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Smart Hospital at UTA

Inaugurated in 2007 and unknown to many students at UTA is the state-of-the-art Smart Hospital, located right across the CAPPA building.

Inside, nursing and kinesiology students have the opportunity for a one of a kind experience where they work with human patient simulators. These simulator patients range from children to even adults laying in hospital beds, some producing actual pulses. Supervised by the hospital technicians and professors, the ultimate goal is for students to be exposed to the many situations that may arise in their working field upon graduating from UTA.

To gain access you must be a UTA student with a class scheduled inside, otherwise you will need to schedule a tour.

-Benjamin Diez

Thousands protest at Mega March in Downtown Dallas


On Sunday afternoon thousands of people gathered in front of the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Downtown Dallas to protest immigration reform. Eleven years ago in 2006 the first Mega March took place, that day 500,000 people marched from the cathedral to Dallas City Hall calling for a similar message to fix immigration laws.

Martin Luther King III, son of civil rights hero Martin Luther King II, was also in attendance along with other activists.

As the crowd made its way to Dallas City Hall to hear from speakers, President Trump supporters greeted them. There were no agitators, both sides let out their opinions, and overall the scene was a great peaceful showing of what a democracy is all about.

-Benjamin Diez


UTA Tax Assistance

Being that we are now in full swing of the tax season, UTA is offering a very beneficial tax assistance program to students and the general public who have any questions regarding their taxes. Located in the Central Library, UTA students have volunteered to assist those who need feedback preparing their taxes through the many online tax programs. The tax assistance is free and is available until April 15th.

-Benjamin Diez

Large protest at UTA against President Trump’s policies

On Thursday afternoon, a large crowd gathered in front of the Central Library to take part in a protest organized by UTA’s Progressive Student Union. People of all ages took part in the march which stood against President Trump’s policies, most notably his travel ban which has since been blocked by a federal judge. As protesters chanted and marched around campus, they eventually made their way to Davis Hall where they hoped to meet with UTA President Karbhari to voice their opinions. There were no incidents reported, and overall it was a very peaceful protest.

-Benjamin Diez

UTA Students React to President Trump’s Travel Ban

Many of President Trump’s recent decisions have been met with protests and disagreements throughout the country. Varying opinions have caused division, and that division can be felt at UTA. The seven country traveling ban, which includes Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya has since been halted by a federal judge. Even so, President Trump is doing everything in his power to have the ban reinstated. Students of UTA give their thoughts on the current situation.

-Benjamin Diez

ROTC Program at UTA

The University of Texas at Arlington has a highly respected ROTC program which was first started in 1917. With a strong lineage of alumni who are military veterans and advisers to guide students at every step; joining the ROTC at UTA is a great opportunity for all students looking to gain leaderships skills in a unique way, build friendships and grow more as individuals.

-Benjamin Diez