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UTA Radios Rocktober Recap

Another great year for UTA Radios Rocktober event. Local artists such as; Sammie Zonana, The Lost Immigrants, and Altered States performed outside the UC mall. Zonana gave the audience a little treat by performing her new single called “Happly Alone.” James Dunning from the The Lost Immigrants brok down the bands new ep “Americana Preimer Volume 1.” He talked about the three styles of americana the band incorperated into the ep. Altered States also talked about their ep, which they are currently working on. They mentioned they working on a new single called “A Sta Of Wonder.” You can check out these artists on UTA

Written by: Charlie Vann

UTA Radios Rocktober:Week Three

Last Week Dallas rock band Altered States performed in week three of UTA Radios Rocktober event outsie woolfhall on campus. The band played their single “In Between Dreams,” and also mixed it up with covers from Pink Floyd and Radiohead. The band talked about their ep they are working on, and their new song “A State Of Wonder.” The band was excited that they got the opportunity to play in Rocktober. The band consists of Luke Hoffman, Justin Curtis, Josh Dawald, and Peter Hoffman. You can catch their single “In Between Dreams,” on UTA

written by Charlie Vann

Angus May

Angus may a british Navigator in the Royal Air force, was taken prisoner after a four day walk, after his plane was forced to crash land in the desert of libya. May and his fellow men were captured by an armored divsion under German field commander Erwin Rommel. May, and his fellow allied prisoners were transfered to Stalag VIII-B near lansdorf which is now Poland. The German captors forced the allied prisoners to march to other prison camps to prevent liberation. alot of prisoners didnt make it through these marches, falling due to hunger and exhaustion. May kept strong during this tough as the months grew long. Eventually May was able to escape, and now today he resides in Arlington with his wife betty.

By Charlie Vann

UTA Radio partners with I-heart Radio

UTA Radio is now partners with I-Heart Radio. I-Heart Radio is a free radio streaming application under Clear Channel.  I-Heart has 850 different stations, and can be easily downloaded on your smart phone. Twelve college stations have joined the platform, and now UTA is the latest to do so. This will boost listenership due to the availability of I-Heart radio for the listeners.  Broadcast students are enthralled that the listening audience will be greatly expanded. UTA radio is enthused that it will be included on the programming of I-Heart radio and look forward to providing quality material for its new listening audience.

BY Charlie Vann

Movin Mav

UTA Movin Mav Junior guard Jorge Sanchez is currently the leading scorer in the nation.  Sanchez has an average now of 24 points. He says it’s a great accomplishment, and that he is proud of himself, and credits his teammates for their support which helped him get to where he is now.  Head coach Doug Garner say’s Sanchez has learned alot in his first two seasons as a Movin Mav.  Coach Garner says sanchez not only wants to win but does what it takes to win. Sanchez says his motivation comes from the support from his family and again from his teammates.  Overall the Movin Mavs don’t know the current ranking as a team just yet, but believe they are in second place.

By: Charlie Vann