Tony Cucolo is keynote speaker at Comm Day 2017

The Communication Department hosted Comm Day 2017 and the keynote speaker was Tony Cucolo, UT System associate vice chancellor and military veteran.

Cucolo spoke about his time in the military and how it prepared him for his next adventure — taking on the academia tier.

He says shared faculty governance is important, as opposed to commanding, like he would do in the military.

After moving about a dozen times across the country, Cucolo credits his family for always sticking by his side and being supportive of his career decisions.

When he hung up his military uniform for the final time, he asked his wife where she wanted to live.

“I said ‘hey where do you wanna live?’ and she said Texas.”

During his speech, Cucolo emphasized the importance of communication and how it goes hand in hand with leadership skills, regardless of the career sector.

— Narda Perez