Movin Mavs!

Jorge Sanchez is a senior at UTA and a team member of the Movin Mavs, the team is designed to be exactly like basketball except they are in wheel chairs. Sanchez has been apart of this team for four years, and has been a captain for two. His passion started with baseball, but as he soon developed cancer his dreams were put on hold. He didn’t think there was a way to over come this devastation, but as he learned about his alternative options he was back in the the grove. Basketball slowly became something he could see himself doing, and as he explored his options he was hooked. With getting use to thing, especially adding a wheel chair in the mix, Jorge was able to get the hang of wheel chair basketball. After graduation, Jorge wants to see himself playing for the wheel chair basketball league and keep on inspiring people to never give up on anything.

By:Breanna Fields