Chillin with Chili for Homecoming

Homecoming week was ‘chuck‘ full of spirited and inciting events to hype up students for the big game. The Chili Cook-off in particular is a student favorite and draws in a larger crowd every year. Multiple organizations came out to the event to flex their cooking muscles but only one took home the title of ‘Supreme Spice Master’. The competition was a major success and cooks are already testing new recipes for next year. Whether you like your chili with or without beans, UTA’s Chili cook-off is here to stay for years to come.

  • Tyler Bergstrom



UTA hosted their 30th annual ooze-ball tournament! Also known as, “The Ooze-ball Dirty 30.” Whether you were here to take the new ooze- ball champion title or make mud angels, this event is guaranteed to make your day! Check it out! Who knew mud could be so fun?

By: Lauren Ailles

E. H. Hereford Investigative Report

Resolution 18-18 calls for the renaming of the E.H. Hereford University Center and removal of the namesakes’ statue. Last Wednesday organization president Mark Napieralski and the Progressive Student Union staged a protest around Hereford’s statue and invited students to sign their petition. Napieralski has brought forth allegations that former President Hereford fostered the creation of racially intolerant themes at the university. These allegations include allowing the KKK to be on campus and changing the school’s mascot to become the Rebels. UTA News’ own investigative reporter Mason Brighton looked into these allegations and here is what he found.


  • Mason Brighton

18th Annual Autocross Weekend

Students from across the nation competed for the fastest track time at the 18th annual Texas Autocross Weekend. In autocross, cars raced for not only the fastest time, but for bragging rights at the next competition. Teams are comprised of students who design, build, and race their own cars. UTA’s own racing team competed against other collegiate teams from UT Austin, UNT, LSU, and others. At the end of the event, UTA’s JD Price has the fastest time on the track at 29.846 seconds. You can check out UTA’s racing team on October 14th for the 3rd Annual Fall Autocross event, right here at UT Arlington.

  • Mason Brighton



UTA graduate student, Alan Amaya died on campus Friday night. The cause or manner of his death is still unknown. But it is believed that rushing waters swept him away and he drowned, due to all the rainfall and flooding. Arlington experienced five to seven inches of rain that tragic night. Stay tuned, more details on Alan ​Amaya coming soon.

By: Lauren Ailles

UTA Study Abroad Fair Fall 2018

At this year’s study abroad fair, students go to learn about the different kinds of programs that UTA offers. The event had booths showcasing some of the programs UTA offers, such as studying French in Paris or Germanic culture in Berlin. Another benefit of the fair is that it allows students to talk one on one with those who have previously studied abroad and get to hear about their experiences studying abroad.  Through the office of international education participants also got to learn about scholarship opportunities which would help pay for these programs.

  • Mason Brighton

UTA Health Center Open House

On September 5th, the universities health center hosted an open house to show students what kind of services they provide. These services include a full pharmacy, x-rays, women’s services, as well as others. Along with this, the health center also showcased the dangers of drunk driving. Students where shown different booths about how their body is effected by alcohol. At one booth students had to dress a Barbie doll while wearing gloves and special goggles to simulate impairment, this showed students that if you can barely dress yourself, why would you try and drive a car.

  • Mason Brighton