Quina Edición de UTA News en Español Primavera 2015

Aquí está nuestra quinta edición de UTA News en Español del semestre de primavera 2015.

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The Mavericks Baseball team versed The University of Texas on Tuesday the 18 in the Globe Life Park. UT ranks number fourteen in the country. The game was almost over with UT up three runs. UTA managed to tie the game and steal home base for the win.

– Caleb Carr

UTA News March 16, 2015

On this edition of UTA News we tell you about Middle East politics at UTA, we show you an interview with UTA Shortstop Travis Sibley, and keep you up to date on important academic deadlines.

La Sweet Vida

UTA associated with Mission Arlington to educate the Hispanic families of the Arlington community about diabetes type two by facilitating apps,videos and health information to the patients at the clinic. Diabetes affects more and more people every year and raising awareness can prevent the number from increasing.  Changing your unhealthy life habits to more healthy ones can help prevent yourself from getting type 2 diabetes. La sweet vida provides with meal plans and excercise routines to help patients with their health. If you know of someone with diabetes please visit lasweetvida.com

By: Karen Ballesteros

Spring Break on Campus

With every college semester comes stress for college students. Homework, papers, tests managing a social life, and last but not least finals. Some students here at UTA decided to spend their spring break wisely, studying over the break is a great way to catch up with all the procrastinated work that is due for classes.

By: Zain Abusakran

UTA Baseball Player Profile

With Maverick baseball well under way, UTA News was able to catch a glimpse of one of the Maverick standout players, Travis Sibley.  The Senior shortstop is an indelible cog in the Maverick lineup, and has been for four years.  His on-field and off-field leadership has proven essential for the team’s continuing success, especially with the start of conference play.

-Chris Whetstone

Hispanic Growth

The University of Texas at Arlington stays on track as the second largest campus in the UT system just behind the University of Texas at Austin. UTA is one of the more diverse schools in the nation, and in great part is because of the changes in demographics around campus… The community is changing and this reflects the student population. New demographic statistics show UTA has reached more than 48 thousand students enrolled, whether it is in campus or online. One trend helping UTA reaching new enrollment heights is the continuous growth of the Hispanic student population.

By Froylan Guerrero

UTA News March 2, 2015

On this edition of UTA News we tell you about a new weekly gaming night held in the library, a report about the increasing hispanic population at UTA, and theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku visited UTA as a part of the Maverick Speaker series.

The UTA Library is Hosting Game Night to Give Students a Study Break

Third Thursday Game Night is a new event happening this semester in the basement of the library. There are several different games students can play ranging from board games to video games. Snacks were also provided for anyone who would come and play. This event is for a study break but it’s also a chance for social connections. Students who often study in the library in the evening have a chance to meet each other. The time slot is from 6-9 allowing for a come and go time slot. The next game night will be the Thursday right after spring break.

-Jessica Stroud

Lady Mavs Versus UALR

The last home game of the season brought The University of Arkansas-Little Rock to the CPC.  For the Lady Mavs it was Senior Night, but against a very strong opponent, they were not able to notch a win against the conference leading Trojans. The final score was 48-38.  The next game for the Lady Mavs will be against Georgia Southern on March 5th.

-Chris Whetstone

Engineering Week

Engineering Week is an time where students can explore the Engineering Department. The week starts in honor of George Washington. They start the week on George Washington’s Birthday. The Week has many activities involved with it to engage future engineering students. The week is for getting students involved with the engineering field.

– Caleb Carr

UTANE cuarta edición


Sebastian Erimicoiu

The UTA Tennis Team is mainly composed of international students. One of these Students Sebastian Erimicoiu came all the way from Eastern Europe. He came to the United States to play what he loves Tennis. Family was left behind as well. All of these sacrifices he made shaped him to the competitive player he is today.

– Caleb Carr

Dr. Michio Kaku-Maverick Speaker Series

This past Thursday lodged another chapter into the Maverick Speaker Series, where industry experts and leaders lend their opinions and advice on current trends and topics.  Dr. Michio Kaku, a brilliant theoretical physicist, spoke about what is in store technologically for future.  This included topics on physics, education, medicine, and engineering.  The event was sold out, and Dr. Kaku stayed after his lecture to sign autographs for his fans.  The Maverick Speaker Series continues on March 26th, with guest speaker Henry Cisneros.

-Erik Rosdorff and Chris Whetstone

Tercera Edición de UTA News en Español de Primavera 2015

En esta edición le decimos de qué se trató el seminario anual “Black Leadership Institute” y le hablaremos sobre una nueva aplicación telefónica que le facilitará a los estudiantes pagar por su estacionamiento. En conexión UTA tenemos la celebración del año nuevo lunar y en deportes UTA el equipo de atletismo se prepara para el comienzo de la temporada.

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Segunda Edición de UTA News en Español, primavera 2015

Flight 12 Improv

UTA’s very own improv group, Flight 12, recently completed their first show of the spring semester. Flight 12 is a student run improv group best known for their sketch comedy routines. The group is sponsered by Theater Arts Professor Joe Chapa. You can see Flight 12 next month in the UC when they host their weekly show Flight 12 at 12.

-Martin Perez

UTA News February 16, 2015

On this edition of UTA News we tell you about the new changes to dining services, a plan by the Black Leadership Institute to use social media to eliminate stereotypes, and in sports we have an interview with the student athlete of the week.

Student Athlete of the Week – Jolene Schaefer

I interviewed the Student of the Week for February 8th-14th and asked both her and her coach how they think she earned this award.

-Joshua Pearson

New MobileNow! app to help for parking

A new application will now help UTA visitors pay for parking using their smart phones.  This new app does not replace the UTA parking permit required for students, faculty and staff. The UTA police uses a handheld cellphone to check license ploates for the MobileNOW parking permits.   Spring semester students can purchase a permit for $87.50 at a pro-rated price.  Another parking option is the privately opertated Maverick Parking Garage.  For more information on prorated schedule, visit parking and transportation services or email parking@uta.edu.

By:Karen Ballesteros

Dining Services Added Some Changes to Help Improve on Campus Dining

The start of this semester brought about new additions to dining. The Connection Cafe now offers dining prices for mid-day and mid-morning times instead of just breakfast, lunch and dinner. These mid prices are cheaper out of fairness. During those times, the cafe offers less food options then during regular meal times. The P.O.D. also added more hot food options for students on the go. The idea for more meal times started in Student Congress. A resolution was passed and then presented to dining who puts these changes in. Dining hopes to make more long term changes in future semesters

-Jessica Stroud