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Mrs. Mason’s Theatre Career


This interview is on a Associate Professor in the theatre department, Mrs. Mason at the University of Texas in Arlington.  In the interview she talks about her education and how she fell in love with the theatre.  She aslo talks about the work she has been able to do with her husband, Dr. Dennis Mahor a Associate Professor at UTA in the Theatre Department.  Professor Mason is very pasionate about her work and the energy she transmit to her student is very positive.  Not only she can act but she also work in any aspect of theatre from performing to directing and much more.

by Edgar D. Maldonado.

Mississippi Valley

This report is on Dr. Chris Morris research over the people and environment in the Mississippi Valley.  The research is compose in a book-length survey of the ecological history of the Mississippi Valley from early Native  Americans through the Army Corps of Engineers. Dr. Morris an Associate Professor at the University of Texas talks about his first book which was base on the the south specialy on Vichsburg area.  While working on his first book he realize how little was research on the environment of the valley. Since he had work on the south he was comfortable on doing more research on the area.
 by Edgar D. Maldonado