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I am a Broadcast Communications Major at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Video Game Review – Resident Evil 6


Resident Evil 6 is the latest edition of Capcom’s fan favorite Resident Evil franchise.  Featuring a new style of story telling,  the game has three unique story mode campaigns, each with cooperative play, allowing for you to team up with a friend, or just any other online player to enjoy the Resident Evil experience.  The game play in RE6 varies from intense and high paced in the middle of a battlefield, to eerie and suspenseful in the crypt  beneath a mansion.  Mercenaries mode also makes its return in RE6, allowing for you to compete online for the highest score in a race against time to get the most points in a battle against waves and waves of zombies.  It’s hard to find a flaw in RE6,  the only thing keeping this from being perfect is that after a while, you just come to expect the “unexpected” events of a boss crashing down on you, or enemies pouring out from around a corner.  Regardless, this game earns its rating.

Resident Evil 6 gets a 9.5 out of 10.


By: Carl Ellis

Borderlands 2 Review

Borderlands 2 is the much anticipated sequel to 2009’s Borderlands.  A chaotic and action filled first person shooter that puts you on the dangerous planet of Pandora, in search of the mysterious and legendary “Vault.”  With literally thousands of weapons to be found in this game, and a cooperative play mode that allows for up to four players to take part in the mayhem, Borderlands 2 will no doubt be one of your favorite games of the year.

Borderlands 2 gets a 9 out of 10.

By: Carl Ellis

Video Game Review: Sleeping Dogs

This week I took a look at “Sleeping Dogs.”  The latest open world action game from Square-Enix and United Front Games.  The story follows undercover Hong Kong Police officer, Wei Shen, as he attempts to infiltrate Hong Kong’s criminal Triad underworld.  The game plays hosts to a large and bustling world, fluid and exciting combat, and a story that will actually manage to keep you interested.  The only downside is that we’ve seen this type of game before on many occasions, but Sleeping Dogs does a good job of keeping things fresh.

Sleeping Dogs nets an 8 out of 10.

By: Carl Ellis

Distinguished Speaker Series: William Rouse

The College of Engineering’s Distinguished Speaker Series continues this week with a visit from Dr. William Rouse.  Rouse, the Executive Director of the Tennenbaum Institute at Georgia Tech, will be speaking at Nedderman Hall on the topic of understanding and managing the complexity of healthcare.  Rouse has consulted with over 100 enterprises on helping to optimize individual and organizational performance, and information systems.  The event is free to the public, and will take place on April 11th at 6 pm, with a reception taking place an hour before the lecture at 5 pm.

Jeb Bush Visits UTA

Former Flordia Governor Jeb Bush paid a visit to the UT Arlington campus this past Friday as part of the Maverick Speaker Series.  As head of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Bush spoke on a variety of topics.  He voiced his ideas on education reform, his personal feelings on the case of Trayvon Martin in his home state of Florida, his desire to see his son pursue politics, and his endorsement of Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for the upcoming presidential election.


By: Carl Ellis

Celebrating Maverick Spirit Benefits Fair

Since 2006, the Celebrating Maverick Spirit Benefits Fair, hosted by the UTA Staff Advisory Council, has brought local businesses from Arlington to UTA in an effort to unite the students and staff of UTA with Arlington in a way that benefits everyone.   Months of work and planning go into this event, and the effort does not go unnoticed by the Mavericks in attendance.  The event has grown to over 500 UTA employees and 65 vendors in attendance, and these numbers will only increase in the coming years.

Recycling Convinience

UTA has been making great strides in creating an environmentally friendly campus, but are students taking advantage of the efforts that the University is going to?  From requesting for more recycling locations to be outside of campus buildings, to utilizing the new methods of getting take-out for lunch and dinner,  students shared their thoughts on how convinient it is to recycle on campus, and offer suggestions on how to make it easier to go green everyday.

Keeping Students at UTA


While many students at UTA elect to transfer to other Universities, wether it be through the CAP program, or of their own accord, even more students choose to stay at UTA.  But what is the University doing to help keep even more students here?  Michael Moore, Senior Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate studies, believes that the University is more prosperous then ever thanks to a renewed interest in UTA athletics, the introduction of the College Park center, and all the new ameneties that will come with the Arlington College Park district.


By: Carl Ellis

Inorganic Chemistry Research

There’s more than meets the eye to the Baker Chemistry Research Building.  The inorganic chemistry lab, home to researchers Steven Poteet and Kenneth Abayen,  is the staging ground for work and study that extends far beyond just the UTA campus.  Studies in DNA’s reaction to light, the photochemical conversion of carbon dioxide and methanol, as well as the continuation of chemical education research are but a few of the important projects that take place here.


By: Carl Ellis