Best Thing About DFW

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is considered to be very big. A nickname that some people tend to use towards the city of Dallas is Big D. One attraction that Ft. Worth is known for having is the Stockyards. The two cities of Dallas and Fort Worth are about 40 minutes apart from one another. As there are many things offered in the area such as food and entertainment, what is the best part about the metroplex to some people who live here? A few UTA students gave their thoughts on what they believe is the best part about the area to them.
By Andre Glenn


En nuestra décima edición:

UT-Arlington finaliza las presentaciones del Maverick Speakers Series con Nina Tonenberg, reportera de NPR. También los estudiantes muestran su posición al ver miles de cruces en el campus con motivo del aborto en UTA. En Conexión, no se pierdan los eventos de la semana internacional. En Deportes, le tenemos la historia de superación del nuevo capitán del equipo varonil de tenis.

Home on the Range

Last Wednesday students went to the Housing Fair to explore options for living on and off campus. Every year the Housing Department and the Shorthorn create the fair so that students can make a well informed decision before choosing where they will live while in school. Having an apartment can be fun, but the dorm life can provide an opportunity to meet people and get involved. The different booths gave information about some of the apartments on campus. The fair had games, prizes and drawings to attract and interact with the students. This year the theme was Home on the Range and to complement that theme, a petting zoo was just outside full of little critters.

By: Brianna Nathaniel

Rush Creek

After several floodings in the Rush Creek area in Arlington, the City decided to take action. They bought out fourty-nine homes that are now being replatted into a park.  There will be three parks that are connected by a walking trail, similar to River Legacy. The City of Arlington wil benefit from better work out stations and playgrounds. This project has been in planning for two years and will be completed by June 20th. Kurt, Park Supervisor, shows a layout of how the park is being renovated.


By: Jimena Fraga

Pi Kappa Phi Push America

The UTA students of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity are taking a stand. They have set up an area outside of the UTA library complete with couches, blankets, hot chocolate, and buckets for students to donate money to the cause, Push America. The boys are spending the night outside every night, regardless of the weather, in order to raise awareness to the number of homeless people in America. One member of the fraternity must remain outside at all times and sleep outside over night for a whole week. Students are able to stop by, have some hot chocolate, and donate to the charity. Pi Kappa Phi decided, what better way to show that we care than to put ourselves in their shoes. Some of the Pi Kappa Phi members even brought out their guitars to lift everyone’s spirits and to draw more attention and awareness to the cause. For more information please visit

ASO Fundraiser SOT

UTA’s ASO, African Student Organization is doing a fundraiser for charity. The Charity they are raising money for is called the West African Relief. The fundraiser will raise money for underprivileged children and families in Africa. The booth is located outside of the UTA library. Ruona Ebiai, the ASO Vice President and UTA student, believes it is very important to aid underprivileged children in Africa. Students can stop by the booth and donate at any time. To find out more information about the West African Relief and about the African Student Organization, go to and search “African Student Organization.”

Carter Blood Care

The Carter Blood Care buses come to UTA often to give students the opportunity to give back to the community. Students are able to give blood to those who need it. There are usually two buses located on UTA’s campus. One bus is outside of the UTA library and the other bus is located outside by the University Center. Students who are able to donate can go into the buses and give blood anytime. Carter Blood Care gives students the chance to do something positive for the community and help those in need. To find out more information on Carter Blood Care and how to donate, go to


En nuestra novena edición:

Los UTA Mavericks tuvieron la oportunidad de conversar con el presidente de la universidad en un evento anual. También, le hablamos de una investigación acerca de la ciencia y la religión. En Conexión UTA, los detalles de la competencia de Mavs Got Talent. En Deportes, el resultado del equipo de tenis femenil contra UNT.

Final Four lands in Arlington

The NCAA Final Four Championship weekend kicks off this Friday, April 4 at the AT&T Stadium. This is Arlington’s first time hosting the event, which is the second most popular sporting event in the world. To combat the inevitable traffic that comes with stadium events, AT&T Stadium has developed transportation and parking plans to keep traffic moving. If spectators choose to take advantage of express transit, including the DART and the TRE, they can purchase special passes and connect to stadium shuttles. If driving, customizes routes based on the zip code of guests’ starting points. As for Arlington residents- make sure to check traffic reports and plan to spend extra time in your car.

by Raegan Cardwell

UTA News 3-31-14

This week, we talk about the ACES program along with an inside look at one of the ACES members and his research on termites. Also we have in sports NCAA’s Final Four coming to Arlington and the impact it will have on the area.

Gender Wage Gap in Texas

As Texas prepares to elect a new governor there is one issue that seems to overshadow the election. The issue is the gender wage gap and why males in the workplace still outearn females even when they are doing the same job. Both Wendy Davis and Gregg Abbott are committed to improve the paychecks of women, however in different ways. Abbott believes that the laws already provide for equal pay. While, Davis believes that there should be new laws and that the governor shouldn’t be afraid to fight for equal pay no matter a person’s race or gender.

