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Pick Rick for Homecoming

With homecoming coming up and the recent presidential election taking place, everyone has gotten into the campaign fever.  Candidates are doing everything the can at this time of year to prove to the students that they should be selected as homecoming king or queen.  I was able to get some interesting reasons from Pick Rick, who is running for homecoming king as to why he should be selected.  I caught up with him at a fraternity fundraiser in front of the university center.  He shared what it meant to him to be selected king and how much mavs spirit he has for his school.

By Clifford Reed II

Seth Myers Coming to UTA?

Seth Myers of Saturday Night Live Fame is coming to University of Texas Arlington as part of the Mavs speaker series.  He is the latest in a forum that has featured some prominent names in entertainment.  The showcase, which will be held at College Park Center is following some big events that have been held at the center since its opening.  Flo rida, Drake, and the homecoming events have all been held at the College Park Center but this is shaping up to be one of the biggest events.  Students all around campus are excited and anxious to attend.  I spoke with freshman all the way up to seniors and each had great enthusiasm to what this means for the university.

By Clifford Reed II

National Day on Writing takes to Twitter

This past week the University Writing Center celebrated the National Day on Writing by encouraging students to write a short story on twitter.  The National Council of Teachers of English also known as NTCE, launched a national campaign to encourage taking to twitter to share a story.  By encouraging users to use the hashtag #WhatIWrite they hope to have a trending topic on National Day on Writing.  While you usually don’t find the best grammar on twitter, one student, Joshua Mitchell, a writing tutor, does feel it can be helpful to encourage writers.  For more information visit The National Council of Teachers of English.

By Clifford J Reed II

Half the Sky Preview

This past week the sororities and fraternities of University of Texas Arlington teamed up to throw a different type of party.  They held a watch party for the award-winning documentary “Half the Sky.” A documentary about women’s oppression across the globe. The function was held by the Panhellenic organization.  The event featured a viewing of the movie and a discussion forum held after the movie.  Many attended including other greek organizations and many students who heard about the event through email and websites.  The even was just another step taken by the greek organizations to raise awareness in the local community.

By Clifford Reed II

Man on the Street- The Replacements

With so much attention being paid to the referee situation in the NFL, it is not hard to find anyone who has not hear about the situation.  So I got to wondering, hmmm, maybe a replacement is not so bad after all.   Think about it.  A replacement official is only refereeing for three or four weeks.  What if in real life we could have a replacement fill in our lives for just a couple of weeks?  So I took to the streets of University of Texas Arlington to see who my fellow students would replace in their lives for a couple of weeks.

By Clifford Reed II

Iphone Sales Top 5 Million

Apple announced more than five million iPhone 5s were sold since the device hit stores Friday. That beat the old sales record of four million iPhone 4-Ss sold during last year’s first weekend. Though it is hard to compare the two because the iPhone 5 was released in two more countries than the 4-S. Despite the iPhone frenzy, investors viewed the opening weekend as somewhat of a disappointment.  Wall Street analysts had anticipated the sales figure to be closer to six million.  But Apple’s C-E-O Tim Cook said he was pleased with the results.

From Cnn

Redbull gives you Character

Red bull hosted their 40th Soapbox Car racing event in the Colony TX on September 15, 2012. The event which drew thousands was only the 13th one hosted in the United States since the event began in 2000. Many people came to see the cars that were on display and in the race, but the characters driving the cars and participating in the race were also a sight to see. There even was an appearance by a well-known celebrity. Santa Clause was there and while he was not allowed to race he said it was okay to offer advice.

By Clifford J Reed II