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Flight 12 Improv Troupe

The student run improv troupe held it’s first performance of the semester. The troupe consists of returning theater majors and some first timers. The troupe performed an energetic show in front of a sold out crowd. Before the students hit the stage, I followed them that day to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Link Kabadyundi: 7-1 Basketball Player and Photographer

From the stands, when you see Link, you see a 7 foot giant who has quite the defensive presence in the front court.

But when I sat down with the Senior from Montreal, Canada, I learned about things the average UTA fan may not know. Like the fact that his first language is French, how his teammates that room with him rave about his cooking abilities, and one particular interest off the court that may not be as obvious as his tall size.

Kabayundi has a passion for photography and graphic design. And although he’s humble about his talents, he has quite the potential. He takes pictures of his teammates and edits the photos into promotional posters. He also has an Instagram page dedicated to his photography.

To see more of Kabayundi’s Photography follow him at @KingTonyPics on Instagram.



This week marks UTA’s annual Homecoming and the beginning of the basketball season. Sporting events have been apart of homecoming since the annual school tradition began. Camille Connor takes a look at how sports and homecoming comes together at UTA.

UTA Softball Scores Academic Award

Athletes have to balance practice, games, and school. The UTA softball team seems to be doing a good job of handling them all. The team recently won an Easton/NFCA academic award and the have the best GPA in the Sun Belt Conference. Camille Connor met with the team to talk about what it takes to be a student athlete.

Basketball Boot-camp

The UTA Men’s Basketball team is a month away from their first game of the season. They opened practice this past week and each session consisted of boot-camp style exercises. Camille Connor caught up with the team and Coach Scott to see how they were preparing for their November 12th debut at the College Park Center.