The Effect of Emoji’s

Have you recently just thought… “how many times do I send a text message or email, and include an Emoji? When did emoji’s become a necessity for some of us?” Or just a simple question like… “what does “emoji” even mean?”

According to an article on

  • Emoji is code for picture characters/words in Japanese.
  • Mobile users in Japan were increasingly sending large picture messages, causing a lag in message delivery. Cellular companies noticed the struggle and addressed the problem with their engineering teams.
  • In 1999, emojis were born in a Japanese research facility.
  • DoKoMo i-mode, a mobile phone provider in Japan, was the first mobile company to allow its users to add pictures of commonly used emoticons   😉   :/   😦
  • It wasn’t until Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., went on a trip to Japan to promote the iPhone, and after negotiations, iPhones in the U.S. now included the Japanese emojis.

Find out how often UTA Maverick faculty/staff, and students use emojis, and their reaction if emojis disappeared. Let us know how you feel about emojis, and have a little fun… if you could create an emoji, what would it look like?

P.S. In case you’re wondering… an emoji update is expected to release this mid-year according to

-Nancy Salas

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