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UTA Maverick Basketball

The UTA Mens Basketball team battled it out with Bakersfield, it ended up closing out the season for the Mavs. Although the season came to an end the Mavs will continue to build. Coach Cross made it clear to the men of the team how proud he was of them. The Mavs did not finish the semester how they wanted, but they plan on coming back strong.

-Felix Diaz

The End of Patriarchy

The end of Patriarchy: Radical Feminist for men, written by Robert Hensen a professor in the department of journalism at the University of Texas, came to UT-Arlington to give a speech and touch base with students who believe in feminism. He emphasized that when he discovered feminism it change his way of life, his understanding and the relationships he had were for ever changed.

-Felix Diaz

Frisbee For Life

Pro-Life mavericks came together to raise awareness for parents and soon to be parents on campus. The organization held a frisbee tournament to fund raise for a scholarship that is handed out to one full time student to help with their needs overall during their semester. After last years success with a 5k and a change in their congress, Frisbee For Life was born.

-Felix Diaz

Fine Arts Gallery

The Fine Arts Gallery gears up to switch exhibits, up for viewing for a month on 2/27, the last exhibit in the gallery was by Adriana Corrall and Leigh Merrill. The exhibit displayed work that was meant present troubling issues affecting society: human rights violations, injustice, victimized individuals and lack of reform are themes she often addresses in her work. Together, Corral and Merrill create a thought—provoking exhibition that utilizes artistic language to respond to complex conceptual issues. Next months exhibit will from graduate students with Masters in Fine Arts. Stay Tuned!

-Felix Diaz

Meet Your Senator

Meeting with your senators can make an impact on your college career. Being heard is more important when you are heard by the right people, talking to your senators can help you accomplish goals and help those in the future to come. This past Friday the leaders of UTA and the senators of every college made themselves available to listen to student inputs. They offered a free lunch for those students who made their way around to meeting and offering input to senators of all colleges.

-Felix Diaz

The Benefits of Intramural Sports

Every semester UTA offers differents intramural sports for those who are interested in getting involved with other students on campus. They host various leagues for basketball, indoor soccer, flag football, and even indivdual sports such as billards, ping pong, and many more. The focus is to highlight how this can be an oppertunity to network and also a good way to stay in shape. Deadlines and fees can be found on