Remember the Heroes: Troy M. Overman

Troy M. Overman was raised on a ranch in West Texas.  After being drafted into WWII at age 18, he served in Scotland & England. He remembers the thousands of American soldiers that died at Normandy beach on D-Day. Overman had orders to go to the Pacific just before the Pearl Harbor attack. He was then ordered to stay in Europe & serve under General Patton at the Battle of the Bulge. It was at this  battle that Overman received his medal. Today, the 87-year old lives in Arlington but can’t shake dreaming about war. He’s still patriotic & believes America is made of good people. Overman has only been outside the U.S. once since WWII & says he’ll  never get on a ship again. He married his childhood sweetheart, Helen, soon after the war & they raised one son& two daughters. Now a widower, he enjoys time with friends & family including several grandchildren. It was our honor to share the story of this heroic veteran.

Writer/Editor: Christine Nicholson
Reporter:  Jordan Victorin
Videographer:  Alyssa Davis

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