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HBO Boxing

College park Center which is usually known for hosting collegiate sporting events; hosted a live HBO boxing match on 4/18/15.  The heavily promoted bout attracted a crowd of cheering fans as they enjoyed the prime boxing atmosphere that college park center offers.  The early fights were exciting as upcoming boxers strive to make a name for themselves.  The main event did not disappoint either.  Thomas Dulorme, the NO.2 ranked welterweight fought a good fight, but in the end undefeated Terrance Crawford earned three knock downs in the 6th round, the referee was forced to stop the fight.

-Barde Eseyin

UTa Baseball Vs Georgia State

The Mavericks Baseball Team faced Georgia State on 3/28/15; it was an exciting game. With stolen bases, loaded bases and plenty of hits it kept the crowd engaged. There was even some great outfield defensive play. This game marked the final in a three game series they played against Georgia State; they had lost the previous two. Although they suffered a loss, this game showed the Mavericks the bright spots in their game and also highlighted areas that needed improvement. Head Coach Darin Thomas thinks he knows exactly what the problems are and feels they will be corrected by the time for conference competition.


Barde Eseyin