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The Remake of Stephen Kings 1990 movie, IT,  was released this year on September 8th, 2017. With Halloween around the corner this film is a must see. Seven young kids work together to fight off an evil demon who is killing kids in the town. This horror film is Rate R for violence/horror, bloody images and language. IT grossed at 123.4 in the U.S

-Angel Rodriguez



There are many resources around the campus at The University of Texas at Arlington. The Success Series is a workshop resource program aimed to all students on campus who are looking for a little more guidance. This resource program is wanting to help students be more successful inside and outside of the classroom. The Success Series is holding weekly workshops to help those in need and can be found by searching, and searching The Success Series.

-Angel Rodriguez


An organization on campus is now standing out from the rest. UTA’s Esports is an organization for those of you who like to play video games. Esports here at UTA is for all levels of gaming. On the competition side of things, the UTA Esports club just won the Heroes of the Dorm® National Championship. The team was awarded with free tuition for the remainder of their academic years. The Esports organization also offers casual gaming for those who just like to get together and play. With recent success with their first event of the semester at the Bluebonnet Ballroom at UTA, the club is looking forward to future events and tournaments.

-Angel Rodriguez


Managing your money as a college student can be hard. With your focus on your studies and having fun, managing your money can sometimes get over looked. Managing your money and your expenses is very important as a student. By creating budgets and knowing where you are spending money can help in the future. Money mistakes in college can not only have short term effects but also have long term effects when you get out of school.

-Angel Rodriguez

Finals Preparation

That time of the semester has made its way here. Students talk about what it takes to make it through finals and also give some study techniques that may help you in the future. So don’t sweat it mavericks, if you need help getting you studies in for finals,  you can visit Ransom Hall room 205 to receive information for tutoring.

-Angel Rodriguez

UTA Basketball Seniors Discuss Future Plans


The men’s basketball season here at UTA has finally come to an end and it has been an unforgettable one for the University. As we reflect on the past season of victories, filled seats at the College Park Center and our first historic win against the University of Texas, our four seniors talk about how the athletic department has helped them become the men they are today. Also we had a chance to speak with Coach Cross as he leaves his last words of wisdom for them. Faith, Drew, Jalen, and Jorge will be graduating in May 2017 and discuss their plans for the future.

-Emily Arcement
-Angel Rodriguez
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Food For Fines


Food for fines is a new program at UTA that allows students to donate nonperishable food items in exchange for credit towards their library fines. I had a chance to sit and talk with the coordinator of UTA’s Food Pantry and a staff member of the User Engagement Services to learn more about the program. Donation boxes were located in the three library’s here on campus at UTA. The overall mission in starting this new program is to help students pay off their fines and also keep UTA’s Food Pantry stocked to help other students in need.

-Angel Rodriguez