No Shave November

No shave november is something that many people have participated in over the years, and still continue to do so. It has become a tradition across the nation. Many students all over UTA’s campus have shared their likes of this growing trend.


BY: Heidi Everley

2014 Student Elections

Student election results are pending but the excitement behind the 2014, campaign is confirmed!!! With positions on the ballot ranging from UTA Ambassador, to Homecoming King and Queen, nominee’s  campaigned up to the last minute to earn students vote.

Held on Election Tuesday, UT Arlington’s day at the polls served as a microcosm to the national day of decision. Student Affairs officials hope is that Mavericks not only become active in campus policy but use the opportunity as a springboard to particpate in social event that shape our local, state, and national community.  


By: Tony Curtis Hughes

Crime Report

Lately we have been experiencing an increase in the level of crime both on and near campus. While some may find these instances minor. The fact still remains that this is a matter that should be taken seriously. I took time  to talk with individuals and find out just how they feel about the recent crimes. They also offered insight as to how they feel we can prevent becoming a victim. Don’t miss this interesting news story! Stay safe UTA!


Brandon Gordon

Speed Networking for Women Leaders

Networking is very important in a professional’s life. The Arlington Chamber of Commerce’s Women’s Alliance hosted an event called Speed Networking for Women Leaders for UTA Women Leaders. This event gave an opportunity for UTA students to network with many business professionals from different organizations such as PR Communications, Marketing, Education, Photography, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Medicare/Administration and Non-Profit. Students were able to ask questions and gain excellent advice from the mentors of these businesses. Several students found this event very helpful for their future.

By: Virginia Villatoro

Innovation Symposium

Inventors presented their research to attendees at the College Park Center during the Innovation Symposium. The eight hour symposium began with about 100 UT- Arlington professors who posses patents on various devices, processes or technologies. During the reception, six UT- Arlington professors were nominated as fellows of the National Academy of Inventors. One professor Dr. Chiao presented one of his inventions the mirco- windmills. Dr. Smitha is the Co-Founder of the micro-windmills. Check out UTA Newscast 11/3/14 to watch a live interview with Dr. Smitha.

By: Virginia Villatoro

Lady Movin’ Mavs Push Forward

The Lady Movin’ Mavs matched up against two different wheelchair basketball teams from the DFW area Saturday in exhibition matches. Playing agaisnt the Dallas Jr’s as well as the DFW Freewheelers, who are both made up of mostly male athletes, the Lady Movin’ Mavs set out to gain game experience that will help them in collegiate matches. Out of the three games, the Lady Movin’ Mavs took one from the Dallas Jr’s by a score of 50 to 39, but dropped two to the DFW Freewheelers. Going into the half, the Lady Mavs were tied with the Freewheelers at 26, but unfortunately couldn’t hold on in the second half. Week by week the Mavs look to continue improving, and with a team of mostly freshmen, have the time and talent to do just that.

By: Derek Kaufman

Amazon Echo

Amazon announced its surprising new echo device last week, but what exactly is echo? The amazon echo is a speaking, talking, interactive piece of furniture that can be used hands free for multiple things. Echo uses Far-field voice recognition, Bluetooth, and mics to create a hands free personal assistant. Students can sit the device in a room and ask echo to play music, add things to your shopping list, set alarms or reminders for homework, and weather. The device will start out at 199, but amazon prime members can scoop one up for 99 dollars.

-Alexis Garcia

Tennis Team Season Finale

The UT- Arlington men and women’s tennis teams wrapped up their fall season successfully by achieving six titles. Both teams worked hard in courts to practice and improve their skills for the season. Their hard work and insistence got them to achieve several titles. Both coaches and players were proud and pleased with their performances. The spring season is around the corner, what are the tennis player’s expectations and preparations for it? Watch the video to get more updates!

By: Zain Abusakran

Tuition Won’t Increase for 2014-2015 School Year

This school year, students get a load off their heads as tuition does not increase. For this school year tuition has stayed within the same range since the university has achieved greater help from the UT System. The UT System has allocated funds and is managing money from other budgets to help fund the university which results to generate more money than what it would have received from raising tuition.  Karen Adler, Assistant Director of Public Affairs for the UT System, explained in detail what happened and why they decided to take this route. We also get a note from a prospective student who lets us know what this means to her and what it can mean to other students attending school at UTA.

By: Rikii Montemayor

La Sexta Edición de UTA News en Español de Otoño 2014

En esta edición de le hablaremos sobre un importante fenómeno social entre la generación milenio. En deportes UTA tenemos una investigación sobre por qué nuestra universidad no tiene equipo de futbol americano y en conexión UTA le tenemos lo que paso en l anoche de Halloween casino night.

