DFW Residents Honor Victims of Terrorism

Residents around DFW gathered at Dealey Plaza in Downtown Dallas to honor those lost in acts of terrorism. The recent attacks in Paris motivated the event coordinators to plan a vigil and shared their thoughts on the grassy knoll along with guest speakers of different religions. Organizers also coordinated the event in hopes of shedding light on the importance of combating xenophobia in the area. Attendees were of all different backgrounds and beliefs, bringing signs displaying messages advocating peace. Those who attended were also involved in the Muslim Student Association at the University of North Texas. Students can show support for our own MSA here at UTA as well.

-Kristen Victorin

COLA@ 50 Week 7

In our final edition of COLA@50, we feature students in the College of Liberal Arts. We met with one of the new College of Liberal Arts Senators and see what his plans are to expand the Liberal Arts Department, a student who protests for the Latino Community in an unconventional way, and a music education student, who thrives against adversity.

Here’s our seventh and final edition of COLA@50; watch it, share it, live it!

-Austin Trung Nguyen



  Mav Swap this semester was held out by the UC for students to go and trade out their old non UTA college t-shirts for a new free UTA homecoming shirt. The event was for two days until they ran out of shirts to pass out. Lines for this event were long and shirts ran out quickly on both days. The first day shirts were all gone within two hours leaving only some of the XL shirts. Students who missed out on day one came early on day two to snag their free shirt just in time for all the homecoming events.

Breast Cancer Showcase


The UTA library held a Breast Cancer showcase to support the cause in the month of October.It was a photographic essay created to show support to all the woman affected by breast cancer. Angie Beck wanted to show the woman vibrant and beautiful before cancer took a toll on them.

Jodie Bailey a survivor of breast cancer, wanted to shed light on the project and created a showcase on the second floor that allowed anyone to show their support. She encouraged individuals to write a note on the pink wishing tree to someone who they knew had undergone the personal one on one fight with breast cancer.

To find out more about this inspiring project visit




-Sonia Garcia






Overcoming Doubt and Adversity: Lilly Bailey Interview

 What if someone told you “you can’t do that because no one before you could?” What if someone that meant the world to you unexpectedly passed?What if throughout all the doubts and adversity, in retrospect, you realized everything happened for a reason? I had the opportunity to interview Lilly Bailey, a music education student and friend who overcame some of life’s most difficult obstacles.

Click here for the full over 20min interview

-Austin Trung Nguyen


The Stress of Finals

How do you deal with the stress of finals?

Do you do yoga or go on a bike ride maybe..?

Well I went around asking UTA students their stress reliever methods and you would be surprised about how out of the ordinary some of their ways are.

The majority of people don’t juggle or yoyo right before their exam.

Take a look at my adventure and you might want to take some notes, because with finals just around the corner, some of their methods might just come in handy.



Kick For Nick

Kick for Nick is a foundation that started in 2006 and provides soccer balls to children in Iraq, in commemoration of U.S. fallen solider, Nick Madaras. Since then more than 40,000 balls have been donated and sent to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I had the chance to sit with Coach Salas, an Athletic Director, P.E. teacher, and Boys Soccer Coach from the metroplex, who has recently been impacted by Kick for Nick. Coach Salas tells us how he heard of the foundation. And shortly after, he shared this inspiring story with his soccer team. He says his team immediately wanted to contribute, and he tells us how they planned to help out. They will be sending their first contribution shipment to the Kick for Nick foundation before Christmas this year.

If you would like to help Coach Salas and his boys soccer team, email Coach Salas at:  tsalas@dallasisd.org

If you would like to watch Nick’s Legacy video and learn more about the Kick for Nick Foundation visit: www.kickfornick.org

-Nancy Salas



Video by: Marcos Ortiz & Nancy Salas