes last year. A blue sleeve was added along with a orange trim to show both of the school colors. It personalizes the experience and makes the event feel more special. This is also a time for students to be thinking about plans after graduation.

-Jessica Stroud

Campus Carry

UTA students express their feelings towards the possibility of Senate Bill 11 passing through Texas Legislation. Check out what these students have to say about a major change that could affect college campuses across Texas.

-Allison Cox

Sexta Edición de UTA News en Español

Edición Especial de UTA News en Español

En esta edicón le tenemos cobertura completa de la visita del a caravana 43 al Metroplex.

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Disability Art Gallery

The Newest Exhibition at UTA’s art gallery is built around the subject of disability. The exhibit features nine artists from around the United States whose work focuses on disability today. The artwork is used to express the experiences and stereotypes that someone with a disability may face. The exhibit also commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

-Martin Perez

Robots for rent

Starting today, UTA’s central library will have telemerobots available for check out to help increase connectivity between faculty, staff and students in and away from campus.

This telemerobots can be very helpful to online or distant students. Another great thing about this innovative robots is that you can move them around yourself using a video-audio connection and a control mechanism.

The robots are rented for three consecutive hours to any student, faculty or staff member interested in using them.

By:Karen Ballesteros


The time to file your taxes is here, and college students around the nation have the opportunity to receive free money to pay for school. The only thing they have to do is to fill out and submit the free application to receive federal financial aid or better known as FAFSA.  In the years 2011-2012 over 2 million students nationally did not complete the application to receive financial aid, and over 9 billion dollars were left on the table. Students sometimes can only qualify for loans when attending a community college and get discouraged to apply again.

Froy Guerrero

The School of Social Work Hosted a Lunch Party as Part of Social Work Month.

It’s Social Work Month at UTA  and the school is getting involved to promote and raise awareness. One event was a lunch party for everyone connected in the school. Students and Faculty participated having lunch together and socializing. Blaze even stopped by to take pictures with everyone. UTA Radio was present to provide music and entertainment. This month serves as a recap over the past few years. Faculty and Staff are proud in how the school has grown in numbers and expanded in research. The School of Social Work is also participating in the Big Event in celebration.

-Jessica Stroud

Re dedication of Allan Saxe Field

The UTA softball team celebrated the re dedication of Allan Saxe Field with two Sun Belt Conference victories over Georgia Southern University on Saturday. The team is excited for all of the new renovations and expects it to bring more fans out to watch them play.

-Allison Cox

What’s Cooking UTA?

Welcome to the first edition of What’s Cooking UTA? On this episode, I went inside Mad Mike’s Ice Cream shop located in Pantego, Texas. Here you can find a variety of amazing ice cream, shakes, and fresh made waffle cones. Owner Mike Stephens offers traditional flavors as well as seasonal flavors such as peach and lemon crunch. He values every single customer and hopes to create not only a place to have ice cream, but a complete experience! Visit Mad Mikes everyday, except on Mondays for a great and tasty trip into the world of Mad Mikes!

– Latresa Mattox

Lady Mavs Softball Conference Home Opening Series

After the Re-Dedication of the renovated Allan Saxe Field, the Lady Mavs took on the Georgia Southern Eagles this weekend.  UT Arlington swept the doubleheader on Saturday before losing the last game on Sunday 13-10.  The Mavericks play on the road for the next week before they head home again for a game against North Texas on April 1st.

-Chris Whetstone

Quina Edición de UTA News en Español Primavera 2015

Aquí está nuestra quinta edición de UTA News en Español del semestre de primavera 2015.

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The Mavericks Baseball team versed The University of Texas on Tuesday the 18 in the Globe Life Park. UT ranks number fourteen in the country. The game was almost over with UT up three runs. UTA managed to tie the game and steal home base for the win.

– Caleb Carr

UTA News March 16, 2015

On this edition of UTA News we tell you about Middle East politics at UTA, we show you an interview with UTA Shortstop Travis Sibley, and keep you up to date on important academic deadlines.

La Sweet Vida

UTA associated with Mission Arlington to educate the Hispanic families of the Arlington community about diabetes type two by facilitating apps,videos and health information to the patients at the clinic. Diabetes affects more and more people every year and raising awareness can prevent the number from increasing.  Changing your unhealthy life habits to more healthy ones can help prevent yourself from getting type 2 diabetes. La sweet vida provides with meal plans and excercise routines to help patients with their health. If you know of someone with diabetes please visit

By: Karen Ballesteros

Spring Break on Campus

With every college semester comes stress for college students. Homework, papers, tests managing a social life, and last but not least finals. Some students here at UTA decided to spend their spring break wisely, studying over the break is a great way to catch up with all the procrastinated work that is due for classes.

By: Zain Abusakran

UTA Baseball Player Profile

With Maverick baseball well under way, UTA News was able to catch a glimpse of one of the Maverick standout players, Travis Sibley.  The Senior shortstop is an indelible cog in the Maverick lineup, and has been for four years.  His on-field and off-field leadership has proven essential for the team’s continuing success, especially with the start of conference play.

-Chris Whetstone

Hispanic Growth

The University of Texas at Arlington stays on track as the second largest campus in the UT system just behind the University of Texas at Austin. UTA is one of the more diverse schools in the nation, and in great part is because of the changes in demographics around campus… The community is changing and this reflects the student population. New demographic statistics show UTA has reached more than 48 thousand students enrolled, whether it is in campus or online. One trend helping UTA reaching new enrollment heights is the continuous growth of the Hispanic student population.

By Froylan Guerrero