Architecture Student Completes A Project Milestone Before He Graduates


One of the oldest forms of art has inspired student, Gerardo Govea, to make a difference in his community, through Architecture. Gerardo has a passion for design, and contributes his talents to the architecture program here at UTA. He does most of his work on campus, but has continued some of his own personal projects in the comfort of his own home. The process for designing any structure includes multiple steps before and idea can be realized. Of these steps, Gerardo’s favorite is creating 3d models. Over the years, Gerardo has invested in his own tools and equipment to work on his designs but says that nothing beats working with the tools here at the University. The biggest project that Gerardo and the Architecture Studio have worked on this semester, is a full house that has been designed by them, and constructed in 9 weeks. The final presentation for the house is this coming Friday, May 4, and will be the first of many housing projects for Gerardo.
By: Brandon Diaz