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UTA Softball Wins 2-1

On a cold wet late February night, the University of Texas ant Arlington softball team battled on the softball field to take on Prairie View A&M University. Prairie View got of to a one run lead by hitting a home run to give them a one to nothing lead. That lead would not last very long however, later on in the game UTA hit a two run home run to give them the lead, that’s all UTA would need as Randi Phillips shined on the mound to pitch a complete game and lead UTA to a two to one victory.

Feature Story: Daiane Machado

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Since its invention in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts, it has expanded to being played in almost every country in the world. For Senior Forward Daiane Machado, hailing from the country of Brazil, coming to the United States of America to play her favorite sport of basketball is a dream come true. This story really lets you get to know more about Daiane. After she finishes her education at the University of Texas at Arlington, she hopes to stay in the United States of America getting a job teaching kids how to play basketball. Check it out!

Homecoming Bash

Homecoming week kicked off with a beat as students lined up to see their favorite rappers preform. Students gathered and lined up more than an hour early, they were very excited to see a rocking concert. The show had some opening acts before the head liner Joyner Lucas preform. Excel Activities worked hard to to get the performers to come to UTA. Overall concert was a huge success for the students who went to the show. Excel Activities is working really hard to find acts to come preform at next years homecoming bash, they hope it will be as successful as this years was.

Attendees at National Night Out

All across the United States of America, National Night Out was celebrated. This was a day to honer out nation’s police, fire department, and medical staff and learn a little bit more about what they do. The city of Arlington held their National Night Out on the campus of UTA and it was great for students to see what all goes down. There was a prize wheel and a station where you got to learn how to but out a fire using a fire extinguisher. You could even put on drunk goggles and throw bean bags. When this event comes back it will be great to check out.

UTA Founders Day

UTA celebrated its annual founders day, this was a day where the college celebrates the day it was founded back in the year 1895. Music was played and games were set up giving away free stuff. Students from all over campus gathered to see all the festivities and to see if they can win some free items. Student organizations were also there making some good food for students to buy for a reasonable price. The college will once again celebrate its founders day on the same day next year, we hope that we will see you there at the same time in October!

UTA Students Get Their Own Radio Show

UTA students  taking Intro to Radio with Proffer Lance Lieugz get the chance to know what it is like to be on the radio. The Students started out by playing the music that was already in the system, but after a few weeks on the board the were able to play the music that they wanted to play. This was a great opportunity for the students to get some first hand experience and learn how to become a great disk jockey. Whether they want to have a future in the business, or just doing it as another class, it was a fun experience

for all students that did it.

UTA Art Gallery

The Gallery at UTA featured paintings from two up and coming artist. This exhibit was in the gallery at UTA from late August to early October, it was a great opportunity of students to admire the art work of lesser known artist. UTA’s art gallery will have more art work up as the semester goes along. This was a great opportunity for students that are majoring in art to see so they can get some ideas for their own art work. You can find the gallery at UTA located in the Fine Arts building as you walk right in to the building.


West Campus Dining Hall

A new building has opened up on the west side of campus. Students who have most of their classes on the west side of the UTA campus now don’t have to walk all the way to the other side of campus just to study or have a good lunch. You can find this building located on the west side of campus right between the Maverick Activity Center and the West Campus garage. It is open everyday so if you are looking for a great place to get a quick bite check out this building to see all that they offer.



Lady Mavs Fall to Arkansas

Our own Lady Mavs played a hard fought game but came up just a little bit short when they took on the Arkansas Razorbacks at the College Park Center. Cierra Johnson lead the game with twenty-two points followed by Lauren Billie also contributed with twenty-one points. Johnson scored a clutch go ahead basket late in the game to give the Lady Mavs a one point lead, however as the final seconds ticked away, Arkansas threw up a Hail Mary shot to win the game for the Razorbacks. In the end everyone was still feeling positive for playing hard against a power five school.