UTA News

In the second edition of UTA News Spring 2016 the library gives an alternative to students while studying to prevent long hours, Dr. Ron Paul spoke on campus addressing many students’ political concerns about this upcoming political election. In sports, baseball season is just around the corner and the baseball and softball teams hosted an event to raise funds to support the universities teams. In entertainment, Valentines Day is approaching and many students have fun yet interesting plans with their dates.

In our first edition of UTA News Spring 2016 we have all the details about the new tax preparation services offered here at UTA, we also introduce to you a yoga class students go to relax and de-stress and we take a look at the additional fees some students may pay while parking on campus.

In our final newscast of the 2015 fall semester we discuss how recent terrorism attacks have caused worldwide controversies. We let you know how students are getting ready to take their final exams and how they deal with stress and in our COLA@50 segment we take you to the life of a music education major and how she deals with every day struggles.

In this edition of UTA News we show you how a group of UTA volunteers organized an event to experience what is like to be homeless and we let you know how the UTA baseball is giving back to the community and bringing joy to Cook Children’s Hospital.

In this tenth edition of UTA News, we take you inside the 2015 Homecoming men’s basketball game, take a look at the latest research in medical rehabilitation taking place on campus and give you some insight on this year’s iteration of UTA’s annual Veteran’s Day celebrations.


In this edition of UTA News, we let you know what you need to do before going into the holiday break, also the UTA greek community celebrated their annual step show and in sports the basketball teams were introduced to the media before the start of their new season.


In our eight edition of UTA News we show you how the mavericks celebrated Halloween in campus, we introduce you a computer science student that works in more than technology and in sports the lady mavs are getting ready for the start of the new season.


In our seventh edition of UTA News, we visit a mental health facility in Arlington connecting the language barrier between health care providers and patients, we bring you an inside look from Innovation Day and also introduce you to a student who shares the intersection of her religious backgrounds with the ballet.


In our sixth edition of UTA News we bring you the details of how the college of business celebrates 50 years and honors their alumni, also we let you know who was part of  the biology department colloquium lecture series and what aerospace researchers are working on to improve safety and performance of hypersonic vehicles.


In our fifth edition of UTA News we bring you the details about a breast cancer awareness event happening here at UTA, also maverick stadium hosted a battle of marching bands and we get to know a student who is also a mixed martial artist.


In our fourth edition of UTA News we have some precautions you can take in preparation for flu season, students will be able to enjoy some music around campus during Rocktober Fest and in UTA sports we bring you the latest of our lady mavs and the volleyball team.


In our third edition of UTA News we introduce you to a professor whose research seeks to better understand the software issues in cyber physical systems, we get to know a bit more about the new dean of the college of liberal arts, we give you details of the concert the UTA jazz band had at the Levitt Pavilion and in sports we let you know the latest information about the new golf scholarship.




In our first newscast of the fall we have the details of what new technology the FABLAB is using to improve the field of prosthetics, also how a national organization wants to bring awareness about voting before the presidential elections, and the focus on robotics continues at the UTA.