Vinyl records popular among millennials

Vinyl record sales among millennials have spiked in recent years.

About 40 million vinyl records are expected to be sold in 2017, with sales nearing $1 billion for the first time this millennium, according to Forbes.

A new record shop made its way to Downtown Arlington, only adding on to the sale increase.

With the rise in popularity of vinyl records among the millennial generation, Anderson said she sees all generations enter her shop.

“There are a lot of boomers I will say that, but it’s amazing. We have teenagers from high school, the UTA crowd, we have the twenties and thirties ,” she says. “It’s becoming a thing so the popularity is growing but we still have those people that walk in and have never seen a turntable in their life.”

Anderson credits the rise in popularity to millennials having a soft spot for anything that brings them nostalgia, from the fashion of past decades, to the music.

— Narda Perez