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West Campus Dining Hall

A new building has opened up on the west side of campus. Students who have most of their classes on the west side of the UTA campus now don’t have to walk all the way to the other side of campus just to study or have a good lunch. You can find this building located on the west side of campus right between the Maverick Activity Center and the West Campus garage. It is open everyday so if you are looking for a great place to get a quick bite check out this building to see all that they offer.



Lady Mavs Fall to Arkansas

Our own Lady Mavs played a hard fought game but came up just a little bit short when they took on the Arkansas Razorbacks at the College Park Center. Cierra Johnson lead the game with twenty-two points followed by Lauren Billie also contributed with twenty-one points. Johnson scored a clutch go ahead basket late in the game to give the Lady Mavs a one point lead, however as the final seconds ticked away, Arkansas threw up a Hail Mary shot to win the game for the Razorbacks. In the end everyone was still feeling positive for playing hard against a power five school.


The Hot Seat

Every Wednesday two of the worlds biggest sports fans get together and debate about the hottest sports issues and opinions. They host their very own show in UTA (online all the time) from Eight pm to Ten pm. Weather you are a sports fan or not, “The Hot Seat” is a great show for anyone to listen to to listen to two hours of fun and heated sports talk. If you follow Micah Cole or Creighton Branch on Facebook you can also catch them when they live stream on Facebook. The two guys hope to have a bright future in the sports business


Maverick Eats: Veggie Chili

UTA students had the opportunity to cook their own food all semester long. On the week of Thursday November 29th students were able to cook veterinarian chili. The event was located in the Fab Lab, it took place from 12:30 to 1:30. All semester long the Maverick Eats program has been teaching students how to cook for themselves. If you want to learn more about how to make great food, look up UTA events and go to the website to see when the next Maverick Eats event is. They will be doing Maverick East all next semester long, learn to make good food.