Cooper Street Bakery

Bakeries are the best at keeping things sweet and memorable. Cooper Street Bakery offers so many amazing baked treats that it’s impossible to choose just one. They have a variety of cakes, cookies, pies, and candies that are made right in the store! There something for everyone here, even if you’re not craving something sweet. Owner Tammy Gruver has put in years of hard work and it shows through the delicious taste and variety of her baked goods and items. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, give your love one a delicious baked treat. Students can log onto for more the menu and offers!
– Latresa Mattox

Spring Intramural Season

A new semester means a new round of athletic competition for the students of UTA, with many sports to choose from, there is surely something all students to enjoy.  Dodgeball and basketball are already under way, and sports such as football, soccer, and softball are scheduled to start over the next month.  Registration is still ongoing for many leagues and sports, and team leaders are encouraged to sign-up quickly, as spots are filling up fast.

-Chris Whetstone

UTA vs Georgia State

The fight for the men’s basketball title in the Sunbelt conference has reached the midpoint in the season. The UTA mavericks look to move ahead of Georgia State in the second place of the conference and stayed in the race to catch Georgia Southern in the first place. The mavericks arrive to this match with a three game winning streak following the loss on January 15 against this same Georgia State team. For UTA, a win could bring a fresh new start for the second half of the season and stay on top of their game for the conference tournament.

Froy Guerrero

Coach Hayes

There are several positions that make up a team. If one person on the team does not do their part the team falls apart. Coach Hayes is not one of these people. He inspires and leads his team to victory by connecting to his players, and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

-Caleb Carr

UTA Radio Shows

With a new semester comes new classes, new textbooks, and in the case of UTA Radio, the Universities online radio station, new advanced DJ radio shows. Some of these new shows include 90’s Tonight, hosted by Latresa Mattox, and The Middle Ground, hosted by Joshua Pearson. 90’s Tonight is a show dedicated to bringing back all genres of 90’s music, and the Middle Ground is a talk show that discusses such hot button topics as economics, abortion, conspiracy theories, and Marvel vs. DC.

-Martin Perez




Planetarium’s New Show

The UTA planetarium has added a brand new show for the public for the Spring. The show, titled Dynamic Earth, talks about our planet’s climate and weather patterns, and also addresses climate change.  It is narrated by actor Liam Neeson. Showtimes for this specific film are Fridays at 6:00 PM, Saturdays at 5:30 PM, and Sundays at 1:30.

-Chris Whetstone

Ford Driving Dreams

Ford Driving Dreams se pone a la marcha. Los concesionarios Ford del Norte de Texas y Ford invierten en la educación y otorgaran $350,000 en becas, más del doble del apoyo entregado el año pasado.

NAT PKG- Abel Briceno

Activity Fair Day is a Great Way for Students to Explore UTA

UTA held their biannual Activity Fair Day event last Wednesday. The U.C. was full of booths with presentations and students passing by. These organizations had prizes or games so students get a chance to hear what they are all about. All different organizations took place including, societies, sororities, fraternities, and departments. Even local businesses got involved passing out samples or playing games. This event happens at the very beginning of very every semester so students have a chance to jump in and get involved early on. UTA will also hold several events during the semester for major exploration

-Jessica Stroud

Free Little Libraries

Four new libraries have been added to the campus this Spring. The Allen Saxe Free Little Libraries debuted on the first day of classes all over campus. The libraries allow students to “take a book, leave a book.” The group that started it hope that this encourages students to read more. These libraries are great for students since there are no due dates and no fees. Check them out near Carlisle Hall, Trimble Hall, Arlington Hall and the Fine Arts Building.

-Morgan Pfursich

Campus Security

The UTA bus system and the Assistance call boxes are Security measures on campus. The Bus system on campus provides a safer alternative to students who do not want to walk around campus alone. There are many bus stations located on campus.The Assistance Call boxes on campus allow students to contact UTA PD for help.

