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Disability. Some people have it, others don’t. Sometimes it’s visible, sometimes it isn’t. But whether you can see it or not, there are people there to help.

Or at least, there was.

– David Dunn

Shaun King

You don’t have to use a picket sign or a megaphone to protest. Sometimes, its as simple as using a hashtag. Like civil rights activist Shaun King.

– David Dunn

Dallas Stands With Standing Rock

As tensions begin to build around the Dakota Access Pipeline, more and more people are protesting in the name of the Native American people. One group of protestors recently retailiated in downtown Dallas, and even though they’re miles away from North Dakota, their voices could still be heard loudly.

– David Dunn

Split America

Hands up, don’t shoot. In this first part of UTA News’ “Split America” series, reporter David Dunn shows you American life through the eyes of a black man. It’s much more complicated than a hashtag.

– David Dunn

Films and Rumors

Rumor has it that the film department came together to produce a high-quality short film for the 2016 spring semester. A film about deception, lies, and cruelty, director Vernon Elmo LaCour IV talks about what compelled him to take on the project.

– David Dunn

“It’s My Culture”

Are dreadlocks a bad thing? One student says so, and a recent disagreement led to a confrontation at a San Francisco University. UTA students sound off on the issue.

– David Dunn