Entertainment News 3.26.12

GALLAGHER DONE: Less than two weeks after suffering a heart attack at a Dallas-area bar, comedian Gallagher says he’s ending his 32-year comedy club career. Best known for smashing watermelons, he now wants to improve his health and have  time to work on bigger projects. The 65-year old was released Thursday from a Texas hospital after waking from a 4-day medically induced coma.  His manager says he’s surrounded by family and is already back to his old antics.

HOUSTON’S C.O.D.:The toxicology report determining Whitney Houston’s death was released on Thursday. According to the L.A. County Coroner, Houston died accidentally from drowning and the effects of heart disease and cocaine use. Cocaine, marijuana, Xanax, metabolites and other substances were found in her system. The Houston family released a statement saying their are saddened but glad to have closure.

HUNGER GAMES MANIA: “The Hunger Games” rules the box office bringing in a record 68.3 million dollars on its opening day making it the fifth biggest opening ever. With many shows sold-out early last week, Fandango reports it beat out the presale ticket sales for the first “Twilight” film.  Jennifer Lawrence stars in the post-modern sci-fi adventure about teens forced to perform in a televised death match. The LionsGate film is based on Suzanne Collins’ book & is rated PG-13.

By:  Christine Nichoslon


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