Research At UTA Continues to Increase

UTA recently reached Tier One statues as a research university and with the implementation of the new Allan Saxe Research Fellowship, those research opportunities continue to increase. The Allan Saxe Research Fellowship is a new program to the department of political science that is offering undergraduate students a new avenue for understanding and conducting political science research. Broken down into two part, students are able to not only receive a classroom education but real world application of the skills they obtain. The fellowship launches its pilot year in the Spring of 2017.

Monica Wicke

UTA Students and Clowns

This ‘creepy clown’ craze has been occurring for many years and now this year it hits an all time high. I go out and hit the streets of UTA to see what the students think about this new craze.

Kevin Valencia

UTA Football

UTA has not had a football team in over 31 years. Will there be a chance of a resurrection for a new season of Maverick football? Only time will tell.


Opinions on New Rangers Ballpark

With a special election coming up November 8th, Arlington residents will be able to vote for or against the construction of the new Texas Rangers ballpark. But how do students on campus feel about the possible construction?

If the vote passes, here’s what can be expected from the new ballpark:

  • It will be located to the southwest of Globe Life Park
  • It will be open by April 2021
  • It will feature a retractable roof along with air conditioning

Bryant Nguyen

Engineering Student’s Motivations

The University of Texas at Arlington has seven buildings dedicated to the engineering department and more than 7,000 students registered as engineering students. There has to be a reason as to why the engineering department is full of success on campus. I go out and venture around the engineering side of campus and find students to tell me why they chose the engineering department and as to why they are sticking with that degree.

Kevin Valencia

Basketball Boot-camp

The UTA Men’s Basketball team is a month away from their first game of the season. They opened practice this past week and each session consisted of boot-camp style exercises. Camille Connor caught up with the team and Coach Scott to see how they were preparing for their November 12th debut at the College Park Center.

UTA Alumni in Ethiopia


After graduating in 2015, UTA Alumni and English major Devin Nguyen officially joined the Peace Corps as a volunteer. His destination? Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After a year of service in his two-year plan, Devin returned home for a month of vacation. I sat down with Devin to discuss how his service was along with the obstacles he faced along the way.


-Bryant Nguyen