Cloud Computing

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It’s the next generation of technology that could make shopping for software like this virtually a thing of the past. Its called cloud computing.
“When you use any app that runs in the cloud you just log in, customize it and start using it, that’s the power of cloud computing.”
Instead of purchasing a program and installing it to a device before using it, with cloud computing all you need is a web connection. Dr. Chunke Su teaches his students that this is technology’s next frontier.
“That’s why its called cloud computing, because you don’t have to install the programs or software on the hard drive.  Instead you can just rely on internet to conduct your work.”  
Right now, the cloud computing community is dominated by Google with their free office tool Google Documents and their highly anticipated operating system Google Chrome.
“So once you start the machine you are already in the cloud instantly.  So that’s the whole idea of cloud computing.  So actually, they’re pushing this idea one more step, that is to build an operating system that is based on this cloud computing. 
Now, this technology does have its down sides.
“Heavy reliance on internet conenctions and band with.  So that would be one downside.  The second aspect would be security issues and privacy issues.”
But Dr. Su believes the benefits greatly outweigh the cost.
“We’re expecting this cloud computing technology to become more and more popular and dominant and prominent.”
“This model is so much better it’s changing the way we think about software.”

-Charlene Egbe


  1. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

    1. utanews

      Of course. Feel free to.

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