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UTA News November 3 2014

On this episode of UTA News we talk about a new restaurant that opened on campus and we have a live interview a researcher working with micro-windmills. In sports we will preview the women’s basketball season and in entertainment we’ll l look at a documentary titled “Asexual.”

UTA Write Club

Did you know the name Write Club is a reference to the movie Fight Club? Writers around UTA can join the Write Club for a weekly session to improve writing skills and have fun! The club meets every Thursday from 5:00p.m. – 7:00p.m. in Preston Hall, Room 200. Writers of all levels and experience are encouraged to come by, whether you’ve written a novel, poetry or even a rap. During the meeting you are given a prompt to write on and discuss, and also the opportunity to share your own personal works if you wish.

– Latresa Mattox

Golf Profile

UTA’s own golfer Zach Galiford has traveled over seas for his favorite sport. Coming from Wales, Zach has had to adjust to the American culture. Courses and lifestyle have been difficult for him but he is finally getting the hang of things. He won the Welsh National Championship and has represented Wales for the past 8 years. He has also won the Central Wales Championship. Here at UTA he leads the nation for Fairways hit in the fall 2013 semester with 91% and ended 6th in the nation at the end of the year.

– Shayda Nazifpour

The Closeline Event Took Place Last Week for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Program took part in the annual Clothesline Event. The goal of this event was to raise awareness and share personal stories of domestic violence. The clothesline shows personal experiences and what people think of domestic violence. There were also flyers hanging above their tent with inspiring words. RVSP hope that this event will help others and change lived for the better. Several different colleges take part in the Clothesline Event every year for the month of October.

-Jessica Stroud

No shave November

In November there’s a really popular Trent called no shave November. I when around the school and ask students about it. Most students knew about it, but they were not aware of the main purpose of it. Is a way to raise money for cancer and create awareness to the public.

by Abel Briceno

(A) Sexual

Last week UTA’s LGBTQA program screened the documentary (A) Sexual as a part of Asexual awareness week. The documentary is about the lives and different experiences people have of being asexual. Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone, male or female. The first online community for asexuality was only formed in 2005, and although asexuality is just recently being talked about, asexual people have been around forever. Only now however they have support and resources they needed to feel welcome.

Martin Perez


Texas General Election 2014

Voting for the Texas General Elections begins on Tuesday November 4 from 7am to 7pm. There are many important issues and candidates on the ballott. One of the major issues is a new Arlington proposal to use $160 million to redo Arlington streets and sidewalks. Remember a valid identification is now required at polling places. Make your voice heard!

-Morgan Pfursich

Movin’ Mavs vs. Alabama

The Movin’ Mavs and Lady Movin’ Mavs wheelchair basketball teams started their season this past Friday on Halloween by taking on the University of Alabama. Both the Movin’ Mavs and the Lady Movin’ Mavs played in two contests at College Park Center. The Lady Movin’ Mavs played in their first games since the team was founded earlier in 2014, and through some visible nerves the team struggled to gain momentum against the Crimson Tide as they dropped both contests by double digits in regulation. On the brighter side of the weekend, the men’s Movin’ Mavs came out where they left off at the end of last year and dominated play through both games against Alabama, winning their first tilt by a score of 70-47, and also their second by a margin of 44 points. With high expectations this year of bringing a national championship to UTA, the Movin’ Mavs look to get back on track before they host their next home tournament on November 8th and 9th.

By: Derek Kaufman

Art Exhibition

Starting October 13, and continue thru November 15, one of the many Art Exhibition is taking place. The exhibition offers a viewers the opportunity to be amazed by various pieces of art on display from different artist. Artist are selected based on a variety of elements within their work. After careful consideration the Exhibition is featuring works from talented artists Philip Van Keuren and Liz Ward. Don’t miss this great story as I show you my journey to The Art Exhibition at The Gallery at UTA. And don’t forget to visit the Exhibition on your free time!


Brandon Gordon

UTA News October 27 2014

On this episode of UTA News we’ll show you a project that could keep students connected to campus and we have an update on the petition to bring back UTA football. In entertainment we’ll tell you what the event UTA CAPS was all about and in sports we have an exclusive interview with a Lady Mavs volleyball player.

Holidays in November

November is that time of the year where votes are cast for elections, homecoming begins, and preparing for finals starts. However, the month of November isn’t just for elections or thanksgiving. It may be time to set down those books and have some fun before December arrives with finals and long sleepless nights. However, you might want to start preparing your answer to the dreaded questions on Thanksgiving: when do you graduate? What is your major? And what are you going to do with your life?

By Brianna Nathaniel