-Caleb Carr

Alpha Chi Omega Casino Night

The UTA Sorority Alpha Chi Omega hosted its 22nd Annual Casino Night at Globe Life Park in the Hall of Fame. The event helps raise money for domestic violence awareness and supports SafeHaven Womens’ Shelter in Arlington. This year Alpha Chi Omega raised over $43,000 dollars at the event.

-Morgan Pfursich

Salvation Army Nourishment Program

The Salvation Army in Arlington Texas provides free lunch to College students every Monday. Every student is welcome to come in and be served food from the Salvation army and its volunteers. The Salvation Army plans on doing this program for at least the rest of the Fal 2014 Semester.


The University of Texas at Arlington hosted the North Texas NATPE, National Association of Television Program Executives, event. Students met with a panel of professionals from the industry and received career advice followed by a tour of a local studio.


Hispanic Immigrants

Hispanic immigration is a big topic in the United States. Most Hispanic immigrants today are trying to find a better life, while some people born in the United States have an increase in competition for work, jobs, etc.

Final Episode of UTA News Fall 2014

On the final episode of UTA News Fall 2014 we have an exclusive interview with the keynote speaker of the upcoming commencement ceremony and the third and final part of Muslims of UTA. In entertainment we will introduce you to the university’s dance company and in sports a company that allows students to play professional soccer while attending school.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is not only the month of Thanksgiving, but it is also National Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Every weekend during the month of November, Petcos and Petsmarts around Texas hold adoption events outside of their stores. Different rescue groups come to different store locations each weekend in hopes of getting their rescue dogs adopted, especially older dogs. The rescues want to show people the importance and need for older dogs to be adopted. The rescues want the older dogs to spend their last few years in a permanent home with a loving and caring family. Puppies and younger dogs are usually the first to get adopted. That is why Adopt a Senior Pet Month was created.

The Mac, Not Just for Fitness (SOT)

Most students of UTA are familiar with the facility, The Mac. When people think of The Mac, they most likely will automatically think of “a gym,” or a workout facility, or weights. The Mac is full of top of the line work out equipment and has treadmills, weight rooms, a track, a rock wall, and all kinds of workout equipment, but that is not all The Mac has to offer. The Mac is not only just a place for students to go work out. The Mac offers group classes as a way for new students to make friends on campus. The Mac also offers students jobs that will work around their school schedule. The lobby of The Mac has multiple computers and tables for students to do homework. There are also ping pong tables, pool tables, and other recreational games that students can play for fun.

Dealing with Autism

Many children all over the United States are diagnosed with Autism. Autism is a difficult thing for young kids to deal with. Kyle Miller, a twelve year old from Mansfield, Texas, was diagnosed with Autism in 2009. His parents, Chris and Michelle Miller, chose not to home school him and to put him in public school, but in special classes where he can learn with classmates who have similar issues. Some people don’t have the patience to undersand kids who have Autism. Kyle has been teased very badly in school and even adults have said some horrible things to Kyle’s parents and his sister, Miranda Miller. Even though Kyle has been treated badly, he always has a smile on his face. He pushes through no mater what and never stops fighting the disease. With the love and support of his family, he is able to live a normal life despite having Autism.

Última Edición de UTA News en Español Otoño 2014

En nuestra última edición de UTA News en Español le tenemos un reportaje especial acerca de la acción ejectutiva y las reacciones estudiantiles. En conexión UTA tenemos el segmento de Cocinando con Abel y por su puesto la despedida de los graduados.

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Muslims of UTA Special: Part 3

Muslims of UTA began as an idea to showcase the American Muslim community. From growing up in the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex, to highlighting the international perspective that exists on campus and getting to know the aspirations driving Muslim Alumni in the area.

Muslims are often motivated by their Islamic faith to contribute to the well-being of society.

Alia Salem is a proud alumna graduating with a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2008. In search for a meaningful career, she moved from working in training and development at a hotel for several years to humanitarian and relief work for a local non- profit, furthering her skills and following her passion.  She became an executive director for a civil rights and advocacy organization , CAIR, in 2013.

She shares her experience and insights with UTA News.

Part 3.

Nada Atieh