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Final Edition UTA News Fall 2015

In our final newscast of the 2015 fall semester we discuss how recent terrorism attacks have caused worldwide controversies. We let you know how students are getting ready to take their final exams and how they deal with stress and in our COLA@50 segment we take you to the life of a music education major and how she deals with every day struggles.

Tim Brown at Woodrow Wilson High

Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas Texas saw the birth of the legend. Mr. Raider as how Tim Brown was also known did not step foot on the grid iron until his sophomore year in high school. At that time his mother did not allow him to play this sport instead Brown was a member of the school band playing percussion. Brown went on to not only becoming an icon for Woodrow Wilson High but also playing college level football at Notre Dame and then playing for 17 years in the National Football League of which 16 of those he played for the Oakland Raiders and only one as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

Healing Glove

The UTA Research Institute Known as UTARI focuses on developing clinical devices and systems that can be utilized by health care providers and patients to enhance rehabilitation. The healing glove is designed to help with the healing process without limiting the mobility in the hand. Currently there is a lack of technology available to help with the caring of hand injuries. Because of joints present and lack of muscle mass the methods use to care for other body parts are ineffective to help heal injuries like burns in your hands.


Eleventh Edition UTA News Fall 2015

In this edition of UTA News we show you how a group of UTA volunteers organized an event to experience what is like to be homeless and we let you know how the UTA baseball is giving back to the community and bringing joy to Cook Children’s Hospital.

Choosing a College Degree

As a first generation college student the uncertainty of not knowing what you will find or what to expect is hard and stressful enough. For those who who pursue a college career for the first time in their families not only have to worry about what school to attend or how to pay for classes, but the lack of knowledge from their parents also makes them responsible for knowing every step of the application process. For some students like Jonathan Chavez the process in finding out what career path was not easy, and at times scary since he didn’t know the resources available to get help.

Décima Edición UTA News en Español Otoño 2015

En la décima edición de UTA News en Español le tenemos los detalles de lo que ocasiona la adicción al teléfono celular, tambien lo último en el tratamiento y la rehabilitación de heridas en las manos y le contaremos como algunos estudiantes de UTA celebraban los días festivos de las epocas navideñas cuando estaban en su infancia.

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Novena Edición UTA News en Español

En nuestra Novena edición le contamos de los riesgos que los jóvenes corren al momento de distraerse estando detras del volante, tambien le decimos de las opciónes que los estudiantes tienen para pagar su colegiatura y en deportes UTA estuvimos en el homenaje del ex-raider de oakland Tim Brown y le tenemos los detalles.

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Ninth Edition UTA News Fall 2015

In this edition of UTA News, we let you know what you need to do before going into the holiday break, also the UTA greek community celebrated their annual step show and in sports the basketball teams were introduced to the media before the start of their new season.