Greek Wednesdays Stroll Off

Every Wednesday greek life at the University of Texas at Arlington hosts Greek Wednesdays. A way to show students who aren’t a part of greek life on campus some of the fun activities come with joining a fraternity or sorority. This week’s event was a stroll off where members of the organizations dance to music a live DJ plays. The stroll off was located in the engineering mall next to Woolf hall and brought energetic atmosphere for students who came to watch or those who were just passing through on their way to class. For more information about future greek events on campus, visit

By Laura Robertson

Speed reading apps

With a constant stream of assigned reading, students develop study tricks to keep on top of homework. One of these is speed reading, and new apps that help develop this skill are entering the marketplace. Both free and paid apps are already available on Android and Apple operating systems.

by Raegan Cardwell

Quesadilla Sale at UTA

Hungry for a quick snack? The ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha are putting on a quesadillia sale infront of Wolfe Hall from 10:00am to 2:00pm today. This is the first fundraiser of the semester for Lambda Theta Alpha. The ladies put on a fundraiser at least once every semester. The money that is made will be donated to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St. Jude is dedicated to curing and treating children regardless of race, religion and financial status of the parents. So if you have time; stop by and show your support for St. Jude and the ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha.

By: Brandon Gordon & Omar Castillon

An App That All Students Need

Tracy invented an applications to help student study as part of a contest entry for Pearson. The app was made to help students learn and study along side of Pearson online books and tutoring. She won third place and plans to keep developing so UTA students and staff will be able to use.

-By Clenisha Dortch

Cupcake Throwdown Sweet Success

Alpha Tau Omega hosted their very first Cupcake Throwdown in the University Center at the University of Texas at Arlington campus on Wednesday, March 19. There were four teams competing amongst one another, Alpha Chi Cupcake Bandits, Delta Ovengers, Lone Star Zetas, and S’more Girls. The four teams baked cupcakes based on a specific theme, the theme for the inagural contest was Western Adventures. The teams showed their creativity with their displays and incorporating the theme into their cupcakes as well. Alpha Chi Cupake Bandits took first place overall with the Delta Ovengers taking home the fan vote. All proceeds benefit the St. Judes Research Hospital.

By Todd Cruff

Global Grounds

Every other Thursday the Office of International Education hosts an event called Global Grounds: International Coffee Hour that is held in the Palo Duro Lounge. It is the perfect opportunity for students to mingle, drink, and eat with people from all over the world. Available to drink at the international coffee hour is chai, coffee, or tea and snacks to eat. Students are also welcome to bring their own traditional music. There will be two more international coffee hour next month.

By: Virginia Villatoro

Campus Craze: Spring

This week’s Campus Craze focuses on what student’s do for the first few days of Spring. Tracie and Valerie explore campus and join in some of the activities!

By: Tracie Hill and Valerie Maedgen

Dr. Sanjay Gupta at UTA’s Maverick Speaker Series.

This tuesday March 18, UTA hosted its Maverick Speaker Series with CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta as Guest speaker at the College Park Center. Mavericks in general and all the audience listened to Gupta’s take on issues such as healthcare reform, legalization of marihuana, among many other ethical issues on the practice of medicine and journalism. Dr. Gupta shared with us his experience in combining these two areas. He also reccounted his experiences in several conflicts around the world and in natural disasters which allowed him to humanize the health issues presented on TV and the news.
Adolfo Muniz

Pizza with the President

Last Wednesday President Karbhari held the second Pizza with the President in the Palo Duro lounge of the UC. Besides the free pizza, there was a Q&A session held by the president. One of the few questions students asked was about school spirit and fall graduations. President Karbhari also turned the mic around and asked students for feedback about his time so far at UT Arlington and about the search for the next Vice President for Student Affairs. The next Pizza with the President will be on April 9th.

By: David Bansigan

#Banbossy Campaign Gains Ground

March is Women’s History Month. To commerate the Month the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg has launched a campaign to ban the word bossy being used when referring to school age girls. Sandberg believes that the word “bossy” can cause some girls to shy away from roles in leadership. Sandberg knows this from a personal experience, in which a teacher told Sanberg’s best friend to stop being friens with her because she was “bossy”. Sandberg remembers the pain that she felt and does not want other girls to be ashamed of who they are. #banbossy has many supporters including Beyonce and Jennifer Garner.

