Styron Williams Feature

Everyday a student could potentially walk multiple miles just getting back and worth to class on campus, not to mention all the activities after school. And while most students probably feel like there constantly running from one place to another in the bustle of life, for some this reality is more of a lifestyle than just a passing joke. Recently I got the chance to sit down with one of the star athletes from the men’s track team Styron Williams and discuss his past, his ambitions, and what has kept him running so fast all these years.

-Landon Hearne

@LWHearne on Twitter

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  1. Trisha

    Great interview. Liked the one on one and Landon seemed like a sincere listener and had a very mature manner of questioning.

  2. Tony

    I must say that Styron Jr. is very intelligent and answered the questions well. Apparently his parents prepared him well for life. He has placed athletics in its proper place and looking forward to the future.

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