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UTA Has A News Director For The Center For African American Studies

Dr. Jason Shelton grew up in South Central L.A., and became aware of social class at an early age. He says this led to his current research on how race, class, and other social factors construct how black people experience the world. Dr. Shelton recently became the director for the Center of African American Studies. He shares what he wants to bring to the center this year.

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By: Camille Connor

UTA Student Ruba Akkad Writes About the Beauty of Syria

UTA student, Ruba Akkad, writes poetry about a place close to her heart – Syria. Her father was born there, and her mother has Palestinian and Syrian heritage. Syrians have suffered terror and many have fled from the country. Akkad hopes to bring a different view of Syria through her poetry. She writes about Syria’s beauty.

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By: Camille Connor

President Trump’s Budget Plans Include a Cut Towards Pell Grant Spending.

Thousands of UTA students receive financial aid through Pell Grants. President Trump’s new budget plan for the 2018 fiscal year includes cutting the Federal Pell Grant program by 3.9 billion dollars. For students like Morgan Rubin, that could affect their ability to go to college. UTA gets 47 million dollars in federal funds each year. Financial Aid Executive Director Karen Krause says aid money is allotted to thousands of UTA students every year. The budget cuts could force these students to find new financial resource for college.

By: Camille Connor

UTA’s Athletic Trainers

Before athletes hit the court these are the people that make sure they’re fit to play. The trainers for UTA’s Athletic Department do more than most people think. They aren’t the waterboys and they don’t help people work out in the gym. These trainer’s are here to prevent injuries, rehabilitate, and sometimes even save lives.