Kappa Delta Chi Bake Sale

The sorority group, Kappa Delta Chi, held a bake sale near the university center this past Wednesday to help raise money for a good cause. They were selling food such as cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies and a few more things. The food was very affordable for students as the highest price for a specific item was only $3. The group will continue this event through April.
By Andre Glenn

Softball Team Bringing Alumni Together

While many students don’t always keep close ties with their classmates after college, the Army Ants softball team is not only comprised of current students of UTA, but also alumni as well.  Playing every Monday evening at the Harold Patterson Sports Complex, the Army Ants have come together as a team that is prolonging and creating friendships that have strong ties to UTA.  While the Army Ants are self admittedly not the greatest softball team in the world, many of the players feel that keeping in touch with their old and new friends from UTA is what makes the team experience all the better.

By: Derek Kaufman


En nuestra séptima edición:

La visita de Sanjay Gupta a la universidad. Una extrevista exclusiva con el primer inmigrante indocumentado en recibir su licencia de abogado. En Conexión UTA, les compartimos una deliciosa receta de cocina en Cocinando con Abel. Y en Deportes, el resultado del torneo de campeonato de los Movin Mavs.

Students choices to replace Pizza Hut

With their contract coming to a close and less than expected sales, Pizza Hut closed in March. Students specualte on what will take its place. The Shorthorn has provide a link for students to cast their vote on what they would like to see. There is no specific cutoff date for people to complete the survey but Dining Services is working quickly to get results to keep the campus up to date, according to the Shorthorn.

By: Brianna Nathaniel

Who is Saint Patrick?

Saint Patty’s Day has finally arrived! People all over get together to celebrate by wearing green to not get pinched! Saint Patty’s Day is a big day to celebrate for the students of UTA, but do people really know the true meaning behind Saint Patty’s day? We went around the campus of UTA on Saint Patty’s Day to ask students if they really knew who Saint Patrick was and why they were celebrating. To our surprise, most of the students had no clue who he was! Their answers mainly consisted of, “he was a Saint,” “he was from Ireland,” and “wasn’t he a leprechaun?” However there were a few in the bunch that did know at least some history of the beloved Saint Patty’s Day.

UTA News 3-17-14

This week on UTA News, we learn more on the partnership with the Arlington Police Department, Arlington ISD and UTA as well as results from the Movin’ Mavs and a history lesson on St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patricks Day at UTA

It is St. Patrick’s Day and the UTA community is celebrating this special Irish celebration. On campus, students are not only excited for the holiday with wearing green, but they also remember the History of its humble beginning. Students who wore green also had a chance to save at least 10% at the four College Park restaurants: Smiling Moose Deli, Pie Five, Coolberry’s Yogurt, and Blaze’s Sports Grill.
By:  Derek Kaufman and Debrandon Pruitt

2014 NWBA Championship

The National Wheelchair Basketball Association has a new Champion for 2014. UT-Arlington hosted the tournament that took place at the College Park Center. The Movin Mavs played for the title against the Warhawks from the University of Wisconsin. During the course of the game the score was very tight and by the end of the first half the Warhawks were ahead 32 to 30. In the last five seconds of the game Bisnett scored the last shot for the Warhawks putting them ahead 55 to 54, giving the Warhawks their 11th Championship.

By: Rosa Ramirez


While everyone from UTA was on spring break  the UT Arlington men’s tennis team represented the school on a match. They faced Cleveland State and walked away with a win.  Aside from playing against a great team the mavericks gave it all they have. UTA tennis player, Francesco says “at the end, the score doesn’t matter”. The Cleveland team, that is used to play indoors, was deffinetly accfected by the Texas weather on their performance.  For UTA  both doubles and singles match was a victory, defeating Cleveland Sate 5-2.
By: Jimena Fraga

UTS vs. OU at Globe Life Park

UTA Baseball was among the sports this past week that did not get to have time off for spring break.  The Mavericks played in their second and final game of the season at Globe Life Park against OU on Tuesday. The game went 10 innings where UTA was unable to produce a run in the extra inning, causing for a loss against The Sooners. Final score Tuesday night was 3-2. UTA baseball also competed in their first round of conference play this past weekend against Texas State and went 0-3 in the series, putting their overall record thus far this season at 5-14.  The Mavs next home game will be March 18th against Sam Houston State at Clay Gould Ballpark at 6:30 pm.

By: Avery Anderson

Adam Williams Profile

Sophomore Mechanical Engineer student Adam Williams has a passion for inventing. He knew ever since he was a young boy he wanted to build and invent things. Now that he is in college he keeps a composition book with all his new ideas and inventions. He has built prototypes and hopes to get money to get patents. One idea is to build a battery that will recharge itself. He has applied to be a professor’s research assistant and was picked as one of the finalist out a pool of resumes that students have applied. If picked he would help build prototypes for new inventions.

By: Virginia Villatoro