By: Malissia Rogers


The Association of Mexican American Students had a tamale sale to raise funds for their organization.  AMAS is one of the largest multicultural organization on the UTA campus.  Students don’t have to be of Mexican or Latin descent or speak Spanish to join AMAS.  AMAS is involved in several other events on campus including intermural sports and greek life.  AMAS holds meeting every Friday at noon in college hall.

BNSF Railway Conference

The Center of Mexican American studies of UTA presented BNSF Railway. They talked to students and staff about what BNSF is and what they do. BNSF is a company dedicated to transport different types of freight around the United States. They are looking for new talent and offer employment opportunities and internships to students who are interested in the rail industry. BNSF is a strong company and by having bases in countries like Mexico and Canada, they’re not only helping the economy here in the U.S. but the economy in those countries. If you are interested and would like more information, you can visit their website at

By: Rosa Ramirez

Trivia Night

The student organizations played Jeopardy- style game of UTA facts and history. Members of the organization either played in the game or cheered for their team. The three teams had to pick a number between 1-10 and who ever came close to that number went first. The categories ranged from Traditions, Mascots and Dates, to important people. Example of questions asked ranged from When was UTA founded to Who is named after a street? The teams were allowed to use UTA ambassasdors as a life line if they needed help answering a question. For the last rounds each team had to write down how much they were willing to wager and then they had 2 minutes to list all of the univeristy’s name change in chronological order. Next the teams had to sing UTA’S fight song and each team member had to sing it correctly. The winning team won the large trophy.

By: Virginia Villatoro

Garland Teachers

The North Texas Dream team invited the community from the city of Garland to support five teachers who might face deportation at the end of this school year. These teachers were in the process of obtaining an H1B visa that would allow them to work legally in the U.S. For unexpected reasons, their visas have been denied and now they’re facing deportation. The community had the chance to talk to the board representatives and asked them to support these teachers because they feel like they’re not really doing anything. After listening to the community, one of the board members had an unexpected reaction and promised to do everything they can to provide help.

By: Vladimir Flores

UTA Students Experience Hunger

The organization UTA Volunteers and Oxfam America hosted the annual Hunger Banquet at UT Arlington. Mavericks chose a random paper with a label that symbolized a social class. Participants closed their eyes as they were guided into the room where they were placed in the social class indicated. Once there, participants opened their eyes into their social class. The low class was sitting on the floor, the middle class was on chairs and the high class had chairs and tables to have dinner on. This event was organized to help others realize the limited amount of resources the low class has compared to the middle and high class.

By: Cristina DeLeon

UTA’s Customized Cap and Gown

Graduation is just around the corner and the Class 2014 is getting ready to put on their caps and gowns. UT-Arlington seniors came out to the Grad Finale at the UTA Bookstore to buy their graduation regalia. Students had the opportunity to take their diploma pictures for free, as well as, the chance to order their graduation rings and invitations. Two students, Pamela and Kristen, who are both graduating in May, told us how they feel about walking across the stage. In addition,the UTA Bookstore Director, Paul Beaulieu, explained us how students should wear their gowns in order to participate in the ceremony, and also how does the new UTA costume looks like.


Angelina Armendariz

Spring Fitness

Hopefully Texas is saying goodbye to winter, and hello to Spring! The warm weather tempts everyone outside, and with shorts and tank tops coming up, its time to get into shape. Arlington has a variety of parks. River Legacy offers 6 miles of running and mountain biking trails plus a circuit station for toning your body. If you need a park closer to campus, Howard Moore Park is located off Davis and Tucker. This park offers running trails and tennis courts. To stay fit this spring add a 30 minute activity outside such as basketball, hiking, skateboarding, or taking a quick walk. Plus, the vitamin D from the sun will do you some good after this long winter!


By:Monica Davis

Termite Research

Microbiology senior Luis Velazquez presented his undergraduate research during ACES last week. His research focused on termites and their ability to become a sustainable resource. After extracting the termite’s hindgut and isolating the microorganism called “Verrucomicrobia” the lab cloned it and used the staining method to find positive clones for endo 1,4 beta d glucanase activity and xylanase activity. Ultimately the goal of his research is to a more sustainable resource to use in the future.

By: David Bansigan

ACES Presentations

Professors at UTA can serve as mentors to students they think excel at research and presentation. Thye encourage these students to present at the Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students symposium, or ACES. The symposium showcases the work of students with all different kinds of majors. Students are judged by a panel and the winners even get cash prizes.

By: Tracie Hill

Treadmill Workstations as an Alternative For Traditional Desks

The typical desk may become a thing of the past. With obesity rates going up and inactivity becoming more like in the film Wall-E, a new technology is combining desks and treadmills. Treadmill workstations has the worker walking on a treadmill as they perform tasks at a pace between one to two miles per hour. Darla Hamann, an associate professor from the School of Urban and Public Affairs, and her team of researchers along with the Mayo Clinic have performed studies on the productivity level for workers. In a 52 week study, the team found that productivity levels at first were low because of the learning curve, but afterwards, productivity increased exponentially. Treadmill workstations are in use by companies such as Google and the General Mills Headquarters as well.


By: Omar Castillon