Lady Mavs vs. Appalachian State



On February 1st, the Lady Mavs Basketball Team faced off against Appalachian State University in a thrilling match, which kept fans on their toes.  In the first half, the Lady Mavs put their game faces on and led by one point. In the second half, the Lady Mavs were able to score the game winning goal, with only seconds on the clock. In the second half, The Lady Mavs scored 26 points to 24 over Appalachian State, with Rebekah Van Dijk scoring the game winning goal with eight seconds of the clock remaining, leading the Lady Mavs to a 49-48 point victory. Overall, Shelby Richards and Crystal Allen each scored the most points for the team, with 12 and 10 points, respectively. Lauren Billie also had a high of 9 points for the season. This was the lowest winning score for the Lady Mavs this season. Coach Krista Gerlich said the match was tough for both sides, but said that the team conquered the challenges.

  • Madison Korta

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