The biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser contestant Tracey Yukich graced the MAC at the University of Texas at Arlington on Wednesday April 10th. She came on behalf of the Live Well Mav Well program, which is a program designed to help the students of UTA live a healthier life style. The program is run by Jeremy Roden, Assistant Director of University Wellness. He brought Tracey to UTA to help the program reach newer heights and encourage students into joining the program. With Tracey being a motivational speaker and author of A Walk with God, she aims to inspire and motivate the students. She hopes her speech will help lead students to live the lifestyle they want to live, and live it in a healthier way. Her transformation of going from 250 lbs to 132 lbs on season 8 of The Biggest Loser is only the beginning of what she is trying to accomplish. She hopes her experience will challenge others and motivate them to pursue health and wellness.

By: Breanna Fields