Marie Pastucek

Arlington, Tx- Marie Pastucek was born in the 1920’s in the beautiful state of Texas. At the tender age of 4 years old she would encounter and epidemic that would cause here to almost lose her life, Polio. Poliomyelitis, or infantile paralysis, is a virus disease affecting the central nervous system. Throughout most of human history the polio virus was ubiquitous and infected almost all children as soon as they were weaned from breast milk to a mixed diet, but infection caused symptoms in only a small minority. Marie was apart of that small minority. Due to her strong will to survive Marie beat the disease and was able to live a normal life. She would bear seven kids and of the seven the most decorated would be her eldest son Robert Pastucek. Robert would join the Air Force, first becoming a Basic Airman, then becoming a Colonel for the historical Vietnam War. Marie said her son was a true leader his whole life. She is proud that her son was able to serve his country proud. Now a retired veteran Robert lives in Arlington, VA. While Marie lives in Arlington, TX. There bond still remains close even miles apart. Robert has put his military background to use building his own Cessna plane with an extra gas tank. Why the extra tank? Richard wanted the ability to fly from Virginia to Texas to visit his mother, a strong-willed Texan that has endured her own triumphs.

By: Cornelius Thompson Jr.

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