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UTA Library

UTA library always have functions going on in and outside of the the building. For starters the Library has the FAB lab that can help students out with just about any problem they could possibly have. As of this semester now Einstein Bagels are located in the building. They also have a mini mart.The library is the place to be there is an ATM outside and events always outside such as can food drives, blood drive, also just about every organization on campus pull out their table by the library because they know its so much traffic in the area.

-Belencia Mayfield

Walking can cure more problems than you think.

When working out most people only think running can help lose weight, but walking has the same impact. Between walking and running the outcome is not much a of a difference. So I went out to ask UTA students did they know walking around campus really was good for their health even if they don’t exercise on a daily bases. Going to class everyday is for your education and your health. One student didn’t care to hear of anything that had to do with exercising, even though she works at the gym, her favorite hobby was chilling.

-Belencia Mayfield


Something eye catching in the Art Gallery.

UTA’s Art gallery is always coming up with something new to be featured in the gallery. These features in my opinion mad great timing with everything that’s going on in the world toady. The gallery is featuring different African American pieces that represent something. The director of the Art gallery said himself that he felt the timing was great and that’s why he chose all the different pieces and their meanings. He also said he’d been wanting to feature the two artist for sometime now but he was waiting on the right timing, for the pieces.

-Belencia Mayfield

UTA student Halloween plans

I went around UTA campus try and figure out what the students Halloween plans were being that Halloween is on a Monday this year. With Halloween being at the beginning of the week it sure didn’t stop of the students plans. Some students said they would still have fun Monday night and others just said they would celebrate the weekend before. It’s funny because out of all the people I asked not one person gave the same answer, some people were even going out of town to celebrate. I’m just glad everyone came back from all their festivities in one piece.

-Belencia Mayfield

UTA Communication Day

The University of Texas at Arlington host a communication day every year mid October, many students take advantage of all the great opportunities of that day. It’s pretty much an all day event and students are allowed to come and go. Comm day features guest speakers, breakfast, and booths with different organizations and companies. Students enjoy this day because there are so many great opportunities all in one room. One student says received an internship the prior year and she believes it has helped her tremendously, with what she should expect when getting a real job in the future.

-Belencia Mayfield

Jay walking is it a big deal?

UTA is a very big campus, and students do a lot of walking to get from class to class, sometimes students even run. But is Jay walking a really big deal is the question? I talk to many students and said they didn’t care because they only want to get to class in a timely manner, whether they were jay walking or not. Some students say they Jay but they do it carefully, its all about safety. If caught Jay walking you can face up to a 200$, but most likely you will get a warning if its your first offense.

-Belencia Mayfield

The Perks of UTA Radio

Many students may not see it this way but going to college and attending a University is the American dream. One student by the name of Brian Fuller is apart of UTA communications program and takes advantage while loving all his opportunities. Fuller loves the fact that being apart of the communications program he gets that hands on experience with his radio show Freshman or even transfer students are actually allowed to have their own one hour radio show as long as they are in the right radio and broadcasting classes. Fuller enjoys every minute of it, especially being himself with his radio personality.

-Belencia Mayfield


UTA Student discounts

The University of Texas at Arlington students are all for student discounts, what’s the point of being a college student without the benefits? Going around asking many students weren’t aware of all the local places that gave out student discounts. All down Cooper street there are tons of places that give some sort of student discount. Places such as Chicken express gives students a $5 meal discount. Wing stop, Burger Box, and Taco Casa gives 10% discounts off your entire purchase. There are plenty more places and restaurants locally that gives great discounts, just google UTA student discounts and it will give you a list of local businesses!
-Belencia Mayfield

Stage Combat is it worth the early mornings?

UTA has a an early morning stage combat fighting class, even though the class is at 8am students say that it’s worth it. Joe Chappa the instructor informs us that the class is all FAKE fighting everything has to do with acting. UTA students love the class, and says that it’s a great way to get an easy A for an upper elective. Anyone can take the class for an upper elective no matter what your major is. Joe Chappa also says it’s a great way to learn fighting skills, and key is to never ever really harm your partner.

-Belencia Mayfield.