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My posts are going to be focused on the entertainment industries and artist from different countries. As a music lover, I often like to listen from other continents even if the music is not in English. English is the only language I know, although I’m on my fourth semester of Spanish, but most of the time I found myself enjoying the instrumentation of music from foreign languages. If you are not already enlightened about music from South Korea, Japan, Nigeria, perhaps some South America, etc., I hope to help expose to a variety of new sounds.


The engineering department’s student enrollment continues to rise up and break records.
In Fall 2014 the engineering department had over 6,000 students enrolled for the first time, while this year that number has sky-rocketed to over 7,000 students enrolled. This equals a 16.4 percentage increase for the undergraduate, masters and PhD degree programs. Engineering dean Dr. Behbehani said between the 7 departments in engineering, two stand out a bit more.
To help attract younger students to the engineering department, once a month student groups meet with younger students and give mini lectures on engineering. The Aeromavericks showed young students how to make water bottle rockets and launched them outdoors.

Court Yard Poets

 Every Tuesday Poets across UTA and Arlington come together to embrace the spoken word and keep the oral-tradition of poetry alive. The Courtyard Poet series gives poets the space to recite their original or favorite poems in front of their peers. Where some may not like the atmosphere of poetry slams, here people can be comforted by the sounds of water falls under shaded trees. The objective of the Court Yard Poets is for the performers to realize that they are actually poets. One person gets named the courtyard poet, but the event is not about competing against one another. During this series, the lessons of motherhood, physical attraction, were topics of the day.

Chill Out with Parent Mavericks

Students who are also parents face unique challenges while in college. Getting student parents connected with resources on campus and building social support was the focus of the Chill Out with Parent Mavericks event. During the event, students were able to get a chair massage and speak with representatives from various departments like Financial Aid and Health Services. This was the first event for the Parent Mavericks program. The program was created after receiving funding through an initiative last semester. The group plans to host more events for student parents where they can also bring their children with them as well.