Mia Farrow- Maverick Speakers Series

The Mavericks gathered Thursday night at the Texas Hall along with family and friends to welcome actress and activist Mia Farrow. On this night, Mia shared anecdotes of her childhood, how she got into the film business, as well as stories about her love life and her fourteen children. The actress explained how specific instances in her life led her to change her views of the world and evolved her empathy for the less fortunate. The now activist and ambassador for UNICEF also shared with the audience her meetings with refugees in Sudan and how traveling the world to places where there is still polio and starvation, helped her seek for meaning in her life. The activist ended the night discussing current world issues- such as the flood of immigrants going into Europe as well as the conflict in Syria. The audience got to ask for her personal advice on certain life issues as well as ask any questions about her book in the Q&A session. Lastly, the Mavericks got to have a quick one on one session at the book signing and get a picture with the actress.