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Salvation army comes to UTA

The Kappa Sigma Fraternity has partnered with the Salvation Army to bring more awareness to the cause. Until the end of the semester, members of the fraternity will stand outside of the University Center to collect donations. The idea behind the partnership centers on accommodating students, so donating can be easier for them. Students are encouraged to give any amount, no matter how small, to help impact the community. Last year, the chapter raised almost $1,000. Money will be collected and donated to the non-profit once the semester ends.

Write Club

Write Club is a group on campus made for students who enjoy writing, but don’t have the time to spend on the hobby. The group recently became more active with its new president, Sara Hall. Having writing prompts and sharing short stories are two common things that could be seen during the meetings. The main purpose of the group is to provide a safe setting for students who want to write and improve their craft. It is open to students from all majors.

Watch for more details regarding the group:

University Democrats

University Democrats is a student group on campus that Jaycee Weber re-introduced to UTA. She began searching for the group during the 2016 presidential election, when she needed an outlet to express her political views. Weber says because the group used to exist on campus, it was easier for it to start up again. So far, Weber and her fellow officer members have hosted politician to campus. The goal for the coming semesters is to promote voter registration and hear from other groups through a forum set up.

FLOC Homecoming Event

FLOC, or Freshman Leaders On Campus had an event called Paint My Ride to promote school spirit. During homecoming week students of FLOC paint students cars on campus with slogans like “Mav Up,” and “Go Mavs.” The event, which was at Arlington Hall required students drive through the cul-de-sac . About fifty students are currently in FLOC, which is meant to promote student involvement at UTA. Those in FLOC are naturally exposed to other student groups and organizations on campus, with the intent of them joining some in their future years at UTA.

School of Social Work Gives Back

With the after effects of Hurricane Harvey the School of Social Work decided it was time to give back. Students form the Social Work Council thought that pets were neglected so that’s the group they decided to help. Food and toys were collected for the pets. The group decided to wait until the end of the semester to bring the goods to the area in an effort to have more items.

Spots were set in various areas of the complex to promote students to bring donations. Accessibility was a major factor in the process. Listen for more information on how to donate:

Student Elections

Student elections are held in the fall semester to determine a few positions. Among these are homecoming king and queen, student senators and UTA ambassadors. The purpose of students elections is to promote student involvement in those representing the university. Students vote in the University Center Art Gallery. The purpose of this is to protect laptops that are stored there overnight, since it’s a two day process. Students are encouraged to vote so they can have a say in what goes on within the university because student senators especially hold a lot of power.

Hear more here:

The Bash

EXCEL Campus Activities hosted The Maverick Formal which was its last event for September. The group focuses on providing fun events for students to attend promoting school spirit. EXCEL is in charge of hosting other events, such as homecoming, which includes The Bash. At this event, which was themed after France, food and a photobooth was present.

The dance is something EXCEL has tried to benefit over the past semesters, with the biggest goal to have a larger crowd. Here is more on the story:

Flight 12 Improv

UTA has an improv group, and their name is Flight 12. The purpose of the group is to provide comedy to students, while perfecting their craft. The group has four shows every academic year. The first fall shows are back to back. In the spring it’s the same set up, Austin Hutchinson says. Students who are interested can try out for the troop with an audition. Currently, there are about 20 members in the group. Improv comedy is the main focus for students a part of it.

Watch the video below to hear more about the group.

UTA Rangers Night

UTA students gather at Globe Life Park to celebrate the Rangers and demonstrate their school spirit during UTA Night at the park. The Rangers played the Seattle Mariners. While the final score was 8-1, students still had a great time and enjoyed the night. The first 1,750 UTA students were given special hats that were both Rangers, and UTA themed. Students sang songs, including Deep in the Heart of Texas and the UTA Fight Song. Other attendants said the students’ energy was contagious, and that they showed great pride in their school while managing to cheer the Rangers on, too.