Kick For Nick

Kick for Nick is a foundation that started in 2006 and provides soccer balls to children in Iraq, in commemoration of U.S. fallen solider, Nick Madaras. Since then more than 40,000 balls have been donated and sent to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I had the chance to sit with Coach Salas, an Athletic Director, P.E. teacher, and Boys Soccer Coach from the metroplex, who has recently been impacted by Kick for Nick. Coach Salas tells us how he heard of the foundation. And shortly after, he shared this inspiring story with his soccer team. He says his team immediately wanted to contribute, and he tells us how they planned to help out. They will be sending their first contribution shipment to the Kick for Nick foundation before Christmas this year.

If you would like to help Coach Salas and his boys soccer team, email Coach Salas at:

If you would like to watch Nick’s Legacy video and learn more about the Kick for Nick Foundation visit:

-Nancy Salas



Video by: Marcos Ortiz & Nancy Salas

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