Bone Tissue Research

UT Arlington has many ongoing major research projects and one of them is to create new bone tissue generation. Lead investigators of this ongoing project are UT Arlington bioengineering chair and Professor Dr. Liping Tang, and Dr. Joseph Borrelli, chair of orthopedics for Texas Health Arlington. Also, working with these researchers and co-authors of the journal “Tissue Engineering Bone Using Autologous Progenitor Cells in the Peritoneum,” are senior lecturer Ashwin Nair, Jinhui Shen, Ramesh Saxena, and Cheng Cheng Zhang. They are working on to create a new technique to create new bone tissue generation by using scaffolds that will help patients who have fractured or broken bones. The goal is to use the body’s own healing capacity in the bone repair process with these scaffolds. This technique can eliminate grafting altogether.

By: Virginia Villatoro

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  1. Hello, brilliant recommendation and an interesting article, it’ll be fascinating if this is
    still the case in a few months time

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