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UTA News En Español Quinta edición Primavera 2017

En nuestra quinta edición de UTA News En Español Primavera 2017 le traemos como los servicios del programa “Planned Parenthood” estan apunto de cambiar, el equipo masculino de baloncesto cerro su temporada en casa, y veremos en como manifestaciones sobre la salud y leyes migratorias se llevaron acabo en la cuidad de Austin.


Professor Michael Larosa from Rhodes college in Memphis visited U-T-A on February ninth. Professor larosa gave a special presentation about the history of Colombia. The majority of the presentation was focused on the relationships between the government and revolutionary armed forces of Colombia F-A-R-C. The professor also mentions the guerrilla from Colombia and what the government has tried to do.

UTA News en Español Segunda Edición Primavera 2017

En nuestra segunda edición de UTA  News en Español primavera 2017 le traemos una edición especial, sobre una conferencia que se llevo acabo en UTA llamada Borders, Boundaries, and Barriers. La conferencia tuvo discusiones sobre activismo, investigaciones forenses, y foto-periodismo todo relacionada con inmigración.


-Alvina Alvarez


The international interior design (IIDA) had a meeting on February 1st to talk about more in depth about the organization and how it could benefit members. Free food and giveaways were also a part of this meeting. Students from all majors are able to be part of interior design and the meetings.

-Alvina Alvarez

Choir Christmas Concert

The UTA choir organized their yearly Christmas concert of the year. The UTA choir sang first and the acapella group sang after them. Some of the choir songs involved other students playing instruments while they sang. The acapella sang without any type of music and them just harmonizing amongst them.


-Alvina Alvarez