US TX-6 Congressional Debate

Hugh Chauvin served in the United States air Force from 1966 until 19710 and was honorable discharged with the rank of E-5, staff sergeant. As the Libertarian US Congressional Nominee, Hugh believes in limited government, lower taxes, energy independence and stability. If elected, he pledges to donate half of his congressional salary to charities in the 6th districts.

David E. Cozad is a UTA Alumni, earning a graduate degree in software engineering. He would serve as project engineer for the software team that developed the first cell phone to send paging, voice mail and text messages. David is the Democrat’s US Congressional Nominee and would like to improve education, foreign policy and national security.

Both candidate address foreign and domestic questions at the US TX-6 Congressional debate held in the Long Star Auditorium at Maverick Activity Center.


By:Tony Curtis Hughes

1 Comment

  1. Marcus

    As an attendee of the debate, I was impressed by the candidates that showed up and spoke. I, like many, was disappointed Mr. Barton failed to show. The democratic process is still alive!

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