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Mavs Parents

Being a college student requires discipline, dedication, but most importantly time. The majority of us struggle finding enough time to go do homework, joining organizations, attending meeting, working, and let’s not forget the most important: having a social life, but what about those students who above all this also have the responsibility of being parents? I recently spoke with a couple of mavericks who started a family before getting their Bachelor’s and now they are about to graduate with a Master’s degree in History.

Flor Valdés

Dream Factory

This organization’s main purpose is to be a support for students who regardless of their migratory status, look  forward to get a college degree. They also offered advise for those who may qualify for the Deferred Action for Childhood arrivals, best known as DACA. Although Dream Factory is focused on a specific group of student population, they invite anyone who wants to join and to help to spread the word. Their meeting are in the Center of Mexican American Studies, every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m.

Flor Valdés

My mav Express

Being a maverick comes with many benefits, and not all of us take advantage of them. The use of your student ID is not limited to use printers and computer labs. Students also have access to the Mac, free medical consultation, a pharmacy, and even escort services for those who attend evening and night classes. Probably the most important for many of us is the discounts we get on some local retail and restaurants.

Flor Valdés