Game & Tech News 3/26/12

This week we cover the again delayed Bioshock Movie after it’s second director, Juan Fresnadillo has officially left the project. This doesn’t effect the release though of the the uber awesome looking Bioshock Infinite coming out in October. In really strange news a new patent has been filed for a quote “System and Method For Creating Exalted Video Games and Virtual Realities Wherein Ideas have Consequences”. Here is a link to the patent and specific details Finally, we reviewed Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and discussed it’s flaws. In this new Resident Evil you play as a member of the elite mercenary group called “the Wolfpack” whose job is to handle the cover up after the massive outbreak of the T-virus. Honestly, the game was mediocre though and with out the online additions this game would have suffered. Earning a 5 out of 10.

By: Matthew Linguist and Rhett Swarb

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