Campus Carry at UTA Part 1

The new school year brings a lot of new things: new courses to ace, new opportunities to experience, and new chances to leave an impact. But the impact of concealed handguns has been felt by everyone in and around campus. While some embracing the idea, others a deterred from the idea that their classmates could potentially be carry a handgun. In this story, we’ll hear both sides of the discussion.

As reported by the Shorthorn, the next town hall meeting will take place on September 29, 2016. Click here for more information on this meeting.

-Austin Trung Nguyen

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Segunda Edición de UTA News en Español Otoño 2016

Y comienza la alianza de UTA News en Español con las dos principales cadenas hispanas en Texas, Maritza Esquivel nos presenta su reportaje acerca de los riesgos que corren los estudiantes cuando adquieren tarjetas de credito; una historia creada y transmitida por Telemundo 39. Les tenemos los pormenores de último juego de voleibol de las mavs y estén pendientes este sábado 24 de Septiembre arranca la primera edición de Proyecto U por Univisión 23.


Fall 2016 Second Newscast

In our 2nd edition of UTA News, we dive head on into the issue of campus carry at UT Arlington, in sports how the UTA Volleyball team faired this past weekend, and we sit one on one with an award winning Geology professor here at UTA.

Produced by: Jeffery Burtis

Political Party Quiz

The first face off between Presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is just days away. But before you tune into all the drama that is sure to unfold at the first Presidential debate, scheduled for September 26th, have you ever wondered where your beliefs on certain issues aligns you politically? UTA’s Department of Political Science might be able to help you with that. They have recently posted an interactive quiz on their Facebook page that asks you your views on issues ranging from immigration to abortion and then shows you where you fall on the political spectrum. How accurate is it? These UTA students took the quiz and while some felt it was pretty accurate, others were surprised at their results.

Monica Wicke

Primera Edición de UTA News en Español Otoño 2016

En esta edición verémos lo que hacen los estudiantes de UTA para evitar asaltos sexuales en campus. Nuestra #ReporteraJoven nos trae la historia de lo que esta haciendo un maverick para graduarse libre de deudas, una historia hecha en exclusiva para Telemundo Dallas ahora aquí. Y que les parece la idea de tener centros diseñados para que los alumnos puedan dormir o descansar entre clases? Alejandro Jimenez nos dice más.

Student Struggles

Maintaining good grades and working a full time job for a college student is not easy, but not impossible. But have we ever thought about what it’s like owning your own business and going to school full time? I interviewed Andrea Cadena who is co-owner of her parents business. People always assume it’s a lot easier when she tells them she works with her parents but she explains how its a lot harder.

-Janet Ramirez

Where is Einstein Bagels?

Einstein Bagels has moved out the Fine Arts Building this Fall, and into the Library. Many of the students at UTA are wonder why? The University is wanting more business in the Library and FAB Lab. Students gave their opinions on why the bagel joint has moved and how they felt about it.


Belencia Mayfield

Campus expansion displaces students

By the end of the spring semester and into the summer, a lot of construction began to take place around campus. This is all part of the UTA Master plan to expand the university. As  older housing facilities get demolished and new ones are built, there are students who find themselves in a difficult situation of finding affordable housing on campus.


-Mayra Cordova