With Valentine’s Day just passing most couples at UTA were celebrating with one another. But for some students here at the university they were unfortunately spending the day alone. The single students around campus share some insight to what their day was like and also how they made the best out of Valentine’s Day.

-Angel Rodriguez

Fine Arts Gallery

The Fine Arts Gallery gears up to switch exhibits, up for viewing for a month on 2/27, the last exhibit in the gallery was by Adriana Corrall and Leigh Merrill. The exhibit displayed work that was meant present troubling issues affecting society: human rights violations, injustice, victimized individuals and lack of reform are themes she often addresses in her work. Together, Corral and Merrill create a thought—provoking exhibition that utilizes artistic language to respond to complex conceptual issues. Next months exhibit will from graduate students with Masters in Fine Arts. Stay Tuned!

-Felix Diaz

Take The Stairs

UT-Arlington Men’s Basketball team took over the Sunbelt conference top spot this past weekend, and they’ve taken a few steps to get there, literally. “Take the Stairs” has become more than just a part of the teams work out, its become a lifestyle. Head Coach Scott Cross has developed a philosophy that reminds the team daily that nothing worth working for comes easy.


Emily Arcement

Universal Yoga-Meditation Club

The University of Arlington offers free yoga and meditation classes open to all students,. Classes are every Wednesday night upstairs at the University Center, where students can learn to become more insightful of clearing their minds and becoming open minded mentally, physically, and spiritually as well as learning to cope with stress, allowing them to live a more positive lifestyle.

-Katie Valdes

Friday Night Film

UTA Excel campus activities  also prepare many beneficial and different events for student. There is Friday night  film event next Friday at rosebud theater in the university center.

The film series brings a variety of popular movies to campus during the fall and spring semester for the last several years. Next week’s film event will be the movie dr. strange.

This program will provided student free popcorn and its not only for student. This is for everybody so you can invites your friend

-Kun Kim

Jazz Festival 2017

The university held its 43rd annual Jazz Festival over the February 17 weekend. The festival showcased jazz bands from the middle and high schools from the surrounding area. One of the big features this year was the inclusion of jazz artist, Bobby Shew. After years of playing professionally, Bobby decided to shift his focus to teaching over the past years. He was invited to the university to share his knowledge with those in attendance. After Bobby’s lecture, the UTA Jazz Ensemble took to the stage to play a few songs with the artist.

-Kyle Puente

Biology Colloquium

The biology colloquium was held in the Life Sciences Building on Thursday. The guest Speaker was Dr. Martin Turcotte, who is an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Turcotte discussed how ecology and evolution work hand in hand. Turcotte’s research deals with the evolution of a green peach aphid and how it develops over time. He also has research different animal species and different kinds of plants. There is another Biology Colloquium held this Thursday at the Life Sciences building room 122.

– Mark Makinde


Kevin O’Leary Visits UTA

Kevin O’Leary, a successful businessman who appears on the ABC show “Shark Tank,” came to UTA this past Thursday to speak to students at the College Park Center. Garrett Martin, a managment marketing major, and William Jenkins, an accounting major, give their thoughts about their experience after the lecture. Also Jonathan Crowder, a Founding Partner at 1790 Ventures and Product Manager at Choose Energy, explains how the speech pertains to his professional life in the business world. Students look to use the knowledge from O’Leary and utilize the opportunites that may come their way.

Justin Oliver – UTA News