Whew… That’s a Relief! The Madcap World of John Hernandez

The Gallery at UTA presented the first exhibition of 2016, “Whew…. That’s a Relief!” The Madcap World of John Hernandez. This colorful exhibition showcased many 3D like cartoon like pieces in an array of vibrant colors. I spoke with the artist, John Hernandez, a San Antonio native who shared what inspires his imagination. I also spoke with a student who is on her first year at UTA pursuing a degree in art. She talks about her favorite piece in the exhibition.


-Cristina Garcia

Fueling Futures


For a year now, a section of Professor Wigley’s campaign class has  represented The American Fuel and Petrochemicals Manufacture’s Industry. The intention is to promote job opportunities and educate people over the impact they have on our daily lives. They continue to build on this campaign every year, but this year they are bring a new edgy piece in hopes to get a younger crowd’s attention. A local artist, Young Hope, contributed to a rap video that was written by one of the students.

AFPM offers so many different job opportunities to try within the industry. It’s very varied from hard sciences, administrative positions,to skilled crafts men.These industries have a lot of older people who are getting ready to retire and they are looking for young people to apply for those positions. Although the campaign may be over soon, check out the link below to learn more about AFPM jobs.



-Sonia Garcia



Pride and Prejudice and Zombie


PR students at UTA coordinated an event to help promote “Pride and Prejudice and Zombie,” That hit the big screen this weekend.With archery, pinatas, books, bags,posters and movie tickets, the campaign was headed off to a fun start to the semester. Adverting major, Breanan Wilson, hopes that these fun activities will encourage students to get involved.


-Sonia Garcia

Fighting the misconception of the Muslim Community



With so many stories in the media over terrorism, the Muslim community is still fighting their own battle to steer clear of the  misconception that has been placed on them. Often victimized as they are associated with the awful acts of terrorism from extremist.United in Peace was a project put together by UTA students to challenge extremism and educate people about the meaning behind P.E.A.C.E.

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to talk to Randa Bedair, who posed as the face of the cause for the project. Check out the one on one interview I had with Randa over her experiences, thoughts, and her strive to educate those who may still be in doubt over the Muslim Community.


-Sonia Garcia


Reading is something a lot of people do to pass time, other do it because they have to… For those that suffer from dyslexia, reading becomes more difficult.

In this story you will hear what living with dyslexia every day is like from someone who has been diagnosed with it, as well as from someone who does not have it, but tried a simulator website to experience it first-hand; said website mixes up the letters inside the words to give the reader a dyslexia-like experience.

If you want to know more information on the topic you can contact the adaptive resource center inside the office for students with disabilities.

– Maria Cruz

UTA Basketball vs. Appalachian State

The UTA men and women’s basketball teams hosted Appalachian State. The women were the first to take the court, they battled it out and were able to pick up the win sixty five to fifty eight. The men’s team also won the game with a score of ninety one to sixty.

-Marcos Ortiz

UTA Construction

The University of Texas at Arlington has several construction projects underway. These projects include the remodeling of the starbucks in the University Center, the fab lab in the first floor of the Central library, the fifth floor of the University Hall and the one big construction project that had been put on pause but finally is being worked on, which is the Career Center in the University Center.

-Marcos Ortiz

First Pitch Fundraiser

The UTA Baseball and Softball teams get ready to start swinging and begin an exciting season, but before they do, they had their annual First Pitch Fundraiser. The fundraising event invites UTA students, student athlete family, friends, Alumni and Maverick Club donors to join in a celebration. The event began with an Alumni game that was played at Clay Gould ballpark, followed by the opening ceremony, were student athletes got a chance to introduce themselves as well as the coaching staff. There was also a silent auction on several different autographed items, all funds raised are to support both the baseball and softball teams.

-Marcos Ortiz

UTA vs ULM Men’s Basketball

The UTA Men’s Basketball team had a great season beating several of their competition at home and on the road. With the hopes  for a spot in the Sunbelt Confrence Championship but before they could put  their mind on that goal they had to face three of their toughest competitors one being the warhawks of the University of Texas at Arlington.

-Marcos Ortiz