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Pros and Cons of Group Work

Although some more frequently than others, at some point we all have to work in groups. Some love it, others not so much. The experiences of working in groups may vary, however, a common benefit is the collaborative thinking and brainstorming.

On the other side of the spectrum, the more common downside is accountability and productivity. A problem that can be fixed so long as members are given responsibilities.

-Adrian Cardenas

Back From the Break!

Spring Break is officially over. We hope you had a good time. However, class has restarted. Many students find themselves picking back up on their regular daily routines. If you are having some trouble, and need advise on a smoother transition, here are some tips.

-Adrian Cardenas

Advertising Department

The advertising department is implementing new ways to educate students. In an attempt to step out of theory, the advertising department has teamed up with a real client, to give students the opportunity to practice what they are learning. In particular, students in the strategic communications course.

-Adrian Cardenas

Check Out the MAC!

It may seem as if once school starts, everything else end. Especially fitness. If fitness is something you are interested in, but not sure how to balance it, perhaps the MAC can help. The on campus Maverick Activity Center, also known as The MAC, offers several activities. With a wide range of open operating hours, and a convenient location, The MAC may be just what you were looking for.

– Adrian Cardenas.

Mav Plays Some of These Days

The theater department of the College of Liberal Arts at UTA is showcasing a series of plays known as Mav Plays. The plays are written, and directed by faculty and staff. Cast members of the upcoming play “Some of These Days” explain how the plays showcase the departments talents as well as offer the opportunity of growth and experience.

-Adrian Cardenas



Kappa Delta Chi Vday Sale

In preparation for Valentines day, the Kappa Delta Chi sorority, of the Multicultural Greek Council of UTA, provided a Valentines Themed Sale. The sweets included Cake Balls and chocolate dipped strawberries. The money raise from the sale went towards the American Cancer Society. The event tends to succeed due to its convenience.

-Adrian Cardenas


Monday Night’s Showcase marked the beginning of Rush Week for certain Organizations of the Multicultural Greek Council. The showcase included performances from the organizations, other wise known as “strolling.” Strolling serves as a representation of what the organization is about. All while entertaining the audience. Immediately fallowing showcase, Tuesday night’s Meet and Greet provided more of a one on one approach. Kappa Delta Chi, active sister, Laura Espinoza, shares her previous experience.

-Adrian Cardenas

Rush Week


The Fraternity and Sorority community of UTA is composed of thirty two organizations. How do they promote themselves, as well as inform the public? Rush Week. Rush Week is a series of events. Whether they be for entertainment, information, or simply to get to know the members. Delta Alpha Sigma Active Sister ,Stephanie Rosales Valencia, shares her personal experience on one of the events.

-Adrian Cardenas