Logan Ruhde the man with a plan


It’s not uncommon for students to wait to figure out that they want to pursue a degree in a Graduate program  until right before graduation or even some time after. UTA student Logan Ruhde has it all planned out.

With still one year left before graduation, Logan has been working on his acceptance to a Graduate program for over a year now. After volunteering to be a subject for PhD candidate Brian Prejean, he fell in love with the work and made himself part of the team.He’s not part of a collage honors program or an official internship yet Logan has already made an impact on the department with all his dedication and hard work. Acquiring  the skills and knowledge of the lab and field landed him the position to continue the study all on his own as Brian went over seas for the summer.

You can find him scouting for subjects on social media to get subjects for the studies, working with the equipment to conduce the experiments , or collecting data in the lab.He believes the most important thing to do is to get yourself out there and network with the people in your field.


Sonia Garcia