Venezuelans March in Downtown Dallas

Versión en Español

Bilingual Version

Residents from the Dallas Metropolitan Area organized a rally on Saturday, February 18th, in solidarity with the students protesting in Venezuela against the government of president Nicolas Maduro. Venezuelans, families and friends gathered at Ferris Plaza in Downtown Dallas to show support to their country and loved ones fighting for freedom in Venezuela. Children also participated with posters, flags, and balloons to call for international help and peace for their parents’ country. Dallas was not the only city showing support for the cause as the international Venezuelan Community used social media to coordinate a day of protests in different cities of United States and all over the World.

– By Angelina Armendariz

1 Comment

  1. Adriana Quintero

    I want to congratulate Angelina Armendariz and her team for the great job they did on Feb 22, 2014 in Dallas at the SOSVenezuela protest!

    I also want to thank them for being their, for their support and for interviewing me and my son Carlos Gonzalez and many other venezuelans and giving us the opportunity to explain what it’s going on in our country Venezuela and the repression they are living under and for letting us express our fellings!
    Thank you guys for the hard work!!!

    Adriana Quintero

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