Powerlifting Could Be A Good “Fit” For You

Mavericks Powerlifting is one of the newest clubs here at UTA that began in the Fall of 2016. Whether you’re needing a workout partner, looking to receive personalized fitness tips, or just wanting to try a different style of exercising, the powerlifting club offers all of this and much more. Senior mechanical engineering major, and founder of the club, Andrew Hernandez created the club with hopes to get enough people to join, so that they can compete with other clubs in the area. This goal will be completed this march with 8 club members set to compete. Senior information systems major, and co-founder, Jessica Jimenez, says the club is for anyone who is looking to get stronger, and encourages everyone to consider joining. The powerlifting club trains every friday evening from 6-9 as they prepare for their next competition on March 18.

By: Brandon Diaz